RIP Tennessee

What if it is more mud-slimes that started the fires...

>have to get coverage on this from Sup Forums because gatlinburg is full of white people and MSM isn't covering it

Fucking nigger loving liberal biased media.


Why don't the media care about this wildfire??

Oh right. Because it's not in the middle of a liberal shithole city

Gatlinburg is about 90% white and it's a huge tourist attraction for rich white people.

If this did happen to a liberal shithole, they'd blame Trump supporters for starting it.

Look If we had the ability to do this type of damage we would have done it many years ago...This is from the heavens because even God hates the jews.

saw this on fakebook and the AP?

>so easily triggered

If you're from the northeast, It's like the Poconos for rednecks.

>tfw spent last winter at some high end cabins in Gatlinburg

Shit was picturesque


Wildfires are beautiful but it should have happened in some shit hole like California

Hey man how does it feel knowing that the illiterate warlord pedophile goat fucking prophet muhammad was proven to be a false prophet because he had worms in his mouth when he died?

yeah, we all know MSM is a joke but this is something else

>go out in the middle of nowhere
>start a few small blazes here and there
>head back to the car
>go enjoy a cheeseburger in a venue with a TV if you're feeling ballsy

if anyone calls you out, just pull your privilege card of choice on them

honestly amazed we don't see more random wildfires out and about

What is going on?

Damn it. Gatlinburg was the only place near me that was only worth going in the winter.

How does it feel knowing after your pathetic existence is over your going to spend eternity in blazing fire of hell??

>defiling bacon with a koran
Nigger, bacon doesn't deserve that.
That shit's delicious.

you don't get to decide that and neither does your toilet paper tier book, everything in it is wrong because your prophet had warms in his mouth when he died.
you fell for the biggest joke in human history, faggot

I used to go here all of the time growing up. This is pitiful.