What now magafags?

What now magafags?


considering that Trump literally can't do anything about that, you would have to be unbelievably thick if you can't see that he's baiting libtards into burning flags in order to make themselves look like crazed lunatics

Hillary co-sponsored a bill that would have outlawed flagburning back in 2005. How's that cognitive dissonance, leftard?

OP is now hiding in shame, pathetic fucking shame!

He was quoting Hillary Clinton you colossal moron.

Get better b8 for your raids.

Trump is merely adopting some of Hillary's proposals in an attempt to unify America.

I was happy to see Hillary put in he place
His people could try, and its still hypocritical.


>he doesn't agree with this

you have to go back (to red dit)

A lot of less meme inclined older repubs actually believe and support this. The rest of the world is not Sup Forums, try going outside.

I like the revoking of citizenship part. We need less pinkos with voting rights.

Trump isn't being serious. He knows that he can't criminalise flag-burning, he just wants to provoke leftists to start burning American flags en masse to push moderates further to the right so he can win in 2020. Trump is playing 9D hyperspace mahjong.

MAGA = nationalism

No idea why all you butthurt retards couldn't see this

What is the most important symbol of a nation? Yeah, the flag.

Here in bucks county PA you're not allowed to burn your fall leaves (or your trash). How about where you live?

Plus Trump is playing you, this is exactly what Hillary proposed as senator.

Is Trump playing 100000000D chess or is he just dumb?

He wants to rally his supporters. 2D checkers at best.

dont mistake a symbol for freedom for actual freedom.

>hillary clinton wanted it so it's okay!
>the same hillary clinton that Sup Forums hates

The cognitive dissonance of ameridumbs is astounding.

Can't wait for the impeding implosion of 'murrica.

That spin, it's making me nauseous.

No way. Trump is clearly playing the long game.

What matters is that he is the president (elect) and his subordinates may be dumb enough to take this at face value.
You think the mass of trump supporters are in on the joke?

I voted for Aleppo. We agree about Hillary.

We are talking about what the next president said. Concerning!