Find a single flaw

Find a single flaw

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no feminine penis

not on muh dick rite now

ogre face

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Narrow hips. Her heard has the shape of a balloon. Something off about where her eyes are located on the face.

She grow up

what do the airplanes signify?


I would do anything to drink a pint glass of her piss


Narrow hips, skin tone too dark, SJW, plays one of the worst characters in the show

she is not thai

This kind of picture is where Miley Cyrus should have stopped. Sad!

Elbow is too pointy.

Man face, fridge body, liberal viewpoints.

anglo blood

but seriously her face is just kind of odd

could get used to it though, shes not ugly shes just a bit funny looking. nothing wrong with being funny looking

Sup Forums aggressive takeover when?

She looks 12 years old......

i laugh at this one very time.


I want to grab her by the pussy.

looks like she is 14.


Why am I not surprised you are irish ?

Its a fuckng mick.

I was wondering why her face looked like a bottle opener. Thanks for the clarity.

but that's a good thing

You've never known the delight of having a hot girl's tight shitsnip hovering above your face, while she wanks your cock? You punch the puckered plop-pipe hard with your pointy tongue and she lets rip a forceful gust that rushes against your tongue, the position of which pierces the divine wind, splitting it in two and sending it down against your mouth. Then you inhale as hard as you can so you can experience the wonderful beef breeze with a slight hint of turnip. This is the point I always cum buckets. I always make sure to hold some of the fart in my mouth so I can kiss her and breathe her own fart back into her body to in effect create the glorious double baked fart, or 'Super Fart,' if you will. I was never close to my father


her face is triangular

> shit eyes and hair

>Grandma panties


I became degenerate after growing up watching German Satellite TV. No joke, on our satellite dish the channels were full of depravity and nudity at night. Especially this one, Vox

She is an SJW

significant lack of tits.

TFW no busty tomboy gf

Down syndrome

eh i was alone in my house high on coke one time jackin off, started fingering my butthole cuz fuck it I need to spice things up a bit. Next thing I know I'm three fingers three knuckles deep using my own precum as lube tryn to stimulate my own prostate cuz it felt p good

just be careful is all Im sayin

Read this in an Irish accent and KEKd

Goddamn i lold

It's a man with tucked back dick

she looks like sid the sloth

that can be a problem

Isn't she like 14?


a fucking limey potato nigger

>Asking the low life throwbacks of evolution of Sup Forums to rate women

Yeah, everyone here fucks super models and looks good.

Everything from the neck up. If decapitated, she would be fantastic

Literally W H O

Same flaw since she first became a meme

Weird face

I bet she has a cute bagina though

>ugly face
>no tits
>people trolling pretending she is attractive
>people unironically think this is sexy

I mean, she was great in GoT, but come on people.

Upside down egg shaped head

>fetal alcohol syndrome face

The golden age of transport

I really don't see what the big problem is.

Hello Podesta,

How long have you been on Sup Forums?


legs are definitely photoshopped

She's a woman

1) She's 19
2) Pizzagate truthers are the dumbest people on the planet