Nationalised Rail Services

Yay or Nay?

Yes, but it doesn't make sense in America where everything is fucktillion miles apart from each other.

Nobody suggests trains in flyover states that are thinly populated. But even your biggest and densely populated metropolitan areas have third world-tier public transport infrastructure (especially compared to Europe/Switzerland).

At least that was my impression from my visit in your otherwise nice country.

Rails schould be nationalized, services private enterprises.
You know, just like road and air traffic?

I bitch all the time about this. Trains are always at least an hour late. Metro services are disgusting and dangerous. I say every time that I wish the government would hire the Swiss to run the rail service here.

It's because train stations are rapid nigger delivery systems.

Anywhere you put them, the ghouls will appear and break-ins will skyrocket.

Yay if it can be made profitable or close to it while being able to stay up to date and provide jobs.

Nay if it will always operate at a massive loss.

Then I suggest solving the nigger problem instead of just neglecting one of the most vital aspects to any economy/society/country/civilization.

In Switzerland, we have dedicated Train Police, that only operates in trains and on stations, never anywhere else.

But then again, we don't have niggers. Only albanians and serbs. And those are both civilzed in comparison.

The problem is Amtrak doesn't have its own lines. It just runs on cargo lines which prefer to put their trains ahead of passenger ones. Very few cities in the US are worth going on a train for. If you're going from Boston to New York it might be but not if you're going from Milwaukee to Chicago.


Unlike most things, I don't actually oppose this as travel is arguably part of the enumerated powers of the federal government.

Regardless, we would need to start spending less on gibsmedats and warmongering to be able to pay for it.

Last time I rode the Amtrak to Chicago.

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>conductors constantly telling apes to stfu
>train delayed, of course
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I at least did make friends with the Russian immigrant qt conductor. She hates niggers too.

Is the government going to steal the people's money in order to build them?

yes, and it sucks balls going from So. IL to Chicongo, takes literally forever

>I at least did make friends with the Russian immigrant qt conductor
>make friends

4 ever friendzoned.

I know but I am super autistic, surprised any qt would talk to me, good learning experience, I realized nothing would come of it.

The metro is late because nigger paggasgers hold up departure times. It doesnt matter if your train is subsonic or FTL when you have niggers spending hours blocking entrances or refusing to depart.

Kek, just shitposting out of boredom with that "friendzoned" part.
>Pretty autistic myself desu
Still seems like a good experience for you.

Nay for Britain. Keep taxes low. If you wanted to hop on a train, pay for it there and then. I don't want to be constantly paying for it every year.

everything bad that ever happens is because of niggers and/or jews.

>implying whites will let niggers still exist in civilized lands when there are FTL trains in service.

I'm starting to really see them as the cancer they are. I really think the world would be better off without them. There may be a handful of redpilled nignogs but the vast majority are plague-tier for any civilization.

>all aboard the disease riddled lower class train
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The prices for UK trains are obscene though. It's a natural monopoly as well so the few rail companies we have don't have any reason to keep the prices low and competitive.

A return ticket from Newcastle to London is over £270.