This video should be mandatory for everyone lurking Sup Forums

This video should be mandatory for everyone lurking Sup Forums

>Sexual Liberation and Political Control

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Bump for based Michael Jones

The fuck highschool is this? All of these girls should be ashamed of themselves

it's middleschool. this is what you get when american propaganda keeps spamming the world with degenerate jewish/nigger "culture"

This is the only attention these whores will get before they transition to 'adulthood' as walmart cashiers. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"

>this is a little girl in one of the biggest TV series in the world
>made in the US of A

This constant promotion of nigger culture is disgusting.

And it happens in europe too, every fucking kid listens to rap, I'm not even kidding.

That makes me think, if the past degenerate thing was rock culture, and now it's rap, what's next?

When you look at 60-90s, rock stars were a lot like todays rappers - hookers, drugs and degeneracy.

Now rock stars are pussies, they're not the 'cool' ones anymore, now it's all rappers.

What's the next thing? National Socialist Black Metal?

Are you fucking kidding... What series is this?

The NSBM part was of course sarcastic.

But Kanye makes more sense now when he says that he's the biggest rock star on earth right now, cause niggers are new rock stars.

You may be putting screen doors on submarines but you're right about this.

Degeneracy never changes. It's all about sex and drugs.

The only thing that changes is how it's packaged. twerk

it's everywhere

Yeah America is for sure to blame about Russia being degenerate as fuck.

you think Russia invented twerking and spread it? it's an american creation.

>webm is famous (american) little girl

We need to forget politics and get the meme magic working on something greater, something to beat the nig nog rappers. Something that will not only make america great again but the world.

>something to beat the nig nog rappers
all of degenerate music is put out and marketed by record labels run by jews. it's all part of the same thing, with a political goal.

you can't just "forget about the politics.

How retarded are you?

I know it was created by niggers in America, but Russians took it way too fucking far. It's like they don't have that mental barrier that says "ok, this is way too fucked up, let's not do that".

Need to flood rap music with whites so it destroys the culture.

As a father of two girls, this makes me sad
Fortunately, they are red-pilled as fuck

you're just trying way too hard to blame russia for (((american))) propaganda.

Calling something degenerate as an argument against it is a non-sequitur.

Sex and drugs are actually generate.

>Fortunately, they are red-pilled as fuck
wait until they go to college.

>everyone will blame the media, niggers, friends, the jew
>nobody will ever blame the parents


You would have to change the current meta about the rappers.

Right now, the general thinking is that they are super masculine and on top of social ladder, everyone wants to live like a rapper.

We would have to change how people think about rappers.

You would probably need a powerful tool to ridicule them, make them appear socially lower and mock them as much as possible.

The webm in the OP is (((american))) propaganda?

>As a father of two girls, this makes me sad
>Fortunately, they are red-pilled as fuck

Appeal to authority.

If it makes you sad, it's probably because you're retarded.

the parents didn't know about this. it was organized by the school and the people in charge got fired after the parents saw this.

pretty sure this isn't from desperate housewives

He is not retarded, he is a Balt.

It's honestly sad how they don't realize they have turned themselves into a running gag with their Russia obsession.

at least she's wetting herself over a white man and not a nigger

>muh logical fallacies

this was posted a few months back

the channel and it's website are pretty weird desu, what's the backstory?

flood the scene with white rappers and destroy the appeal of the lifestyle

That's the one thing that seems most effective.

Is to take every rapper meme and try to force it into white teenager demographic.

Look how quickly white teenagers ruined the dab.

>being this much of a cuck
fucking hell faggot, have some standards.

>>muh logical fallacies

If you don't use logic, you're an sjw.

Make it wrong to say nigger.

Use the rise in black pride to make it shameful to use that word.

It should be anyway.


Hey man, sorry if I offended you, but to say that Russia isn't degenerate to the core would be just as delusional as you think we are.

>sex being poison for kids

Its almost something new. Of course kids will go mental retardness if they follow the principle of the apes (niggers)

how are you gonna do that when all record labels are in the hand of jews? they decide who gets a record deal and who doesn't and which tracks get on the CD and which ones don't.

>the parents didn't know about this
shitty parents then

The one who bought it is dumber than the one who sold it.

caveat emptor lads.

I watched the video, and it makes no point worth arguing. He just makes the affirmation that "pornography is about control", but what kind of control is he talking about ? Political control ? What is the link between pornography and politics ? Can he even at least give examples of how pornography has helped some political agenda ? I can freely admit pornography can be bad for psychological development, especially with teenagers. But he just sounds like he is rationalizing his dislike of something by trying to paint it as a political conspiracy.

Please tell me if I got this wrong.

>how are you gonna do that when all record labels are in the hand of jews?

Start your own you fucking idiot.

You don't even need (((record labels))) to become popular anymore.

Like Hopsin?

stop your personal butthurt against russians. this is irrelevant, as twerking and nigger music have no base in Russia, but were brought there by American media and propaganda.

>The one who bought it is dumber than the one who sold it.
but it's a lot more common and accepted in the US than in Russia.


Would be gold if we could push for white female rappers.

idk but looks like a Netflix series, only they can pull shit like this

at least something

>Start your own you fucking idiot.
kek you idiot, you think the kikes are just gonna let you walk all over them and their billions of dollars? how fucking naive.

She deserves to get raped.


It's from "Mad Men".

Jones is on point. Lolbergtarians conveniently forget that giving people what they want turns them into the basest creatures on the planet.

Of course if you demand people show some self respect and make an effort to clean up themselves and their culture, they call you a feminist or insist that their porn addiction is their right.

99% of white nationalists are just stoners who don't want to pass their spliffs to niggers. Not even kidding, they all want to live in a white "utopia" where the only difference is you don't have to avoid clicking on the videos. No responsibility, no civic duty, no morality beyond autotheistic race worship.

Oh yeah, and apparently faggots are cool too because we sure need HIV being spread at alt-right conferences

>kek you idiot, you think the kikes are just gonna let you walk all over them and their billions of dollars?

Starting a competing company isn't "walking all over someone."

There are non-kike labels in existence as we speak.

time for a Sup Forums record label

White girls twerking
Not only am I being told its wrong to be white
Now they're going after the tit men of the world

What is this from?

HOLY shit Soros been hacked.

white women bringing shame to an entire race
even the black guy ended up looking like a better man

>White girls twerking

Is a blessing from God

The webm in the OP is the worst thing ITT, as they are barely teens that are twerking in a school and the administration approves of that.
This is not my personal butthurt, this is extreme degradation of society.
>twerking and nigger music have no base in Russia
Oh boy yes they do. Sure, they weren't created by the Russians, but they are very popular and common there.

holy shit the cringe from that video

Shitty ancap libertarian argument. Little girls should be able to go to dance class with out being trained in sex positions.

>t.Mohamamad Religionofpieces

I've got one of these badboys locked on your cousin in Pakistan.

Found the soccer mom

It's niggerish, far from being traditional western.

>bb-b-b-b-b-buh i had faith in the system!

shitty parents

damn that's cringy as fuck

You don't realize the half of it, kangaroo. Everything is about ass ass ass these days. The modern age is hell for tit men.

Jeez that was actually fucking sad. Dude is a prime example of what's wrong with men today

Can ww3 hurry up and start already?

>There are non-kike labels in existence as we speak.
and non of them are relevant or have a fraction of the reach that (((theirs))) have.

"You're the worst"

Women are shit, which is why they need to be put in place and led by men.

not wanting degeneracy makes me a muslim? do you know anything about christianity? do you know E Michael Jones is a Christian? are you retarded or JIDF?

Any femanon here care to weigh in? You can't possibly think twerk dancing is a legitimate form of dance right?

Pointing out logical fallacies isn't an argument in itself.

jesus christ that is vile

Not all women are a disgrace, ur buying into the psy-op.

full chin it's working PSYOP operation against degeneracy we should help them.

>It's niggerish,

Not when white girls do it

>far from being traditional western.

If we're going to use this reductive logic, then we should be dancing around a fire in loincloths.

both cultural marxism and WW3 are planned to destroy the west. you're so cuck'd you wish for the west's destruction instead of wanting to put effort into fixing it

Which is weird because Don is a great Male character

But Burgerbro!
What did I, or we do to deserve such a hell? I don't like arse, I don't wanna stick my dick in an arse why can the world not agree tits are where its at Aye?

>Irrationally hating the USA

You know where the door is, Mohamamad.

>Pointing out logical fallacies isn't an argument in itself.

Well, no shit, I wasn't making an argument.

i want to hate fuck every single one of them and im not talking about regular fuck with hate no, i dream of total abuse and mindbreak, even fucking mutilation of their bodies fuck

You can't justify this jungle-voodo-basic animal instinct dance, no women shouldnt dance with us around pyres, they should not go the nigger-jungle route.

Good on that mom to get her kid out of there on that webm

no, the ones that did not throw away their female responsibilities and don't reject men and their critical role in society, are not degenerate. however, most of them are, as that's popular culture.

I haven't seen the show, but he seems like a degenerate who is after money and not family building.

countless examples in this thread alone.

As much as I want to disagree.
He is right.
Russian is just as tolerant and nationalism-killing as the west and that's excluding the mentality of people that evolved there, we will never revolt, even if Putin shows dildo in our ass.

>The hipbone's connected to the thighbone
>The thighbone's connected to the kneebone
>The kneebone's connected to the shin bone

Nice mental gymnastics you mouth breathing troglodyte.

Jesus Christ what's wrong with this world?

White women 52% voted for Trump, they are not actively working against our people. Condemn their degenerate behaviour without going ''they belong in kitchens between my fist and a stove''.

>And it happens in europe too, every fucking kid listens to rap, I'm not even kidding
You must be some dumb catol if you think that music genre can sway people, its like saying Jazz makes you smoke crack cuz its nigger music.
Stopl listening to Gang Albani and try something more refined.


In our societies, especially in Finland women have had rights and it has worked well until this invasion.

>You can't justify this jungle-voodo-basic animal instinct dance

An action that does not harm the person or property of another human doesn't need justification.

For justification to be required, you would have to explain to the rest of us, why you feel that you are special enough to forcibly receive an argument from someone, as to why they are engaging in behavior X, for behavior X to be valid.

You are basically one step away from declaring yourself a God, from which all morality and decency descends.

>no women shouldnt dance with us around pyres

Ok, they can twerk in the kitchen.

>we will never revolt
Oh what a pity, surely what this country desperately needs is a Maidan.

>one in two women are working actively against us
and that's nothing? also, some of those 52% did it because they're butthurt about what (((hillary))) did to (((bernie))), and some of those did it because of Trump and his Daughter's speech about LGBT and Feminism.

can't argue that but...