Why do white supremacist retards try to use the image of Michelangelo's David?

King David was a Jew.


Michelangelo wasn't.

but he has a foreskin...

>Jews (Khazars)

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Jews are Jews.

this. Very detailed foreskin


fuckin btfo OP

He wasn't a jew. Christ wasn't a jew. Jew = Antichristian.


but michelangelo also only classifies as half-white

Have you ever picked up a Bible?

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Not an argument.

Ancient Israelites were very different from modern day Jews. They were still the chosen people of God, since they hadn't broke the covenant by denying Christ.

David is greatly praised in the Bible and as such, is allowed to be praised in European/Christian culture.

khazars were a turkic, they were mongoloid, idiot


Israelites were Jews.

I know, but they were once the chosen people of God and stayed in their own lands, rather than being parasites who spread degeneracy

To add onto this user's post.

The bible heavily implies that the chosen people became Christians and that the deniers were literally the treacherous corrupt jews.

Hence why it logically make sense to not hate Jews of the ancient past but know that the ones who remained Jews probably are in fact corrupt/evil.

The Judeo-Christian link ends at the Crucifixion.

> Praising a Jew.
> Praising Christ.

I hope the Morrighan's crows peck out your eyes, traitor.

Word ''jew'' wasn't used originally.

That is not an excuse lad.

Praising Christ is praising a Jew.

his son, solomon is the one that ruined them iirc.

They aren't the same as the modern jew.

Same with mainstream christianity is no longer God's people. There can only be one tiny unpopular religion that follows Christ that will be "true" since narrow is the road leading to life.

Laughing in ignorance, such a bliss.

>Why do white supremacist retards try to use the image of Michelangelo's David?

Do they? Is that a thing?

Thing of it is, Michelangelo's David is loaded with then-contemporaneous political symbolism. The meaning of his David is almost as far removed from the biblical David as Sup Forums Pepes are from MF's creation.

Exactly. But praising Christ is twice as degenerate.

Today's Judaism isn't much older than Islam. It's younger than Christianity, and was created in reaction to it.

Roman-Empire Judeans were intensely proselytic. They spread their religion widely, and it was taken up by many people, mutating as it spread. At a certain point, Christianity arose and began to take over as the One True Faith, and most of those who had the proselytic Judean religion and successfully resisted conversion to Christianity united in a form defined by its differences, which centered on ceasing to proselytize and treating their religion as a genetic inheritance (even though most of them actually had pagans for great-grandparents), therefore creating modern Judaism: a delusional race-nationalist religion.

The "Jewish diaspora" is every bit as much of a made-up-after-the-fact fantasy story as the Exodus from Egypt. In the latter case, it was a founding/persecution myth intended to unite a country's people against foreign adversaries and justify aggression. In the former case, it was a way of cutting converts' roots and making them believe they were descended from the people led by Moses, even though Jews are obviously multi-racial and accept converts, and to create another founding/persecution myth to justify all actions which might be taken against gentiles to the benefit of jews.

I've never seen David used. I've seen 19th and 20th century sculptures used though. You've probably seen those and mistaken them for David.

You're probably thinking of the Arno Breker scupture. He was a Nazi, and he sculpted Aryans.