How does Sup Forums feel about people on anti-depressives and anti-psychotics...

How does Sup Forums feel about people on anti-depressives and anti-psychotics? I find mentally ill people are pretty disgusting. Whether is BPD or transsexualism, it's all unfit for the real world. So I'm wondering where Sup Forums stands on mentally ill freaks? Are some ok and others arent? I must disagree. Anyone who needs medication to function in society, does not function well enough to exist in new reich.

Anybody with me in gassing the mentally and physically handicapped with me?

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Vermin. To Make America Great Again, we must make America pure again.

People who produce mentally deficient offspring should be sterilized, and the retards should be culled.

that's like literally everyone though. I know lots of rich people who have autistic kids. What the fuck are you talking about? Cull yourself first.

go away CTR. don't you have better things to do than try to create fake news?

Feels bad man. Got a severe concussion after being bottled by a homeless guy at work a few years back, ended up with post concussive cyclothymia (bipolar lite). Take lithium and buproprion to prevent mood/sleep dysregulation.

That feel when no mental illness in the last 6 generations of your family

>Anyone who needs medication to function in society, does not function well enough to exist in new reich.
So literally 50% of people? You know crutches aren't limited to psychiatrics, right?

>I find mentally ill people are pretty disgusting.
There is no such thing as mental order.

Actually I just checked, and a simple Google search yielded that 70 PERCENT of Americans are on meds of some kind.

Go fuck yourself OP

Does this medication include ethanol and nicotine OP?
If so, you're gonna need a whole lot of gas.

99.999% of people on this planet are one particularly bad day away from snapping.

We'd need to cull them too. And while we're at it, cull those who'd suffer from anguish once they find all of their family dead.


>Anybody with me in gassing the mentally and physically handicapped with me?
Than you'd gas 99% of Sup Forums spergs.

I have depression, anxiety and panic attacks but I can't do much about it.

I think the worst issue is supposedly it's clogging my mind up. I always feel half asleep and it really makes it a struggle to focus. It's the worst feeling because it makes hobbies and such really hard to enjoy because it takes a lot more effort to do anything.

I don't know if medication would fix or help this. But I know people that are a lot more stable thanks to medication.

Fix people's behavior and a lot of these mental disorders will disappear. We eat shitty food and don't exercise our bodies properly. We sit for extended periods of time, permanently deforming our musculoskeletal systems. We reward our brains with pleasure and virtual victories when we have not earned them.

Eugenics has it's place, but the majority of people are not defective. We simply have poor habbits, and they damage us more than we realize.

Wow, triggered retards much? Stop trying to defend this bullshit.

>HURRR thats over 50% of the population

That does not make it automatically acceptable. Cleanse the palette and start again. Maybe the reason things are so bad is because over half the population is a raging retard on tranquilizers. How about you freaks leave us normal people alone? Youve forced your way into every public aspect in life (because mental illness makes you NEED attention). Politics, show business, technology. Its nothing but mentally ill drama freaks. SJW wars are just mentally ill vs mentally ill. Getting rid of the BPD and dismorphia would literally garner a new golden age of man

If you met me you would have no clue I'm mentally ill

if (You) forgot to take your medication for one day I'd know. Or if I looked at your internet habits and posts Id know. Doesnt matter if you can hide it, or suppress it. YOU. ARE. UNFIT. The truest red pills are always the hardest to swallow.

if you want to kill mentally ill people then start with yourself (don't actually do it)

I have a depression, and an anxiety disorder that make life fairly difficult to act like a normal functioning member of society for a week, or two out of every month.

I smoke weed during those times. I would rather smoke a essentially benign plant than take an SSRi like my doctor suggested that my body will become physically addicted to. SSRI's don't even work for everyone. Seems like a sham to me.
I sure as hell denied the benzo script he tried to give me too. Benzos essentially normalize alcoholism in pill form.

Naw I don't even take medication and my web history is mundane.

You are so fucking retarded I doubt you'd be able to ever recognize the holes in your genocide crusade. Please read up on how mental illness arises and then off yourself.

Instead of letting the disease of depression run its course by letting trannies off themselves, we are coddling them and normalizing their mental dysphoria.

Tranny syndrome is an evolutionary response to overpopulation, along with rampant homosexuality.

Think of it as an cordycep-like function of the human species, designed to balance the global ecosystem.

At this rate, the human species will need a great culling- WW3

>Depression and anxiety disorder
Same famalam

>Smoking weed
Do something productive with your time instead of spending it killing brain cells. Both help treat depression.

Im mentally sound. Not a single thing wrong with me, unfortunately. Not even ADHD. I cant do mental gymnastics to defend things are untrue or wrong, i cant into delusions, I dont even get triggered. Im surrounded by mentally ill freaks who try (and do) run the world because they have meltdowns and public tantrums. Its fucking everywhere and theyre subtly ruinning everyones lives, because even when they become a celebrity or a politician, they cant find happiness. I wish I could enjoy taking care of my property and family but mental illness wont let me

Depressed fag here. Tried to an hero when I was in high school because my gf broke up with me. I took a bunch of different medications over the years. One made my eyes very sensitive to light. One killed my boners. It's all bullshit honestly. The cure for depression is to tell people to man the fuck up. I kind of agree with you. Mentally ill people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. I doubt I'll spread my degenerate Irish seed, and my mental health isn't nearly as bad as some others.

This is the greatest domestication tool the jews have. I have been told I am bipolar, depressed, add, adhd, anger issues you fucking name it.

While I am no success story I have learned to cope and prosper in today's fucked up society. Am I on a crutch because I spend a lot of my mental energy contemplating philosophy and how we allowed our society to become so degenerate, while the robot takes his happy pills and coasts through the day focusing on his menial tasks with a smile on there face while taking the big (((dick))) up there ass? Sure, but I also will have my passion about me when I need it.

The fact that you think this means that you have no idea what mental disorders are actually like.

Anti depressives are for lazy people. All of my friends that take them, never want to go camping, or hiking or to the Gym.

Working out is the best solution for a sad mind.

I'm sure the DSM has a fabricated term for your arrogant solipsist tendencies, you complete fucking faggot. How can you function with your second grade mentality?

If it's something genetic or outside of the realm of their control, what use is there in demeaning/stigmatising them for it? We would be better served in attempting to treat the problems than mock them. You're likely an edgy 16 year old, but if you've ever seen a loved one lose their dignity from something like dementia, you'd take a very different tone.

As for trannies, I pity them in that they are mentally ill and society encourages them to act on their illness and permanently mutilate themselves.

To elaborate I had a mental breakdown about 6 years ago when I first read Henry Ford's newspaper The Dearborn Independent and the Elder Protocols of Zion where I tool the anti-depressent jew for a little over 6 months. So I know.

These. I don't take meds because they are jewish shit, when I get really bad, I simply remember everything I've gained in life and keep trucking on willpower alone. I'm married, I work quite a physically demanding job, and my life is otherwise completely ordinary aside from this one thing in my head.

Also, please don't lump me in with SJW twats. Thanks.

Why am I never surprised that Sup Forums is full of people with an extensive experience with antipsychotics?

Western countries don't want a high suicide rate.
What we should do is let them have their voluntary castration and let them weed out them-selves. Besides, males that are trannys aren't desirable in the first place. If we weed them out via voluntary castration there won't be as many trannys in the next generation.

Because you're a faggot

Mostly white people.

The real world isn't living in some system where you pay money for inconvenience, like the electric bill or tax.

My mother had severe mental issues. She became a crackhead and drank bleach. She left me alone and terrified as a child, and has scarred me permanently into adulthood. Most people who are severely mentally ill don't live any sort of functional life. Their existence is pain to them. Their existence is exhausting to those who love them. OP may be an edgelord faggot but he isn't completely wrong. If we stopped any of these people from existing in the first place, we could begin to eliminate the flawed genes that produce these conditions.

i'm on zoloft and an incredibly low dose of seroquel

not even mental just had ocd which is subsided now and am gradually tapering off to prevent withdrawal

fuck off ctr

Staying up for days thinking you're the second coming of Christ and acting like a lunatic to the point that you get brought in to the hospital in handcuffs, is not something you can fix with diet exercise or anything but medication.

Real insanity is nothing new, it's noted from the beginning of history. What is new is effective treatments. In the past people like that would be killed or locked up or die in the streets from exhaustion. Obviously these drugs suck in various ways but the situation is better than it ever has been.

>Mostly white people.
>In a country where only 60% are white.
>And where most of those whites are old people so their medicated status is obligatory.
What did this retard mean by this?

Mental illness isn't entirely genetic


>Uncontrolled catalyst to mental illness

Pick one

Sup Forums consist largely of mentally handicapped adults on welfare. This is especially true for Australians, since the process there is so easy. These "neets" are on welfare, and/or disability. Generally this is because they are physically and or mentally handicapped. They dont leave their welfare apartments because of paranoia and anxiety and also need even basic necessitys mailed to their home, including groceries. When confronted about it online, they claim that the system is broken, and they are helping to break it faster. There are also the happening watchers. Theyre waiting for disaster to take their lives because theyre depressed.

These observations are from years of browsing Sup Forums.

With CRISPR right around the corner most genetic mental illnesses will be gone from the gene pool within a couple of decades.
So, euthanasia won't be necessary.

That's implying mental illness is a devolutionary trait.

damn dudes you really look like youre anally sore. are you sure youre not projecting the sadness at your life on people youve never met?

Insanity is a modern construct. Before modernity it was demons.

Makes me wonder why the genes encoding for schizophrenia are so prevelant when it's such an existential strain on the sufferers.

>especially true for Australians

Bro, 109 Million are supported by welfare
105 Million work and receive no government subsidizing.

Yeah the oldfahs aswell.

You need cocaine.

There's a reason why God created so many fruits that can help you live life.

You need to appreciate cultures that you considered savage that discovered these plants that makes it fun to build neat houses or carve things out of wood, or climb mountains.

Chew the leaves, eat the berries, or drink it as a tea. You are a koala now. Fuck the feds.

Not all mental illness.
Certainly bipolar disorder and ADHD are mostly genetic.
So, we can certainly edit those out with ease.
Schizophrenia and psychosis will still be a problem.

>If we stopped any of these people from existing in the first place

Elimination as soon as handicaps are detected. If they were afflicted later in life it's really too bad. You cant make an omlette without breaking a few eggs.

Also Im disappointing 2lxmi7XS for being such a triggered mentally ill fag

You're an idiot, cocaine is literally the worst thing to give someone suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Get ready to sacrifice yourself for your handicap, idiocy

Someone just watched Men Against Fire and posted the premise. Thanks for being a fag OP.

I know it's been awhile since a 'late night help me get on welfare general.' They were always full of euros and aussies who had all the tips and tricks for getting on the dole. After awhile, it always turns out the user with the best tips actually IS mentally retarded, but his tips are what he would do to get welfare if he wasnt retarded and handed it.

Most of the medication for mental illness is children and young adults. Gee I wonder why. It could be that your culture is trash.

>Sup Forums is full of autists and other mentally handicapped persons
nice psyop

Nigger or proxy?

No shit


Yes I am sure it will be very affordable to Schizos and they will also be aware enough to go seek treatment.

As someone who's depressed and on Prozac, I totally agree.

That's why there's other plants and you combine them. Like the poppy. Eat that shit. Use the seeds on your fish or meats.

Schizophrenia is not genetic dumb ass.
It's caused by stress on the brain that finally stops the brain from function properly.

>T-t-this red pill is t-too hard to swallow
>Ill call them a shill to heal my spirit

mentally ill freak detected. Make a thread on Sup Forums where you btfo me and everyone cheers after.

Isn't pol filled almost exclusively with mentally ill freaks though? At the very least everyone here is just as disillusioned with society that the average sjw is.

Most of the people who are fucked up and "require" meds don't need them. They are told they need them, and when they get addicted thats when they become broken.

I remember those threads.

Autism isn't necessarily a bad thing, tons of people in STEM have some form of autism. Just need to eliminate those with severely debilitating autism

Effexor and Neurontin degenerate here

>be kind of a sperglord in middle school
>unhappy with life
>get put on happy pills
>improve social skills throughout high school and college
>become fairly sociable, get along well with coworkers and have a few close friends
>whenever alone get in a pretty depressed mood for no real reason
>scared to stop taking happy pills even though I'm at a good place in life

Clearly your brain has been stopped from function properly.

>culling the mentally ill
Okay, everyone on this website, get in a line

50mg sertraline has quite literally changed my life. I honestly believe I would have killed myself despite my future prospects looking really good, had I not been prescribed it.

Please prove me wrong.
Apparently, you're more of an expert than I.

you sound mentally ill, genuinely a bit psychotic yourself, mi amigo.

let's look at your irony
>meanwhile, OP is the type of person who casually fantasizes about killing 50 to 70% of the population
>literally a psychotic, antisocial fantasy

a shrink would have a field day with you.

this is all besides the point that the american pharmaceutical industry is fucked, that we are too dependent on quick fixes and cures instead of social support (which is the best known way to fight mental illness). everyone is "mentally ill", everyone has neurological variations and lifestyle choices that affect their thought patterns. you, for instance, live your life in such a way that you dream of ethnic and social cleansings. who is the real antisocial psycho?

you are what you hate, faggot.
all filth is local, all politics is local.


Velaxin is best, it fixed my sleep and I think same depressive thoughts for 8 hours straight anymore.

>>meanwhile, OP is the type of person who casually fantasizes about killing 50 to 70% of the population
I just want to live in peace.
>>literally a psychotic, antisocial fantasy
Wanting to live in peace in psychotic? I want to live in a world free from delusional retards fantasize everyday about civil war and killing people with different opinions? That's Sup Forums and SJWs respectively. At least the things I want to eliminate can be detected by a doctor.

Im a successful college professor but about 5 years ago I started going fucking nuts, having hallucinations, and staying up 3 days at a time. Then I ould go through horrible bouts of depression and ended up trying to kill myself, landing me in a mental hospital for a month where I got diagnosed with bi-polar. I had to take the semester off but since starting lithium I have had neither hallucinations not nor any depression since.

Mental illness can set in, and usually does set in during the mid 20s. I was already a doctoral student when I developed it. It's not a New plot, my family has a history going back generations but none of them were unsuccessful people. My grandfather won a purple heart for taking shrapnel while pulling his friend out of a ditch in WWII, my uncle is an electrical engineer and my mom is a school principal - all diagnosed bi-polar but you would never know because we all take a pill twice a day.

>not having paranoid schizophrenia

>ethnic and social cleansings
Just the elimination of the physically and mentally unsound. That leaves all the bright, strong, normal people to live in peace away from freaks who needs to go on crusades and terrorize everyday

>since starting lithium
This has been suggested here before. How do you get it?

correcting obvious mistakes does not validate your argument.

wanting to live in peace is not psychotic, but having paranoid fantasies about murdering all, even slightly, mentally ill people, certainly is fucking psychotic.

all villains can rationalize their behaviour, your rationalize your sick mind for the greater good, for a peaceful world.

this is exactly the oversimplifying, dogmatic mind that is the true problem with the human race.

take away mental illness, take away the depressives and bipolar, you also take away the best people in the world, the most creative types, the most driven CEOs, fearless leaders (thomas jefferson, abe lincoln, both depressives, you numbskulled fuck)


>the best people in the world, the most creative types, the most driven CEOs, fearless leaders

>starving artists
>power hungry sharks
>real psychotic murders
>the best people in the world

I avoid people who need them in my personal life. I see enough of them at work. As an attorney I get to see an uncomfortable amount of Bipolar people and Schizophrenics.

And let me tell you, Bipolar and Schizophrenic people are the absolute worst. They'll be totally cool and nice, but then forget their meds by total accident one time, and then bam, complete fucking life-destroying meltdown.

Bipolar is kinda wacky. Normally, they might do a great job. But then, something goes wrong with the meds and they go on a month long depressive streak where they stop taking meds altogether, never do their job, and lash out at everyone and everything in their life and basically ruin everything for everyone they are in contact with. For most, the manic side isn't so bad. After all, extreme productivity is hard to sell as a downside. The problem is they burn out eventually, and often neglect everything outside of what narrow thing they're manically obsessing over. Also, you'll get the odd one where going manic means they spend a straight month of doing hard drugs and buying stuff at random claiming to anyone who will listen that they're going to start an ebay store.

Why knowingly associate with someone who is a timebomb like that? I've seen what happens to their lives. I've tried to put together the pieces.

Schizophrenia is more unpredictable. With bipolar you know what you're getting. You're either getting the sad/angry sack of shit or the happy/frantic obsession or splurging. Schizophrenic is a diceroll, a scary fucking diceroll. It's not uncommon for them to hurt themselves or others. I had a schizophrenic client just suddenly, in the middle of a conversation, start answering questions different than what I was asking, then start yelling at me for not helping them (I was booking them a hotel by theyir request, because they got kicked out of the one they were in before), then literally sprint away screaming.

Have bi-polar and get diagnosed by a psychiatrist? It does nothing unless you have bi-polar or schizophrenia because it helps stabilize mood from going too high or low. I take Effexor too. It's also a pain in the ass because you have to get blood work done every 6mo-1yr to check for toxicity and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and can still have shitty side effects. I have a very mild occasional tremor, for example.

If you think you have depression, lithium is not the thing to look into.

You sum it up quite nicely. I especially like the detail where they """accidentally""" forget their meds. Truly beings like this are unfit to live. Their existence is proof of humanities compassion

Severe anxiety. Just as bad as mild schizophrenia I guess.

>wants to gas all people who have mental disorders
>the depressed people go along with this because they literally want to die

Nah, I haven't forgotten to take my meds in 5 years because bi-polar is a fucking nightmare and I don't want to experience that shit ever again.

What do you think? Why do you think all of these new "mental diseses" keep getting "discovered?" Sure there are the crazys, but these days doctors dish out a diagnosis and meds to perfectly sane people who have "trouble coping etc..."

I don't buy half of this shit. If the jew driven liberals stop trying to force us into cuckoldry i guarantee you there will be less "mentaly ill" people.

Oh and remeber , scince most on this board are not following the heard, we're probably "mentally ill" when it comes to the commies that rule us.


>Anybody with me in gassing the mentally and physically handicapped with me
> Anyone who needs medication to function in society, does not function well enough to exist in new reich.
>is OP
>is a flaming autistic faggot
Hypocrite much, OP?
So if I read it correctly, anyone that ever have used or need medicine should die.
>the entire human race.
>inb4 I just pretended to be retarded.

>we're probably "mentally ill" when it comes to the commies that rule us.

most people here are mentally ill according to verifiable and certified trump-supporting doctor diagnosis.

I imagine it's pretty lonely and frightening to suffer with it. I had a friend who I thought was a fellow alex Jones fan. Turns out she was completely schizoid. Damn shame, I thought I was in there
Why can't they find a cure?

>anyone that ever have used or need medicine should die.

no, you triggered retard. Only people who require medication to be a functional member of society.

>i'm mentally sound
>not a single thing wrong with me
>but mental illness won't let me
Opinion discarded.

When i start speaking about how jews are behind everything - everyone thinks i'm insane...

>triggered retarded
>can't see the difference between triggered or a person that's mocking you.

Check with a doctor.