80s Nostalgia thread

Were the 80s better?
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Of course




for me they were. the world of today is practically unrecognizable, and i mean that it a bad way


Aka I wish I was young again

Just fuck off



>cliche-ing this hard
Fuck off m88

>these butthurt fags that didn't live the 80s
feel sorry for you, I truly do

Fuck off potatonigger. It's a comfy thread about what Trump is trying to bring back.

how old are you?

80's people, how well does this show portray the 80's?

>The reagan years aren't Sup Forums related
>the last time alpha masculinity was depicted positively in the media isn't Sup Forums related

M8, why do you think retrowave/synth shit is so in right now, even with kids who were born in the 90's?

It's because they look at the 80's and see the last moment of greatness western culture had before political correctness (Cultural Marxism) took hold and pussified everything.

>there was no caller id in the 80s
>there was no *69 in the 80s
>most people didn't have answering machines in the 80s
>everybody actually answered their phone when it rang

It gave a little bit of feels at times, I won't lie. But they didn't go for that as much as they should have. It certainly doesn't have a Goonies feel. Honestly it could have existed in any time period because the plot wasn't dependent on the era.

DAE remember these hidden gems? fugg im old XD

It was accurate, it had the "vibe" right. The feel. One of the most 80's movies to me was always Valley Girl, as cheesy as it was.

>not being there for the first walkmans and the improved versions with autoreverse


What were niggers like in the 80's?

Damn I have one but it only does radio, no tapes.


Actually, this is VERY political related. This pleasant lifestyle is gone thanks to politics. Politics let Jews do Jewish things. We are living in a modern-day Weimar republic with whorish women and beta men, and punishment for standing up for yourself.

shitty but less emboldened to fuck with us, White America was bigger and more confident.



They were mostly segregated off into ghettos and low-income housing complexes. This was before they forced them into other neighborhoods with decent people.

The ones you did run across were typical loud thieving niggers though. Just look at the shitty rap music that spawned out of that decade.

There were two types: ghetto ones like today and uppity ones who were trying to act white, like you see in the movies of the era. The thing is that nigger hood culture wasn't glorified like it is now.

there weren't a lot of niggers, save for the major cities
people were generally better back then, from what i can remember


go make a cuck thread, faggot

>80's and 90's
>Telemarketers didn't exist
>There were no blank robot phone calls that tapped your phone from answering it so they could spam you with robot telemarketers and Pajeet scams.
>Now there's no need to answer a phone unless it's a direct relative or a girlfriend.

Phonecalls in the 90's were like in The Sims. A random person calling you lead to something interesting, because they had a reason to call you.


They were not around me, thats what they were like.

posted in other thread but
>Even white areas are shitty. Maybe not violent, but the people are fucking retarded and immature. Californians are forever teenagers. Not even joking. Look at our voting demographics for Christ's sake.
I disagree, I go into about 3-5 homes a day and know neighborhoods 200 miles south of me. There is an extreme distinction in types of neighborhoods and the dynamics. I have only encountered two shitty types of white neighborhoods which were: young white trailer parks (I'll never forget pulling out a tank of R22 and having a stoned passer by ask if we were gonna get happy because he thought it was fucking helium) and what I can only call wigger dens where the population is like 70% young whites.

The rest are great, don't get me wrong the young white trades neighborhoods (usually at the bottom end of upper middle class) usually are laden with partying, drug use, and occasional drama but everyone still genuinely cares about and trusts each other. You see this even in the bad white neighborhoods, there is still this high level of trust and socialization that you do not experience in multiculti neighborhoods. The neighborhoods that are mixed regardless of race are always the least social and trusting of each other outside of the really bad ghettos, there's a fucking pattern.

Also didn't mean to quote but enjoy your you bro.

tfw i own multiple serviced walkmans

Not as prevalent. Based black people were easier to be found. A black classmate and I entered a costume contest as pic related. He was in whiteface, I was in blackface. Everyone thought it was funny, nobody got shitter-shattered at the school.

it was okay

But not a soundburger. Pleb.

thanks for the (you) la, have a pic of my old phone

Did you rewind with a pencil?


Those were a pain in the ass, cool that you still have your old stuff though.


that's actually not my pic but it was the model most of the country had

back when every single store int he mall was filled and never empty for more than a week before some other company jumped into the spot

now, one of our malls is torn down, and the other has over half the stores moved out.

Until the Reagan phone subsidy program (i.e. the program now referred to as 'Obamaphones'), about half the population didn't have a home phone. Shared party lines amongst a few houses were common as well.

Their role model was Michael Jackson instead of BLM.

I don't know that show, but the Goldberg's on ABC very much reminds me of my childhood despite that i am a southerner and not a yankee jew.



>Mullets, moustaches and perms
The 80's were N O T _ A E S T H E T I C

Malls are just nigger hang outs now.

>tfw future generations will never go to the mall after school and just randomly meet up with your friends and play at the arcade or use your friend's employee discount to purchase hip clothes.

pic unrelated because I didn't have anything suitable.

>you'll never play d&d with your childhood friends again

feels bad

>Based black people were easier to be found.

I remember even black kids in elementary school were fine. They were just kids with dark skin. We all played games together, sang songs for school plays, did crafts, everything. Now, a 6 year old black kid sells crack or is some hollywood swag shitter.

You know what the WORST kind of person growing up was, especially in high school in the early 2000's? WIGGERS. They started more shit than the black kids. The black kids were mostly athletes and that's it.

You know why? Inner cities are ghettos. They build subdivisions for the white people on outskirts and all the good stores move to strip malls out there. I've seen this in half a dozen cities in my area.

they solve the nigger problem by spreading the niggers out, to buy them time to figure something out, but by then it's too late.


They were still dumb, violent, and prone to stealing stuff, but the drug war and the welfare state had not killed the black nuclear family. They were much better behaved in general. You also didn't called a racist when you told them to behave in public.

Missed out on the whigger movement, thank god.

That's not all of the 80's. Vaporwave aesthetic was more about skinny acid-washed pale blue jeans, a tee shirt with some vaporwave pattern, and black Ray Ban's while tucking in your tee shirt. In the 90's it evolved into a slightly more aesthetic dadcore by adding basic blue instead of acid wash, and running shoes like a dork.

Video 100% related.


>Just look at the shitty rap music that spawned out of that decade.

Black culture in the 80's wasn't anywhere near as bad as it is now - although the moral decline from the 70's became increasingly evident as the decade wore on.


MC Hammer's brief burst of fame in the late 80's/early 90's was black culture's last gasp of decency. At almost the same time, Michael Jackson's career faded from mega-stardom to near irrelevance almost overnight as his lyrics about doing the right thing, being decent to women, staying away from criminal gangs, and other morally upstanding messages fell out of favor, replaced by increasingly violent, thug-promoting trash from musicians who were active participants in the gang culture MJ's music denounced.

Here's to 20 years years of conservatism, because we're going to fucking need it if we're going to unfuck the cultural damage of the 90's.

Sometimes I wish I had grown up in the 80s, but then I see these hairstyles and change my mind instantly. What were they thinking?

I talked to an older black lady, she said ghettos weren't as terrible as they are now even though they had more gangs back then. She said it was just poor people and gangs that would protect them. Now gangs are robbing the people they protect

americans seem pretty fit, what went wrong

>poor people didnt have phones


>my friend's mom still dresses like this

>That's not all of the 80's. Vaporwave aesthetic

it was a very heroin period. I disliked the aeste, too nostalgic looking, early 80s pure vaporwave was dank, late druggie looking 80s I dont like, mid 90s were dank doe

Brian Bozworth disagrees.

That fucking haircut was the only one seen im the halls of my highschool.

The 80's were boring as hell.
Everyone is crazy now and not afraid to show it, it is better.

R8 my 80s themed OC

>pls no bully

The problem with music today is how black culture is at the top of the pyramid in the entertainment industry, right below the Jews who produce it.

You thought pop was getting into all the other genres? Hip hop is even worse and even took over pop. This "Eyyy gurrrl" "Shake dat ass" shit is what ruined music and everyone listening to it turned into trash.

Look at every judge in a talent show, every host in some sort of entertainment show, every song played at the beginning of Ellen's talk shows, Jay-Z and Beyonce treated as artifical royalty, trashy Instagram-glam people like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner. All niggered-up and coal burning to the max.

good effort

>no faggot

Fuck's sake user.

In California it was the opposite. The rocker shit was early and especially mid-80's and late 80's and early 90's was the vaporwave era. Nerf and Dixie cups, man.

Those were a common sight in my school as late as '95.

When video games sometimes required a video tape.

Yeah, it really depends on where you where at the time.

Read the message in context. I was replying to a post that was about the lack of phone features. I was pointing out that until the late 80s, most poor people didn't have a phone. Go take your autism medicine.

There's actually a book out there that has a shitload of high quality photos that some guy took of American malls in the 80s. Really interesting, but IIRC its like $200. Doesn't seem to show up in the intra-library system either, which sucks.


We were on a party line when I was very young. One of the other households had a special needs/chromosome thief. She could never figure out their special ring and picked up every damn time.

>early 90's was the vaporwave era.

that is interesting, early 90s usually were saved by the bell/beverly hills look, call me a basic bitch but pic rel is my favorite style there was - late 90s, early 2000s

we all know that one kid

Yes, kids dress up on Halloween, which is probably when that picture was taken

>tfw you google 'mousse' and all you get are dessert pictures.

It used to be a hair product.

again, it all depends on your location

Thanks for the flashback.. Dammit...

Is that a boy wearing a belly shirt? The 70s were shit.

JIDF trying to stop BDS, again.

>I remember watching the videoclip on the pseudo-mtv show we had in spanish national tv on saturdays
right in the feels, thanks friend

how was it like living in a non western/communist country in the 80s?

Take a look at this photo. This was kind of a dorky take on vaporware apparel which was a thing in the late 80's and early 90's. the whole grunge and middle-parted hair fad came a bit later.

I think it's a Dire effort.. Keep up the good work.

Not him, but if in Balkans, it was apparently awful.

You can tell climate change is real because pictures from the 80's always shows people in sweaters and jackets.

>mfw this was the twilight of the pre-shitskin invasion West

Corn syrup and the state "regulating" the fats out of diet to promote sugars instead, because of both (((scientists))) and the corn lobby.
Turned out fats are actually good for your health and sugars are the dietary cancer.

It was better in the sense that on the surface, cancerous leftism, nigger worship, and political correctness weren't as fully developed as they are now. You could watch TV shows and enjoy them because you weren't constantly being bombarded by niggers, trannys, and fags.

But underneath, it was worse because the sjwism was there, under the surface, ready to burst out. But no one noticed because of the iron leftist control of the media through the big TV networks and newspapers.

Now, thanks to the internet, the frogs in the pot have realized that we are being boiled, and some have even started to jump out.

Don't take the internet for granted kids.

Remember when Mtv played music?
I want MY Mtv

there was porn airing in midnight. there was casinos etc. we were poorer in general but shit was pretty good. its hard to tell but it had different vibes. but wouldnt change it to shitposting and decent air conditioners. just missing some good memories

>americans seem pretty fit, what went wrong

Physical fitness stopped being a media-promoted ideal. Look at the movie stars of the 80's. Arnie. Stallone. Dolph Lundgren. People at peak physical fitness.

Now your average movie star is just 'not fat', and people who are physically capable get called 'meat heads'.

On top of that, poverty.
Common Americans - westerners in general, actually - are poor now. A lot of them just don't realize it yet.

Nobody can afford to eat fresh food. A fresh chunk of chicken costs an hour's pay, and if you don't want it full of preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones and god knows whatever other chemicals, it's gonna cost you nearly two hours pay. So instead, everyone's eating industrially processed shit. 'Chicken' that just the least edible, most disgusting, worthless parts of the chicken, ground up, boiled, mixed with fucking glue to hold it all together, extruded through a nozzle and then covered in breadcrumbs to hide the fact that it's not chicken but chicken-flavoured sludge.

That's what's everyone's eating now. Just empty calories. No real nutrition, so by the time they're 30, they've got health problems their parents didn't have until they were 50, and they're taking nutritional supplements in pills and powders.

This generation's average life span is gonna fall below the estimates by a decade or more, I guarantee it. In 30 years time there'll be outrage finger-pointing, asking why it is that with medical technology better than ever, everyone's getting sicker and sicker.

Remember not to confuse climate change with global warming.

And yes, it was colder in the 70's 80's and 90's. We used to get snow every winter on a nearby mountain here in the NorCal Bay Area. Shit, even the hills in Oakland got snow. Every winter I'd look outside the window at school and see a snowy mountain. We even had rain days (days off from floods)