Political simulator

Political simulator
Post yours:
>my country: Intermarium

This is Chile as of right now.

What do you think?

How do I obtain that kind of layout? It looks very different for me.

The site got updated a few days ago.

Let me guess: y'all faggots are using google jew?


chile has 4 billion military budget, thats at least 8-10% of your budget

Don't think it'll work

Wtf, no, only 2% of our GDP is spent on military.
Even more, there is only ONE country that spends more than 10%, and that's Saudi Arabia.

no dude thats different, thats percentage of GDP not percentage of budget

Oh... Everything makes sense now!
Nice. In that case the budget percentages should be multiplied by 2 or 3.


well the fact that you have that huge surplus makes the other percentages lower, try to have lower surplus

Find a single flaw, I dare you.

>you will never live in a federalized constitutional electoral monarchy that emphasizes secularism and that has legal drugs and prostitution with strong free speech protection and maintains an isolationist and protectionist foreign policy and trade position with tariffs on imports and low immigration of high-skilled workers only; that has well-funded public healthcare similar to Australia's but low welfare elsewhere and that has public-own banks with high reserve requirements to prevent Jewish tricks and publicly-owned naturally resources whose proceeds go into investing in local industry and infrastructure, but with privatized education to encourage competition and firing of bad teachers and to prevent stagnation and lower costs; all with a budgetary surplus of 14%.

I don't know how to reduce surplus without lying about my country's stats.

well you have very low spending in social security and healthcare, is welfare really that low in chile? and also not even secondary education is funded? that can't be right

Alright boys, don't break the NAP

Secondary education is funded, but it wouldn't let me lower funding to anything less than 10% if it was public and private.

And yes, we do have low social security, welfare, etc. particularly in pensions as it's all privatized (with a "solidarity column" for the less advantaged though) and it works wonders.

Even then, it's very low, but it's very efficient, which is one of the reasons why have the lowest poverty in the continent.

The Chilean model is the future.

>having a budget at all
>having laws at all


>tfw I had to slash the education and science bugets and nationalise all natural resources to actually have anything approaching a miltary whilst funding the welfare budget and it's still much smaller than I would want for an inverventionist nation

muh NHS muh pensions

since its funded increase secondary education to more than 50% funding

the only correct answer

This is basically Argentina right now (the spending budget seems to be a bit fucked up thou)

It's only 6% of our budget though


>offending minorities is the only speech law

Say it ain't so

Not corporate, sorry
Also, is it really a direct democracy? Never heard of such a thing about Argentina.

>classical liberalism
>40% surplus
This is what I don't like about this simulator. No realistic nation has a surplus more than 5%.

It is, but Jews only (muh swastica and anti-sionism can't be tolerated my good goy)
Literally will get your ass to jail faster than murdering someone
This doesn't apply to other minorities thou, you can trash talk them and only get HEAVY social criticism (but no jail)

yea im saying that the funding percentage in the panel is about the total funding of that sector not the percentage of the budget thats why you get big surplus because you put so low in them when they arent that low

Mine. Education and healthcare should be funded.

>Implying the country isn't run by corporate
Yes it's a """direct""" democracy (universal voting and shit)

Contgrats Slovanian~kun you managed to run into debt in your first attempt

No, DuckDuckGo, I block most Google's scripts with javascript filters also.

Intermarium should be alliance, fellow Polak, not a country.


Hmm, so where are the REAL stats about how much I'm actually spending out of my budget/GDP for each thing?
The simulator really is missing the previous annotations.

That's not direct democracy nor a corporate government. You are multi party with a political class (for the purposes of this simulator at least).


Oh, I didn't see that shit. I have to check the guidelines.

How is it?


yeah thats where I read about it the previous version had tooltips so 2% funding of schools is like 2% of all schools are funded

hover on the budget chart to see it as a percentage of budget this might help


By any accident your screen is small? Zoom out


>cannabis and/other
But why?

>implying this isn't Sup Forums

Enhanced individual liberty, confirmation of private property.

Statement related:
>I own a piece of land, I'll grow whatever the fuck I'll want on this land. It's my private property.
There you go. There's no direct technical benefits to most /pol-acks, but you must think beyond yourself.

Don't want drug related conflicts in a country where everyone can aquire cheap AK-47s with their NEET bucks.

Rate me

its time to embrace total freedom


Cuck and retarded

Based. Viendo el tuyo pienso que debería arreglar el mio.

those taxes are Venezuela tier, 8/10 though not bad


>Lithuanians embrace new system, everyone getting drunk
>Everyone has money suddenly, prices (services, landmarks) jump to heaven
>Meanwhile jews investing into military/science
>They make everyone their bitch
>Now you're paying taxes, not to the country but rather goyim
>Congratulations total freedom

who /leftypol/ here :')



best political system
maximum freedom
using the state for what it is
no central bank of jewish influence

Also, that deficit


Alright, now I have updated this. Is it alright?
Budget stats are the correct ones for my country.
The remaining surplus should be for spending that isn't covered by the simulator I guess.

Forgot image

>equal rights+maternity leave
>illegal euthanasia
>equal rights for immigrants
>ancap taxes
>greenhouse gas emissions regulations
One massacre was not enough.

for some reason it sends me to mobile version on my desktop

Ethnic Militaristic Monarchy.

Dat deficit

I dont even know what to call it

>that deficit

Pinochet tier

How did I do, Sup Forumsacks?

Looks good.

fixed the layout

You can't find a flaw. Fact.

>That deficit.
>Those tariffs.

>can't find a flaw
>huge deficit (25%) in budget

How the fuck are you going to sustain your nation, user?

strangely towards the authoritarian left
good to divide trannys and normal fags
what do you do with your surplus?

The arguments for it being legal vastly outweigh the arguments for it being illegal

We'll colonize the galaxy in no time.

>what do you do with your surplus?

It's just there, as a form of reserve in contingency situations.


I might rejig it a bit.

how did I do?

what about your huge deficit?
niggers can't balance their budgets

>no limit on immigration
>affirmative action
>allowing trannies to adopt children
>no regulation of gambling whatsoever
>that huge ass deficit

That no immigration limit hurts me, user. It's like you want your nation to suffer from cultural AIDS, plus affirmative action to supplement this,

>what about your huge deficit?
We'll conquer the world and usurp their resources and labour.

Abortion should always be illegal, It's murder.

Find a flaw.
>protip you can't

>white female gets raped by subhuman niggers
>wants to abort the eventual mudblood mongrel gestating inside her
>abortions banned

wew lad

The old version said I was a nationalistic capitalist, but I'll take it

Would be cool


help improve my state Sup Forums

>hereditary monarchy
>sweden tier consumption tax
Explain yourself burger

>hereditary monarchy
the idea is that if someone gets government right the first time, they'll pass down those ideals to their offspring. it obviously won't last, but as long as it lasts for a while, turmoil will sort itself out. bloodily, most likely
>sweden tier consumption tax
food sales taxes are low ~9%
luxury tax (cars, tvs, etc) are higher, but still not overkill ~15%
pleasure / guilt taxes are high (cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, other drugs) ~65%

Balanced that shit, mein negro

This is the perfect state




>Having immigration over 0.2%
Bad country.