Leftist general - Why does everyone hate me

This thread is for the discussion of any and all left-wing political ideology, including, but not limited to, Autism/Laziness/GibsMeDat/PoliticsofEnvy/National Socialism/etc.

>Socialism is an economic and social system defined by mile long lines for bread, genocide, starvation, lack of shoes and housing, exploding nuclear reactors

>Some waffling shit here about why you are not entitled to the fruits of your labor and need some clever intellectual wearing rape rimmed glasses telling you how to live your life and what to spend your labor on.

>In a capitalist society you get fucked over by a man who looks like the guy from monopoly and it makes us all rage out and wish Hitler was back.

>Communism is the highest developed stage of socialism wherein everyone starves and wants to kill communists


ABC's of Socialism: s3.jacobinmag.com/issues/jacobin-abcs.pdf

Selections of Left-wing Literature that will make you a pompous git unable to relate to blue collar working class.







Let's try and suppress all dissent so we can turn this board into a dystopian version of eight fags

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Sage kike threads.

Recommended reading material for my wife's boyfriend? He's a hardcore capitalist scum but I want to try.

for more info on this pic:



Here you go.

guys this isn't funny

Reminder that Reddit and /leftypol/ communists are raiding Sup Forums because they have shit-tier recognition with normies, and are jelly of Sup Forums's political influence.

They steal our memes and make lazy edits of them, because communism sucks at innovation; and is an ideology for 3rd-world niggers.

Sage and hide all commie threads. If you feel like it, troll and spam their threads with shitposts and counter-arguments; but don't forget to sage. Don't let them get a foothold on Sup Forums.

You can't defeat Sup Forums.

We've already shitposted leftist raid attempts into oblivion several times before.

>shit tier recognition with normies
Don't flatter yourself. Both are virtually unknown among normalfags.

Stop it please it is really important you read the OP my communist feelings are hurt


>Why does everyone hate me
Because everywhere your ideas are implemented society is ruined.

Call me when you manage to get /leftypol/ memes to air on NBC.



Hans got rolled by a million Russians.




Glad based Deng got rid of the communism meme in China. It became far richer and less poor as a result.

People fought for Russia not for Communism.

Would it be safe to say that communication of political ideology is an art form?

That feeling when you successfully Hijack a /leftypol/ general.

You niggers should really read the OP



Reminder that if you type "sage" into the Options bar before you post, it makes your post "sage", which prevents your post from bumping the thread.

This allows you to shitpost/spam a thread you don't like, while also keeping it from getting to the front page.

Not only can we troll /leftypol/ and Reddit by clogging-up their threads, we can also prevent their thread from even being read, making it even harder for them to convert Sup Forums users! :^)

I just did, it is hilarious.

Why is Sup Forums so Pro-Hitler, but I never see anything about the literal GENIUS who was Otto von Bismarck?


Did you actually read that article? Sup Forums isn't mentioned even once. The normfags might now be aware of the existance of the ancient-ass Pepe meme, but not about Sup Forums or even Sup Forums in general. This place is still mostly a young male social reject circlejerk.


I know, Bismarck was dank.

Fuck off /leftypol/

are you sure about that?



Lol. Child-mind, obviously Sup Forums was not mentioned by Cultural Homogenist media. Even when people tell Sup Forums about their upcoming mass murders, the Media doesn't mention Sup Forums *by name*.

Wait, fug

That's funny

You're an idiot, people here want the power of the USSR back not the economy. We like empire.

Does anything ever actually happen in these threads or is just two factions posting memes for 300+ posts.


>In the press release dedicated to the poll, Levada specialists said the level of nostalgia for the USSR among Russians is now the highest in five years, but it is still far from the maximum of 75 percent registered in 2000.

really makes me think

>This thread is for the discussion of any and all left-wing

Thats about as far as anyone got. the rest was going to be a joke, which is exactly what it was.

Trust us. (((They))) know about us.

The UK's biggest leftist newspaper
>Adherents congregate on message boards like Sup Forums and CRIPPLEchan

America's biggest leftist news network
>They exist almost exclusively online, talking to each other on alt-right blogs and select reddit or Sup Forums forums

The world's biggest leftist online magazine
>The Sup Forums message board "pol," a major source of alt-right images and memes

Would you people kindly leave this board already. We know you're from leftypol just give up.

Also stop trying to destroy the world

good shit, kiwi

Read the first post.

there is a reason you keep us subversive little shits around

is that why in the referendum they voted overwhelmingly for its preservation?


>lol commies are such pathetic cucks lmao theyre all lispy faggots
>uwu i wish we had the stronk daddy ussr back to hold me and make me feel powerful again

In other words, my original point still stands. Neither Sup Forums, nor reddit, nor /leftypol/ (wherever the fuck it is) have significant recognition among normalfags.

leftism will fail because it is irrational

humans aren't equal in nature or ability, ethnocentrism is a winning strategy against humanitarianism in the long term, the economy isn't the only important thing for a nation (not to mention socialism always end up damaging it), suffering isn't the only possible criterium on which to base morals

you people built a whole political philosophy on demonstrably false premises

also where is beauty in your wall-mart of a world?

Thanks m8

Sorry leftists trigger me.

Such vile people


Preservation of the USSR state. Referendum was not about the preservation of the USSR system of politics or economy.

>let me tell you about your country

No. It's one faction posting redpills and the other faction spamming the #notrealcommunism go to.

Seems like there are a few pinkos and commies 'arguing' the new r/donalds showing up. Everyone else is jsut shitposting to bumplimit

no way he could fire that gun with the barrel so close to the horses head.

>Do you consider necessary the preservation of the Union of SOVIET SOCIALIST Republics?

i think they knew what they were voting for

It clearly states that the referendum was on the federation (which is why the USSR became CIS I guess), not on communism. They held the referendum BECAUSE they had already decided to abandon communism, which was the basis of their federal system of government till that point.

>as a renewed federation
ie. preservation of the state as a territorial entity but changes to it as well



Read the greentext, this is anti communism

Your point's already been btfo. As far as recognition of alternative news/politics among normies goes, Sup Forums is literally THE global leader. This is the largest independent political forum on earth, the largest board on one of the largest websites on earth.

they included in the question that the union would remain soviet and socialist you illiterate fucks


No it does not. The question implies that there will be changes to the system of government.

Is that you.



can you not fucking read?

actually i guess since quality of education has declined so drastically since the ussr dissolved, you probably can't

I got a 30 week ban on /leftypol/ for linking to a thread on Sup Forums. Looks like they needed a safespace.

If your ideology truly has merit why are you worried about conversion?

>Sup Forums can't understand what an obvious joke is

the aut-right strikes again

I can read and that is why I know you are wrong.

leftists are truly retarded they can't even read the OP

>hurr durr i just KNOW im right

How would you know its a joke :------^)
Also, what is your position on woman sharing. They are means of production after all.


Political prostitutes
go back to cripple chan

>Being this illiterate

Congratulations on the most autistic post ITT

>Keynes said of Hayek's "The Road to Serfdom":

>In my opinion it is a grand book [...] Morally and philosophically I find myself in agreement with virtually the whole of it: and not only in agreement with it, but in deeply moved agreement.

>Keynes once remarked that "the youth had no religion save communism and this was worse than nothing." Marxism "was founded upon nothing better than a misunderstanding of Ricardo", and, given time, he (Keynes) "would deal thoroughly with the Marxists" and other economists to solve the economic problems their theories "threaten to cause".

When you're pushed killing is as easy as breathing.


Why can no commie answer this simple question. You know the answer obviously, are you afraid someone will find out?

Socialism and communism are for fags.

Because most plebs are impressionable idiots, and we have to fight on equal footing seeing as you have Reddit and /leftypol/ as echo chambers.

I tried to make an anti-communist thread on /leftypol/. It got deleted, and I got banned for 6 months.

>In economics and sociology, the means of production are physical, non-human inputs used for the production of economic value, such as facilities, machinery, tools, infrastructural capital and natural capital.
I know people here have that opinion about jews and such, but I think women are still human.

sorry but a few mentions in news articles from a couple of months ago doesn't translate to recognition, let alone a worldwide one

besides, how can Sup Forums be a "prominent politics board" when there is barely any political discussion going on here in the first place (including this very thread)?

posting a bunch of vulgar drawings of cartoon frogs and twitter/facebook screencaps is not politics, it's middle-school tier drama at best


no one ever reads the OP of any /general/ thread

But this is a free speech board my friend. They come here and suddently they have to argue like they never did before. Like CTR, the natsocs and the other trash before them, this will be their Stalingrad, Waterloo, Trafalgar or Kursk.


>free speech board
Anarchy is not freedom.


"Daddy, what is a good communist daddy?"
"Son, a good communist is a dead communist"
"You have to silence them, before they can silence, you"
"Ow, Jolly... Thanks Daddy"

Weak cop out. Remember that in the era of Marx, this was not the case. Also this man woman equality thing is only really present in the west. Go to china, Africa or the middle east and you'll find people with a really different opinion on the matter. So your opinion on the economy heavily depends on the current attitudes of society really. But okay, lets assume women are humans, what about niggers?

Who said anything about freedom or anarchy? It's applied Darwinism or Capitalism - the best ideas win, and it happens to not be communism and its derivatives.

Yes, the people who built the industry - and are thus among the most experienced people regarding the industry, if not absolutely the most experienced outright, maintain a position of authority regarding it.

Anyone who can work can do this, if they have the absolute will to do it. NAFTA has fucked things up for us, true, but we will soon return to a place where our "service economy" isn't made up predominantly of not-technically-minimum-wage jobs. It used to be that people would make $25-$40 an hour at the factory, and could more easily save up money to start a business if they chose - it will again be the place, or as much as it can be, again.

Opportunities are everywhere. If Rockefeller wishes to hoard his wealth, then so be it. That money is effectively taken out of the economy, as far as most people are concerned. People still want their leaves raked and their gutters cleaned, and China will still print custom circuit boards for $2.00 a piece.

Thought you were refering to Sup Forums.

I'm not a communist so I don't really care.

Isn't pol a free speech board?

Judge not a man on the way he looks, judge a man by his way. By your way I can tell you are filth, but I wouldn't punish you for it; you already do such a good job.


No. Pure anarchy more like, and anarchy isn't freedom.

>post anticommunist op
>stormfags trip over themselves to post the same retarded shit they do in every thread
>"lolo we fooled the leftists"