Oakland Warehouse Fire - Many Casualties are very probable

What's up Fuckers!? This is what Fucking happens when the Government doesn't do their Fucking job to protect us


Hepcats, they are saying they didn't have no sprinklers and weak emergency exits. Where was the Fucking building inspections and permits for this Fucking thing?

This is what happens in Trumps America. If he had this way, this would be a Fucking daily occurrence with zero legal responsibility for the city and building owners and event providers and promoters and all the other involvers.

You Motherfuckers. This what you are promoting. Just some kids out to have clean fun and a good time, and now many of them are dead and toasty you sick Fucks.

MotherFUCK YOU!!!

>Clean fun

No (You) here, son

>trumps america
1/10 weak b8

>many casualties are very probable
What did he mean by this?

The fire rises brother

Did I Fucking mistype Motherfucker? It means exactly what I said it means!

This is Page 1 of Trump's America.

>No building inspections
>No permits for dangerous shit
>No liabilities
>No sprinklers or smoke detectors required.

Is he /ourguy/?

Let the bodies hit the floor

The comments on the CNN kikebook story is so funny pol is all-over those comments

inb4 (((FALSE FLAG)))

Nothing of value was lost.

when did he say any of this you baiting cunt. Its not like he can change building codes you fucking idiot, you are legit insane or this is a weak bait

California was annexed by Canada, don't you know?

>KeK removing the sodomites and degenerates

The gay hipsters faggots of oakland are too busy protesting a building with a Trump sign to give condolences to their fellow faggots.

the fire rises

They will blame Mike pence for this

>warehouses were not meant to be partying in.
leave warehouses alone


pick 2

Fuck Leftists.

I see kek in that smoke

State inspectors are dirty as hell
Some years ago I worked at a fast food restaurant,the health inspector wanted a bribe from the owner of the restaurant .The owner held to his gun and told the health inspector to fuck off ,well the restaurant revived it's water from a well because it was in the middle of nowhere the fucking inspector said the well water was contaminated .The owner ended up folding and paying the bribe, which had doubled . Water was back on the day after the inspector accepted the bribe.
This was in California also

>This is Page 1 of Trump's America
Weak bait.
Im curious why you decided to capitalize the F and the M in your reply. Is this a result of reading Page 1097126 of Obama's america?

>a fire in California

Why is this a story on Sup Forums?

Fires happen all the time here. Why is this one significant? The Tennessee fires are way more serious than some fucking warehouse.

>illegal warehouse parties are somehow trump's fault

how many levels of liberal logic are you on?

>In Trump's America druggie STD ridden raver trash will burn themselves to death regularly

sounds good 2 me


Where do you go to see the comments?

Go to kikebook search ccn and when you add a comment you can see comments
Lots of trollz bringing the bantz
CNN on suicide watch

CNN hasn't touched their kikebook main page in almost a year, and their breaking news page in a month

U dumb boi