I'm on a lobster fishing boat, ama

I'm on a lobster fishing boat, ama

What's your job, pol?

What do you think of Justin Castreau?

Is it as romantic as I picture it or is it just fucking up the ocean with a lot of foreigners in tiny cabins?

I work security as my main job and do a PMC contract once a year.


geriatric nurse and tard handler

I figure out what order to push keys on a keyboard to solve a problem then push them. I also identify what problems need solving.

He's an idiot. Nuff said
It's a job. But I'm blessed to have such a job. No foreigners here.

It's glaringly obvious now that it's been pointed out.
FFS leafs, you elected a fucking Castro to be your PM. That's worse than us electing the damned nigger.

Sweet data mining thread.

I'm a male stripper that dances for high end in the closest politicians and ceos

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I work at a place called comet ping pong, I'm the janitor

What's the outside air temperature? How long do you typically work between rests?

gay hooker

How is it? How much do you make a year? Thought about joining this profession

I am a poor farmer :C

Gobberment fucks me over with taxes and they just fined me this year for not cutting the grass on my land.

Meanwhile rapefugees collect more welfare than i earn in a month after i pay the bills

NEET 4 life

college cuck

Retired meme collector

How is Fukushima Radiation affecting you? Any refugees on-boat recently?

Well no shit; that's what my dad did. Not usually lobster, but Dungeness crab.

But I usually got seasick out on the open ocean, and said "fuck this" (not to his face of course, but to myself).

I eventually went off to Harvard and became a lawyer. I shit you not.

A lobbyist for transportation related interests.

show boipuss? ;3

truck driver and currently pretty unsatisfied with life

9 degree celcius
We usually don't rest.. It's a constant flow.. It depends on how far we steam; a longer steam between trawls will give us a small break, maybe 10 minutes or less.
Depends who you go with. Getting paid more requires you be a loyal worker who is prepared to make repairs, coil rope, rope traps, etc, even if u don't get paid.
Some people are fortunate enough to pay off half their mortgage in one season. Others may not be as lucky. Depends how much crew there is as well.

IT dude for all things computer in a small company.
comfy and not stressfull, decent pay, lots of vacation days.

its ok but boring and mind numbing

An artist.
I can watch animu and eat pizza all day without worrying about money. Also i don't have to wake up at 6 AM. Living the dream.

Chin up boyo. How much money do you make per month? The job must be hard and depressing.

Have you thought about getting a new skill and find a new job?

I'm on the Atlantic. Not very many radiated lobster this season.

Software dev.


Really? Which country u in?

about 3.5-4k a month

I'll be applying for a new job soon where I will make a fuck ton more money, so maybe that will make me happier.

I also applied for an apprenticeship to be a crane operator, but I won't hear anything until July, if I get this new job, and then get selected for the apprenticeship, I have no idea what I'll do.

how BP oilspill affecting you?

may your quads guide you to happiness

Do you get to eat fresh lobster often?
Do you enjoy it? (Eating lobster)
Or are you sick of it?

Drive a forklift in a big box store distribution warehouse

Are you fucking retarded roach? That was years ago. Any oil from that has run ashore in Bongland, France or Poortugal a long time ago.

Owned/operated a lobster boat out of CT in Long Island Sound for 20 years....until the molting diseases struck and all the lobsters left the sound. Used to be good for $5-7k a weekend. :(

Fresh? Well if it's cooked, yea. I love lobster, but near the end of the season I get sick of it. I'd like a nice stuffed lobster right about now

Warehouse manager for a big box store.
Striking fear into the hearts of niggers who work for me each day.

I know those feels, m8, I hope you find some happiness in seeing a bit of a beautiful countrywhilst you're hitting the road

how is garbage, indistural waste, shipwrecks, aliens, undersea vulcans and arielle the mermaid affecting you?

Is this more or less dangerous than Alaskan crab fishing™ as seen on TV?

I don't watch that stuff. But it's less dangerous I'd imagine. It can be dangerous though..

Where from Nova Scotia are you from bud?

Catch me something tasty thanks lad.

Some Brits did that on a telly show last week, shits insane.

You get paid in hot pockets or dare I say it, you do it for free?