Question for Americans

Which state has the most American pride?

And which state has the most pride in their own state?

I would say for American pride Ohio. Whenever i drive there for browns games, go through the small towns and every house on every street has an American flag hanging from their house

For state pride i would say Texas for obvious reasons.

What do yall burgers think?

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Texas is the most American and also the most prideful.




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Probably some flyover like Alabama or Tennessee.

Texas of course!

I say Louisiana for the first two. People take great pride in our state's and nation's history. Even in New Orleans (Liberal Capital) you still see American/Louisianian flags everywhere

Michigander here; Texas was first to mind.


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Actually I would say Texas is more Texan. Being American is secondary to being a Texan


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>Most American
>threatens to secede every time someone looks at them wrong
Texas is based, but their pride is in being Texan.
It's confusing because they also probably love America the most...

Texan here, state pride here is >> national pride, so I'd say we're the most for the latter. Midwestern states like Ohio or Michigan are probably the most American.

Least patriotic nationwise would be cali cucks.

Sad to say it's not Massachusetts. You'd think with the history it would be, but politics ruin the state.

Louisianimal here, can confirm. Even downtown Baton Rouge is far from liberal (except the niggers and they know their place, ie Sherwood) and is even safe enough to wander around drunk at 3am as a group of white people.

it's alaska and it's not even close

I'd say relative to other liberal states, Massachusetts is very patriotic.

for which one?

when i looked it up it said alaska too but i just dont feel it

>be Texan
>lived in MA for over a year
>have no idea what flag looks like
>only see on state trooper buildings on side of road
The lack of pride was shocking coming from Texas. Here flags are everywhere. Hell even our ziploc bags are "Texas Tough"

Maine is a pretty proud state.
Also I have that same flag

Fair enough. It's only mid-tier compared to the country, though.

too bad texans are mostly a bunch of fat delusional retards in a state that's less than 50% white. i fucking hate texans so much. hurr durr big bad texas can secede and don't need no federal government. texas do what it wants durrr. then at the same time you fucking cowards don't protect your border because the federal government threatens to cut funding. you fat retards need to grow a pair

>Whenever i drive there for browns games


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At least our spics and spooks are proud Texans, if you are not from here you just can't understand it Texas>everything



USA: Texas
Canada/Somalia: Minnesota

True American pride has nothing to do with our government or citizenship

Any answer other than California is bullshit.

CA represents the US in many ways. It's diverse and open-minded, much like our founding fathers were (though, only diverse in opinion for them). The entire population of CA is more than the population of Canada. The CA population is full of America-loving people because it is very inclusive. We know the true meaning of freedom and liberty.

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daily reminder that this happened

>Just as we fired the first shot to start the revolution, this might be the first shot – no pun intended – to start a movement against assault weapons that would capture the state and therefore maybe explode to reach the country.”

>-Robert Rotberg author and catalyst of Lexington’s gun ban proposal.


East and west coast's are fucked. Southern states have muh confederacy and are loaded with nugs who usually hate america. Texas, Arizona, etc are Mexico 2.0. And the other patrotic crossroads states like Illinois and Iowa are fully cucked with liberals.

>much like our founding fathers were
there are probably like 5 anglos left in California

Probably Texas, despite all the secessionist talk.

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I live used to live just south of Boston. Its quite a nice environment. Low crime, everyone flying American flags etc. Its also all white, which is probably why the people are patroitic.

Downtown Boston is completely different though.

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New York is the most proud state in America. Their swagger and sense of importance is so much more than any other state.

If your not from NY and meet someone who is from there, they will immediately look down on you and quickly let you know that they are indeed from NY.

Candid, elite, swagger. Even the way they walk and talk just screams alpha (excluding nu males in Brooklyn. They are the outlier not the norm).

NY is literally the center of the world and there is no disputing that. New Yorkers take pride in that.

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But having also lived in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia, I can tell you with absolute certainty that black irish are 100 times better neighbors than black dindu. Not even close

NYer here as much as I hate the liberal hell hole this place is being a NYer gives me the ability to say things like:
As a greeting.

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