Why do we give poor rural counties so much power in our elections?

Why do we give poor rural counties so much power in our elections?

Because Rural America is Real America.

Because without rural america youd fucking starve to death.

That feel when suffolk county went red

Most of those "rural" counties provide food and other resources for cities dumbass. Liberals would starve to death if it wasn't for the rust belt.

Because you would starve to death.

they are the tax payers

Proud to say I helped Make Long Island Great Again too, Suffolkbro.

>Insert Mexicans
>Insert Welfare
>Everything the spics buy adds to GDP
GDP is a Jewish scam

>he doesnt know how GDP works

You can basically trade bunch of fucking bricks back and forward and it will increase your GDP.
GDP itself is really messed up thing.

And Drumpf got

Wow fuck off communist.

>Immediately after I blow up the obvious GDP lie, this nigger starts trolling
Salvaging your thread? Just make another one.

You're right OP, we should split those northern leeches off of NY and Cali.

That'll show 'em.

...and? Suffolk=/= Manhattan, retard. One has farmland, the other has violent crime and BLM protests.

By this logic you're suggesting that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet should be responsible for choosing the President.

Remember this. When the bullets start flying y'all City slicking Suburbanights aint gonna be welcome out here.

>spending someone elses money should grant jews and muslims andniggers more voting rights than citizens

pol utterly destroyed

Why did you screencap this?

Fuck this.. rural america is a bunch of loser white trash that decided to stay in their decaying towns when their factory jobs left instead of moving to the bigger cities where the jobs moved. They are usually lazy and just pop oxy all day and smoke meth, and occasionally bang their sister or cousin. The future belongs to the mega metropolises, not some podunk backwater in tennessee.