Syria General /sg/ Onur Captured by ISIS Edition

Everything you need to know


>Newest Interviews with Assad
>new Livemap
>Live hohol with ticker
>Interactive military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>Aleppo Nov28
>Latakia Nov25
>Mosul NOV23
>E Ghouta NOV22
>W Ghouta NOV19
>Hama NOV11
>/sg/ daily event map OCT 29

Developments NOV 28
>Large build-up of Hezbollah, Iraqi forces in southern Aleppo
>West Ghouta-is clean:Jihadistsurrender last stronghold
>Syrian Army advances in East Ghouta amid latest rebel retreat
>Water crisis in Aleppo ends after Syrian Army captures important water pumping station
>Syrian govt forces liberate about 40% of east Aleppo from terrorists
>Russia looks into possible chains supplying toxic substances to Syria from third countries
>Egypt denies its military is in Syria
>Iraqi forces liberate entire Nineveh Plains region from ISIS
>3000 civilians escape jihadists in east Aleppo
>>Liwa al-Quds commander Mohamad Rafaa killed

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“To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates…”
(Genesis 15:18)


have some bread from the mchs field bakery...


Prove it.


>bash Julian
>BILD is onto us
>immediately the JIDF arrives



Most Recent Developments:

Rebels left Mazrat & Azraq villages without a fight, road to Al-Bab open for goverment forces

SAA advances in Western Ghouta

Rebels destroyed a Kornet nest in Northern Hama killing brigadier general Ali Zahar

Rebels hold their lines on Al-Zahra front in Aleppo

>immediately the JIDF arrives

we were always here fool

What needs to be added?

Be aware that last time Romanian user and I asked for contributions to finish it, no-one on /sg/ did anything. :^(

Why do you support a fascist dictator who bombs his own people, including innocent and scared little girls like Bana?

So it is confirmed that it was Coalition that bombed Iranians:

I wonder who bombed Zahra :^)

Good edition.

Why not?

Look at the gaps.

Hamas is the only actual cancer

If you are not a newfag in /ug/ /sg/ threads you would know that I posted a ton of twitter screenshots with the bubble conversation open.

I'm too afraid to go into her fb to grab a pic, I'm in a new relationship and I don't want to feel that I miss that bitch.

>fascist dictator

With support from socialist and communist parties? wew

The two Turkish soldiers allegedly captured by ISIS in Al-Dana were on an intelligence mission, according to one source.

SAA Field reporter talking from inside Mayda'ana about recapturing the village from Jaish Islam militants in Eastern #Ghouta

Jabhat Fatah Al Sham beat up protesters in Idlib because they displayed the revolutionary flag in solidarity to Aleppo.


You have to go back

>ISIS announce of capture two Turkish soldiers north Al-BaB northern city of Aleppo.
ISIS are gonna make a huge vid on this and get really creative in their method of execution I bet.


Shhh Shhh Merkel will be gone soon
Only dreams nao

Russian death machines are bombing scared little girls like "Bana" whenever they hit a FSA command post.

If nothing of importance happened between those two points, does something have to be there?

kys kikes

i hate Bana

Well, Mussolini was a socialist too. Despite, socialism is usually connected with nationalism in Middle East so that's another reason they would be with him.

Cuck roachie boy Onur must be crying now.

Holy fuck, is this true?

>no pics
guess it didn't happen

A number of other failed states like Egypt and Libya have shown the cost of removing a government: different factions within the country want control and will use whatever means they can to become the new leaders. Assad returning to power is the fastest solution to peace returning to the region. If he goes the country ceases to exists and turns into a war zone for the next 2 decades. No amount of foreign intervention will change that once the only existing government is deposed. This isn't the cleanest solution, but it's definitely the fastest.

happened twice

Well, no, but even if it was just inconclusive fighting ver some area, it helpt to put :
"SAA and FSA fight over X, changes hands several times".

... it helps undertstand they why of things.

But hey, you write up some things, whatever ones you can think of, number them based on whats already there, and Ill save the text to add once I get a little time.


Fuck off gilipollas


Mussolini was not a socialist. And Arab socialism or Baathist socialism is not socialism either, it's its own ideology which has no real relation to Marx.

Yeah, we did that ...4 (?) times total, for 2 successful airstrikes, I think.

Yes, pic related

Welcome to /sg/

Don't post pics or you'll get slav air dick

Yep. Happened at least twice I think. You can't underestimate weaponed autism.

Can Erdoshit please contain himself for one fucking month

Christ this guy must hate having allies

And first attempt on another place without confirmation


idiot, you can't srsly believe this

What did he mean by this?


Why do you hate love and innocence?
Are you a monster?

Who else wants to see Assad give another interview about latest Aleppo gains?

Stop yourself right now. Mussolini started out a member of the socialist party writing for a socialist newspaper.

Inpale the! !!

/sg/'s finest hour


Does this mean a full-blown war against Assad, or just that Turkey is training Syrians to remove Assad?

>it's the commie-irish
Stop right there nigger. He was most definately a socialist.

You can add one for today: Erdogan declares Assad must go, Turkish forces begin advancing into Syria

>it didn't happen

Nah, it actually happened, she moved to Barcelona and that's the reason we broke up.
Pic related, from her fb, you can see the pic she used in the bubble conversation.

Prove me wrong.

It means that the last phone call Erdogan answered before he spoke was from Kerry.

what's with the fuckin power rangers pose??

first time I feel sorry for a roach though

What about 2 turkey soldiers? Turkey army is unbeateble as we all know,

>That smirk in every photo

I think you're in a better spot now

Unconfirmed reports of strikes in Sheikh Saeed, SAA pushing in from the south.

Explain why your ex gf is on that user's screenshot.

>I don't want to feel that I miss that bitch.
right in the feels cokebro

Depends how far the little-Sultan is willing to push his troops into Syria. Might be a good idea for SAA to wrap up Aleppo as quickly as possible without weakening their forces too much. I wouldn't trust those Turks to stop anytime soon.

I'm quite sure they were forrward artillery spotters
The other scenario being they couldn't resist a friendly turkish buttfuck and got caught.

and then he supported WW1, against the orders of the Second International, became a fascist and cracked down upon the socialist uprisings in the early 1920s in Italy

whatever he started as, he certainly wasn't a socialist by the end

I gotta say, Egypt was epic
>hurr remove dictaror city folk so liberal
>yey democracy
>what do you mean rest of population will democratically vote in muslim brotherhood?
>MB overthrown in a military coup
>everything back to how it was
>thank god

Laughed too audible irl at this

Inb4ottoman too

Yes and he changed as he got older you dumb Aussie. Fascism has some progressive aspects, but it's not socialism. Mussolini in general was just a listless hotchpotch of ideology like most fascists.

He passed many anti communist doctrines and in the end was killed by communists. He was not a socialist.

>YPG on the cancer side

Its his screenshot you idiot

Egypt isn't really a failed state.

Can confirm

Then why was he so surprised?

Colombia is white?

You dodged a bullet m9.

You DO realise Fascism was a form of socialism, right? It merely took on a FAR more nationalistic line.

Because he had got this screenshot a year ago and some user saved it and reposted it now

They are maybe FSA. I think that if they were turkish, the army would have counterback immediately and made a statement about it.

Meh, she looks better in person and she was 15 when we were dating so...

Like I sadi before, a year and a half ago I posted in the /ug/ and /sg/ threads a lot of twitter screenshots while talking with her, it seems that australian m8 saved one of the pics.

I know bro, I saw the pic and my heart started to pump fast.

This is sad in how accurate it probably is

No. They bleach their skin and their anuses.

Erdogan is going to fight against Bashar

>this is what Jihadi Julian actually believes

wtf, how old are you exactly?

>Fascism has some progressive aspects, but it's not socialism.

Fascism is nationalistic socialism with a veneer of conservatism. Don't kid yourself, potato-grubber.

Next OP will have this pic and "Ghosts from the past Edition"

Saved the pic already

Nice. How old were you?

Oh shit

Post happening music

>We entered [Syria] to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any other reason,” the Turkish president said at the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul, as quoted by Hurriyet daily.

>Erdogan said that Turkey has no territorial claims in Syria, but instead wants to hand over power to the Syrian population, adding that Ankara is seeking to restore “justice.”

>Why did we enter? We do not have an eye on Syrian soil. The issue is to provide lands to their real owners. That is to say we are there for the establishment of justice,” he said.

You. Can. Not. Make. This. Up.

Calling my russiabros to glass turkey already

He is clearly 19.

>mfw erdogan gets his shit pushed in by Russia

Someone make a happening thread

She ugly

Ridiculous, really. Signing his email up for gay porn shit is apparently hacking and cyber warfare.
Ganz toll, cuck.