At a friend's house

>at a friend's house
>she has a four month old child
>the baby misbehaves somehow, I don't know, I zoned out for a bit
>next thing I know my friend has her child on her knee and is spanking her
>I ask her "What the hell are you doing? You can't spank a four month old"
>we get into an argument
>she accuses me of being a bleeding heart who thinks spanking is abuse, that probably thinks it should be outlawed in schools or even the home, etc
>I tell her that the kid is so young it doesn't even know what it's doing is wrong
>"Well by god, she'll know it's wrong after I give her a whoopin'!"

To the surprise of no one, she voted for Trump. Why are right wingers always such crusty old hardasses?

i do agree with you on the age thing

you are a huge fucking fag though

>argues that the kid wont rationalize or remember the punishment
>still cares about what he feels

yep, you are a bleeding heart idiot

pics or it didn't happen

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no it's true user

whip em early so their fear of you is ingrained in their subconscious

Didn't expect to meet so many future child abusers in one thread. Have fun spanking your kids when they're two days old for not saying sir and ma'am yet.

you better start saving for the adderall, faggot

Should've asked if you could spank your friend.

>It's a "both sides are retarded in this one example so the thread will hit bump limit thanks to people gleefully pointing out the other camp's retardation" episode

No one spanks me...

Uh 4 months is too young, they don't even crawl at that point.

Better to start the whoopin after a year, they already know they shouldnt be doing certain things at tgat point

inb4 you get called a bleeding heart cuck for showing common sense and basic humanity.

Fucking bleeding heart cuck.

go full autism and link her molejew's videos

>TFW spanking just made you act sneakier and more cunning while you were still a complete shit head

bleeding heart. You probably think spanking is abuse, and it should be outlawed in schools or even the home, etc

this will teach the child though
watson and little albert shit comes to mind

The Bible says spare the rod spoil the child damn straight to spank that

>Punch the woman
>Steal the baby
>Run out to your car, drive off
>Beat the baby raw on the backside so massive bruises form
>Pinch off a bit of crack-cocaine and shove it up the baby's nose and mouth while it is crying
>Call the police, report that you witnessed a woman attempting to kill her baby and saved the child from her
>Drop off child in Social Services van at local Police department
>Testify in court, and since there's no reasonable line of thought that you did the physical harm to the child you were saving, the safety of the child demands that it be removed from the abusive household
>Woman has her child taken away, busted on felonious charges
>No more spanking

lol a 4 month old? wtf. not sure how this plays into politics as the government has nothing to do with this kind of B.S. but thats funny and horrible, WTF i hate white people now.

kids are parent's property, deal with it

Some people blanket train their kids..they put the baby on a blanket starting at 4-6 months..every time it cries or attempts to get off of the blanket they hit the kid with rubber tubing. Eventually kid stops trying to leave blanket and doesn't cry anymore.
Then parents can leave the kid on the blanket and go about their day knowing that the kid is still safe on the blanket..
Pretty shitty. There is even a book on it, the authors last name is pearl I think.

Fucking bleeding cunt bastard. Spare the rod, spoil the child. You are a contributing factor to the death of civilization.

All the leftist millennial retardation could have been ameliorated by parents using physical punishment and getting their ass beat a few times in their development.