/pol decides

No teachers are around and I have a sharpie.

What should I do?

Devil horns & stache
The classic


do it faggot

Give her a star of David.

Prison bars.

Add some fangs and a goatee. Also among the classics.



OP, don't forget to write


in big letters underneath her too.

Or to be honest, I'd say replace her with a picture of Trump.

Don't forget stink lines

just do it already faggot
post pics

star of david on forehead

Dick in mouth

Forget the fucking picture lad. Take a dump on your teacher's desk.

If double didgits, right below "dead leftist = world peace" with an X across her face

Then use the picture to rearrange your shit in the shape of the word TRUMP

Then post pictures. Please.

Write Praise Moloch


Draw a swasdicka on it. It's like a swastika, but made out of dicks.

Put a backwards swastika on it, not tilted, with text below it saying "Hiel Hetlir 1599!"

put sharpie on butt and fart

>No teachers are around and I have a sharpie.
>What should I do?
Stick it in your pooper then post pics


You're all idiots. There was one answer.