Will Donald J. Trump reverse legalization efforrs? After allm...

Will Donald J. Trump reverse legalization efforrs? After allm, he wants a very strong overnment and he wants no stone left unturend. IT IS still federally illegal, after all.

What do you think? Also other general marijuana politics allowed.

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i think he might relax the legislation , he dosent want drug use but he also dosent want feds telling adults what to do

With a conservacuck like Jeff Sessions as attorney general? Not likely.

Your body your property

Yours to tattoo, mutilate, etc so why not yours to smoke weed?

Who cares except people brainwashed by confirmation bias and propaganda.

Truth is everyone is different and drugs affect everyone differently.

potheads are drug addicts just like the rest of those methheads
if they weren't they wouldn't try so hard to argue about the supposed benefits of being a doped up moron

He is strongly against opposing states rights. He sees the money it's bringing in, he's not stupid, he might hate drugs but he'd hate even more killing a growing market.

I don't think he'll even touch the subject to be honest, states will continue to legalize, probably the next president will have to address the federal legalization.

hes not obama who likes having a big fed budget to buy dumb shit i dont think he likes the feds making so much money as a personal buisnessman who pays alot in taxes he probably would be in favor of states rights

legalizing weed is the first step to breaking the unconscious chains of 1000s of years of thought control.
world peace can be achieved only if we all just light up together.
if we replaced all weapons with weed we would be a perfect world where even liberals would be happy.
(((they))) don't want us to be whole they make ((($))) off of wars but weed would end all wars
personally i think its aliens and they are trying to keep humans from consuming a natural resource that helps amplify our human nature but (((they))) want us to be more alien than human which breeds conflict and war
but they make money off our oils from war and oil is a rare thing cause you need a planet that supports life that once lost life and has fossils
fossil fuel is the most precious thing in the universe and the aliens want it
not even kidding cause it takes life and a loss of life over massive amounts of time
fossil fuel they are just taking from our planet you think it all goes to cars and machines it goes to space
we can keep our fuel and everything if we just smoked weed and stopped killing each other desu

I hope he cracks down even harder on weed, stoners are annoying retards.

you may have smoked a bit to much weed
jk i see what your saying its to abstract for me though i do believe weed would help people relax and be more self invested in there health and diet but its not going to create world peace

yeah but adults should be allowed to have/smoke weed without getting arrested thats a bit much

With Jeff Sessions as attorney general? Hell fucking yes he will.

that's some lame weed man you think its good but it's like a purebread hoarse with a broke leg

You should probably just kill yourself desu

i think he will decriminalize and keep sessions happy by letting him prosecute heavily the blm leadership

I don't think it's good or bad. I'm not trying to show it off. It's someone's nugget of marijuana that I saved from a stoner thread on Sup Forums.

i vote this defense deserves death by hanging when we start up the death squads

sorry kid try again. or get out you subversive spick commie

Whoa whoa steady there.
This is why people need weed.
I bet if you just smoked a little you would relax and not worry about what others think or like.

It's like that area of the brain is locked until you smoke up then you get access to new areas of your brain that have been closed off. That's why they wanted it illegal is so you can't see what's really there and you live inside a mind prison.
When you smoke those chains go away and you can see the world around you with new born eyes man.

One day I'm sure everyone will smoke weed or have it put in light doses in all the food so we can all share this world with the same eyes rather than be in mind prisons.

I'd smoke you out if you came to kill me then you probably wouldn't want to kill me anymore cause your mind would be open then we can be friends

>are drug addicts just like the rest of those methheads

Oh, please tell me those ways. It's certainly not in the severity of the addiction, because the withdrawal symptoms of a daily stoner is 3 days of "Whaa! I want pot!" and a headache is about as much as a withdrawal as anyone can get from marijuana. That is, if you get any withdrawal symptoms at all. If you're someone who smoked every hour of every day, you might deal with that annoyance for a bit. It won't be a big bother. You would feel the same way if you were a very sensitive caffeine addict.

Don't be a child. Marijuana users are individuals and not all can be clumped in with one group or the other. Some are openly for recreational use. Some are strictly for medical. Some are for recreational under the guise of medical. Some belief legalization of marijuana for medical use is a good step towards legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

>Hoping a liberty is stripped away based on the obnoxiousness of a percentage of marijuana users.

You're a cowardly traitor.

rationalise it however you like.
the general public, which includes your own family see it for what it really is, a sickness.

I wish the best for you.

being stoned has always fucked up my articulation, on and offline.

amphetamines are great though.

this topic is black and white because bullets (((and criminal records))) are forever.

your country supplies the worlds death penalty benzodiazapine. so fuck right off, because you censorship the fuck out of everything.

family can fuck right off too, because 70% of the world is on pain killers and life saving medication. if you can't function without a perscription then you need to acknowledge who grows your opium and sells it to the pharmacy

good luck society when the worlds bridges burn

He should; marijuana is a leading cause of degeneracy (trust me I know).

it sounds like it has become quite an issue for you.
>your country supplies the worlds death penalty benzodiazepine
that is a real issue, but a separate one. you cant justify your actions because others commit worse ones.
>family can fuck right off too
they care, and if they don't you should still want to improve yourself.

I sincerely hope you find the strength to help yourself.


Yes, he will. No more "legal" weed for you, pothead.

My family does not see it as a sickness. You dismiss rationalization, you continue to dismiss the right of an individual, whatever steered you down this dark path? The general public has a higher approval rating than before.

Do you live only at the whim of what your family and social customs dictate you should live your life by? Remember what America stands for, because I'm a citizen of that nation.

No, he won't, he already said he's leaving it as a state issue so it's simply dependant on where you live.

They maybe addicts but there is a world of difference between pot and meth

if you're willing to make drugs illegal you need to be willing to kill for it. i am willing to be killed or let you pay my incarceration into old age. i am not going to settle for your petty regulations unless you can delegate five thousand representatives to congress.

it seems some of you forget what it took for north americans to create america.

this board is not about borders..it is about ideas.

the only difference in drugs is if i shall call you a nazi or a gestappo.

I've never smoked weed that looked that good. It's my hope that the business man in him will overtake the morales he has and he will go full steam ahead. Money is king who cares if half the country is retarded. Sure hasn't stopped every restaurant in America from serving as many shots as the person can handle till they are throwing up in the bathroom

ITT: White degenerates who fell into the trap of the lazy Jew.

Also, black people who smoke weed.

What do the Jews actually do? I'm not getting a good idea of the other people who have been on my mind. The only reason why I'm not really sure is that it would be better to have the app.

>pic semi related


I want Trump to illegalize phoneposting you fucking prole.


This is a retarded argument.
Ever taken Tylenol? Fucking degenerate.
Ever taken ibuprofen? Fucking degenerate.
Ever drank a cup of coffee? Fucking degenerate.
Ever had to use anesthetics for surgery or getting your wisdom teeth pulled? Fucking degenerate.
The list goes on.