Be me

>be me
>a black guy
>no criminal background
>Never even touched weed or alcohol
>never really got in trouble at school
>live in the inner city because rent is cheaper
>work at a law firm
>be in constant fear for my life because niggers are savage
>go on Sup Forums and they still think I'm a nigger

Why must my life be hell?

time stamp

also, I don't hate blacks who integrate

You are no nigger. You are a black man, there is a difference.

Because the masses need to squabble over non-existant differences to distract us for real problems in order for the status quo to persist.

The media will continue to push the narrative that everyone is either retardedly racist or a chimpy minority until it's time to move onto the next narrative (maybe something like "if you're cisgender you're transphobic" or something like that)

Just buckle up and don't get shot

Blacks don't need to integrate per say. They just need to admit that their 'worldstar' culture is toxic and useless. The world can't make progress if all they do is fight and talk about big dicks and booties.

>no criminal
>good job
>open mind (dude you're writing on /pol this place is toxic)

I like you, can we be friends?


You sound like an American to me brother

you should try weed it's great desu

Sure why not?

Don't fall for the /pol meme newfag. This is satire and larping to the highest degree.

we really don't think you're a nigger. ignore

You're an american citizen and we're proud to have you.

random question - how many of the people in your lawfirm have (((Names)))? how many (((names))) are in the company name? this is kind of a game I like to play.


I like you and I'd love you to lead a revolution in Africa and bring all your brothers with you.
I doubt anyone on here thinks ALL blacks are bad but statistics very clearly show that their genetic bell curves are centered around traits that are not compatible with a pleasant society. I could happily be friends with you in the present era while still believing that all the niggers must go back for the sake of future generations.
God speed my noble nigger I wish you the best in this life and hope you can manage to alter your people's culture in a positive way.

Genetics are too important to dismiss. You're either a pussy refusing to face the the truth because it is too ugly to bare or a naive idiot desperately clinging to fairy tales.

Only shitty people hate all blacks. If you're a decent human being we don't hate you.

Niggers fuck shit up for all black people. You can change this. Be respectable and a role model for your community. I dream of a day when black people get rid of niggers.

Sup Forums is here for you too and remember, you are not an uncle Tom.

Don't hate you but you have to go back

and whats the problem? i mean there is none, what I understood from pol is that blacks and PoC are privileged in western countries. and if you want to have white children just be a bit patient, get along with a really white woman have mixed children, tell them to breed with a another white and you will have white granchildren.

>gets a job at a law firm
>plays in the internet all day

How un-stereotypical of you, negro

just act and dress like a sane human and people will notice that you are a sane human.

act and dress like ooga booga and people will treat you like ooga booga.

it's pretty simple

here on Sup Forums nobody can see your skincolor.
i will get called achmed even when i'm pure german. and now go be butthurt somewhere else obese burgerfatty.

Negroes are disgusting dumb gross looking violent creatures.
Every nigger can come on pol and claim he is a decent human bean and cucks star sucking him off. Pathetic.

>me, Wyatt Mann
>live in small gated community
>1 Asian family, 1 Latino family, 1 black man, the rest are white Mormon families
>white Mormon families all cucked and fake as fuck and have shitty spoiled kids, voted either McMuffin or Hillary. Dont associate with me cuz not Mormon
>Asian family nice but keep to themselves
>Latino family are legal immigrants from Mexico who voted Trump and have awesome kids. Always inviting us over for delicious mexican food. Based as fuck
>black man is from Texas and has best kept yard in the hood, voted Trump, has lots of guns, hunts w/ me, goes /out/ with me, talks shit on libs with me
>black neighbor is best neighbor in hood full of cucked white Mormons
I will take a gated community full of my black and Latino neighbors over the cucked white Mormon neighbors any day.

I agree with Hanz here. It's fucked up that some niggers label not acting ooga booga as acting white and then shame blacks with this.

The odds are extremely stacked against black people in the US. But keep your cool and overcome OP!

Nice fanfic you lying faggot

Let's play "spot the newfags who think they're edgey"!!

>I will take a gated community full of my black and Latino neighbors
Start writing cuck stories, man. You will be good at it

Racism is too obviously correct to ever convince people on here otherwise. Please stop trying its fucking annoying. You have everywhere else in the world that agrees with you just go there.

Based guy then. Don't let your kind darg you into that filthy thug culutre and we wuz kangz shit.

My initial comment still stands.

Newfag +1

Kudos to you bro, it must be really difficult to be a righteous black because your "brothas" will demand things from you while calling you a traitor am I right?

Timestamp, suddenly in /pol there're a lot of threads like: "Me black, me student, me good people. What does /pol think about it?"

Quit your bitching nigger

Go to your people and convert them to your peaceful, civilized ways

Remind them, if they don't throw out the sjw bullshit, the day of the rope will come, we have the guns, we have the numbers.

I like how every single group but white nationalists gets to play the "moderate" card while white nationalists have to totally disavow and argue against any extremist. Really makes u think.

>go on Sup Forums
that is why

Yes there is.

An influx of honesty, or a deliberate response to increased media interest?

>anyone who believes this website to be the hub of extremism is a fool.

Why would we be posting on an Asian anime cockfight betting board after all?

I generally agree, but:

1) Even strident racists admit genetic factors are only probability factors and there are obviously outliers/upper bell curve members of all races.

2) American Blacks are as American as any other racial subgroup and have been here longer than many of the groups we consider white. Even if you are someone who strongly prefers white nationalism, there is no realistic chance of blacks wont be a part of future America(outside of delusional stormfag fantasies). To that end,

3) It does more harm than good needlessly alienating blacks that don't act like niggers. Especially the ones that see the world clearly and are willing to tolerate a place like Sup Forums despite their race. Be honest about beliefs and as racist as you want, but acting like a Sup Forumstard for no reason is counterproductive.

I like how every thread a black man makes praising himself he does not answer anybody

Fuck you Uncle Tom nigga

Don't listen to Sup Forums

Don't listen to . Listen to Sup Forums and buy a gun.

who is behind it?

I havent read a post itt but im assuming its filled with faggot virtue signaling how not rayciss they are

a nigger you are not my friend

Pretty much. It's disgraceful.

sup Kwame

Ita ok op.

Would you fuck my wife? How big is your cock?

>*my nigga*
But at least you have the respeck of some of the polaks. Keep being a model citizen and influence the younger generation with that non cancerous attitude

The jews

if you're not a nigger you should find a equaly smart black woman and start to help evolve blacks in africa

You're not a nigger, you're a black American.

pick one.

Are you saying there are no black women?

This. There are a lot of black people who contribute to society. There are more who don't. It's the latter with whom I have an issue.

>Tfw black and browse this place
I'm on my lunch break, that's a grape as proof of my ethnicity

Your skin look white

Where's your watermelon? Fake and gay!

Fellow black guy here
Normally I go to the /wsg or /gif and ended up here out of curiousity.

After much lurking, I found out most of the people here just have a really dark sense of humor and only pretend to be a neo-nazi/white supremacist. Some are real but no one really takes them seriously and neither should you.

you are referring to black female animals

I'm ashy and don't go out in the sun too often. So my hands aren't as dark as the purple black you probably have in France.

Your post sounds like it was written by the people in charge of hillary clintons twitter account

You're a nigger but you're a good nigger.

See what I mean?

Go fuck yourself nigger, wez president now!


t. Steve buscemi

They don't think you're anything unless you tell them. I am actually a helicopter

You didn't give in to victim culture. Congrats on being a productive member of society

Well you see that green word in the upper left corner there? It says anonymous. Which means I don't know you and you don't know me. So the only thing you would be able to take as FACT is my word. Plus, why would I lie about being black? On /pol of all places.

>2 posts by this id

He's not a good nigger if he's breathing. Good nigger = dead nigger, do you follow?


Sup Forums is shit hole fuck them.


lmao, reminder that this board is a meme, and you dont have an obligation to help "your people", quit brainwashing yourself and seeking approval from whiteys.

>Be me.

>Asian guy.

>No criminal background for most of the people in my entire race.

>Never touched weed, alcohol, or partook in any Jewish tricks.

>Entire culture is so hyperconservative that we'd elect Pence if he ran instead of Trump.

>Spend all my time studying to get a good life.

>Try to get into college, only for Tyrone and Jamal to take my spot because of affirmative action.

>Go to shitty school because of that.

>Try to get job. Tyrone steals it because affirmative action.

>Go home, only for Muhammed to explode on the train killing everyone around me.

>Sigh to myself before limping home to find Tyrone giving my wife 8 inches of affirmative action.

>Commit Sudoku as I lose faith in life.

Fuck off.

He probably got lost to Sup Forums looking for dbz or naruto threads.

We've had plenty of blacks we like

You dress nice.

what is this, 1997?


of course on this site you will be called a nigger. but if most people here would meet you in reality they would actually like you because most people here just hate actual niggers, no normal non criminal black people. that whole racist thing even against good blacks is just a meme for most Sup Forumslacks

make your own country

>1 post by this ID

Sage + report