3rd Reich Economics

Can someone explain how the Nazis fixed Germany's economy ?

Where did they find money for Autobahns, Olympic games, rearmament and parades ?

How could they print Mefo bills without causing some sort of inflation or relying on foreign debt ?

Uh, frenchbro, I don't know if you know this but the Government can actually produce more money.

In Germany, noone had any money and then Hitler came to power and made more of it so he could buy autobahns and stuff and then he paid the workers with the money and they could afford things again.

Communism would work if the government produced enough money so that noone ever ran out. Everyone could afford what they needed but of course (((they))) will tell you that I'm wrong.

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>Where did they find money
loans, Hitler made lots and lots of debts hoping that they wouldn't matter once he won or that he would be able to pay the back with spoils of war

you can google thi stuff though man

The German currency was based on an hour worked instead of gold or the stock market fiat like in the us.

Since a worker laying road was worth something economically it worked but idk if this model woOld work in the post industrial economy.

A worker today doesn't harvest resources or turn the em I into tangible good s. He sits at a deSk and moves abstract numbers around

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Young George Soros helped to steal lots of Jew-gold to finance the Autobahn.

Commies are terrible with the concept of money.

We attacked countries and when we controlled one the first thing to do was seizing all the gold from their National Bank. We gave that gold to Switzerland and they gave us forex for that.

Sure but that was only possible after the war started and doesn't account for the pre-war "recovery".

>German Education

Before WW2, they seized private property of citizens and financed social programs and an enourmous armament program, which in turn boosted employment. Add to that the inland borrowing (e.g. ordering 100 tanks and "paying" in "money" later) and you got the "recovery".
He's right with the gold stealing. I'm sitting on a pile of it right now.






As said there were enough reserves and jews to finance shit, besides that the industry was already blooming again

Indeed. The abolishing of the Versailles treaty payments and the taxes/inflation used to cover those payments really helped too. It's a shame Hitler sacrificed everything to get a permanent grip on the country.

Massive subsidies for families, educations, sports and recreation projects was one of the main factors they they gained and stayed in power

And German propaganda strikes again.

You seriously believe the reason why German unemployment fell from 30 percent to 2 percent within 3 years after he took power was some kind of occur "loans" from... from whom? Foreign governments? Nope. From German wealthy families? Only to a small extent.

Learn what happened, it was the same thing that happened under FDR.

to be honest, it would have worked flawlessly if it wasn't for Russia.

They made debt and got money from invading other countries.

You're all stupid.

No money has any intrinsic value.

Old Germany used jew dollars. Which are dollars issued by jews and jews skim off the top.

Hitler kicked the Jew bankers out and issued a new currency backed not by physical resources but by the promise of labour. So essentially it allowed the issuer (the government in this case) to coordinate the resources and activities of a the free market. And it was issued without Jewsury.

It would have shaken itself apart when the stolen gold would run out.
Well also the fact the party set up its cronies in every business and industry did help persuade people. In school I had to do a project on it, they had an ingenious way to secure loyalty all the way from top to bottom of society. Ironically, it was based on competition.

It wouldn't the government was spending far too much money, the attack on Czechoslovakia was manly for their gold. Hitler was forced to expand the war more and more to keep up with his spending

>Germany's economy suffered from hyperinflation, so Hitler used hyperinflation to fix it.