Brit/pol/ - Two Peoples Champions The 48 Percent Fightback edition

>Tories beware: the Lib Dems have a ruthless, disciplined electoral machine, and they fight dirty

>Government warns Brexit vote must not be relegated to a ‘footnote’ ahead of Supreme Court hearing

>Farron hails 'shock' by-election win

>UK 'won't block EU defence co-operation'

>‘You’re making a TERRIBLE mistake’ Stephen Hawking slams Remain plot to keep Britain in EU

>‘They were WRONG’ Judges' ruling made Brexit ‘almost a footnote’, blasts Attorney General

>Italians to Vote on Referendum with Massive Potential Consquences

>On Sunday Austria To Choose Between Globalism or Populism

>Child abuse investigation 'not a witch-hunt'

>Austria and Italian voters could plunge the EU into crisis

>May to 'challenge MPs to defy will of people’ if Article 50 case lost

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Imperial Leather

where would we have a rally like this?

I hope a sheep rapes you in your sleep you welsh cunt

Will the Italians make the right choice?

The car park outside my local cinema usually has a lot of space, I'm sure they would let us use it so long as it wasn't on peak hours.

>'Little pigs, LITTLE PIGS, let me come in…don’t worry about the hair on your chinny chin chin…'

>labour losing metropolitan vote to Lib Dems
>working class vote lost to UKIP
>Scottish vote lost to SNP
>labour got under 5% in the Richmond by-election

When did you realise Labour is dead?


FPTP will fuck us over.

The best moment in British TV history:

lads, i'm physically shaking right now

t. thalidomide baby

Can you even?

It might be different now that they're geographically concentrating their efforts under Nuttall


Heroin withdrawal? It's a serious condition, not something you can control without self will or medication.


one can hope.


>Olney didn't get over 50% of votes
>turnout less than 50%

no mandate, need another election just to be sure

Hasn't that cunt Geldof fucked of back yet, not that the paddys want the twat.

>Liberal "We don't respect the process" Democrats

They are really betting everything on Remain salt, aren't they?

W-what about cheeky Del falling through the bar? Chuckling even at the thought of it.

Reminder for daily viewing

Sorry but this is the best moment of british tv

>Sachs was a migrant

Granddad's Chandelier > Del and Trigger at the Bar

>Lim Dems got fucking creamed in the last general election
>disciplined electoral machine
Do these people believe what they write? They're just mopping up remainer voting.

The Seven Years War desu


Such an incredible piece of history to sink your teeth into lads.

>either you think it's a good idea to let in over 300k people each year or you can mourn the loss of one migrant
>you cant do both without being a hypocrite

nothing like a good old migrant record number story to rile the feathers of traditional tories, who'll swiftly forget at the next election.

Man I really hate Bob the cunts.

Also she is a cunt who can't even take the heat on the radio


Will the Lib Dems ever recover?

May well be the most Alan Partridge thing I've ever seen

Apply yerself

>not thinking it is literally the funniest thing ever

Most people here are going to die alone

Also using their logic, there has been a swing to leave in Richmond.

Thankfully he hates our country more than he hate's yours.

I fucking hate Carry On films.

good post

Everyone dies alone

desu senpai

Ooh Banetron

You know what I mean

No wonder everyone he lives with ends up killing themself.

And you I

Oooh you're big one.


The real problem the lib dems have is, even if they campain for remain. Every one knows they will support leave if it gives them a chance at power.

>m8 of mine is working as a paid phone shill for the Lib Dems

>says he can get me a job there

oh dis is gunna b gud.
This will be like when we fucked with the Clinton phonebank but on a whole new level.

this pic makes me kek every time


Not this, but they'll support anything that can give them power in the short term, so identity politics and engaging in polarized brexit rhetoric

Load of fucking bollocks really. Charles Kennedy must be rolling in his grave.

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy.

Is it okay to put pins in the corners of the flag for purposes of display?

Went to the Christmas market with the gf last night lads

I'll add:

>On 4 August 2006 Kennedy hosted a documentary on Channel 4 about what he saw as the increasing disenchantment felt by voters towards the main parties in British politics because of their hesitation to discuss the big issues, especially at election time, and the ruthless targeting of swing-voters in key constituencies at the expense of the majority. He also contributed an article covering the same issues to The Guardian's Comment Is Free section.[37]

If someone could tell this to Tim it would be fucking great. RIP this dude, even if I didn't agree with him on some things he had some principles.

Why is it called Imperial Leather rather than Imperial Leather this always fucking bugged me where does leather enter into the world of soap ffs REEEEE

Post her

The SNP killed him

Which basically employ the same tactics as the lib dems. Disgusting people.

The brand goes all the way back to 1768 when a Russian nobleman called Count Orlof commissioned a brand of perfume from Bayleys of Bond Street in London. The perfume was called 'Eau de Cologne Imperiale Russe'. Russia leather was a high-quality leather exported widely from Russia and recognisable by a distinctive aroma from its birch oil tanning process. In 1921 Bayleys was acquired by Cussons Sons & Co, chaired by Alexander Tom Cussons. It was not until some years later in 1938 that Alex Cussons used the original perfume and created Cussons Imperial Leather soap and other toiletries. The soap was initially called 'Imperiale Russian Leather', but was soon renamed to Imperial Leather.

Is that Winchester?

>Jeremy Corbyn has told Sky News that Labour will put down an official amendment to the Article 50 Bill

How does Tim Farron wake up in the morning every day and manage not to kill himself?

Death Grips

And there it is

And if you don't think that many Tories such as Anna Soubry won't help them in pushing for this watered down Brexit amendment you're daft

Reminder that YKTD has been posting non-stop since yesterday afternoon.

>Milkman is a devout Christian

WHAT?! I never would have guessed that. I bet that buts him one level up in Hitchens opinion.

Getting his door kicked in, in 3..2..1..

think he's finally having a mental breakdown

muh 48%

>Posting that on twitter to an official news account.

Here you are lad
Na Lincoln mate

random post


So what? I prefer him to the usual Reddit-tier Sup Forums shit-posting we have all day, even if he can be irritating at times.


Yeah, good point. What would we do without quality posts like this? Don't encourage his autism.

He will get a nasty letter from the council.

And yet Theresa May is too stupid to call for a general election. Parliament would be full of Leave supporters and Labour would be dead.

Are they wearing jetpacks?


big set piece jokes in OFAH were never very funny, the thing that makes the show is the random dialogue between the characters. that and the heartfelt bits like grandads death

>devout christian
>support islamic takeover of the west

>Parliament would be full of Leave supporters
>The Conservative Party

Classic American (((contribution)))

Fixed term parliament, she can't, Dave fucked that option.


Christians are seriously cucks
Turning the other cheek thing, being a pussy and letting yourself be victimised


>Will the Labour faction that voted Leave go to the Lib Dems, further weakening Labour's chances of ousting The Tories?

roasted as fuck. the mp was easily angered too, she needs some training.

Vote of no-confidence could trigger an early election. If she could get her own party plus a minority of opposition MPs to vote for it.

>muh turned cheek

Old hat

>muh weak Christ

>comparing Christian doctrine to the mindset of modern Christian people (which is what I was talking about and the only thing of relevance)
Buddy cmon

Don't fall for the Christian pacifist meme. It refers to an insult slap, a back hand slap. Not a full on attack.

Honestly mate, how many hours have you been awake?