Who here actually voted for Trump? What state?

Who here actually voted for Trump? What state?

I'd bet 90% of Sup Forums voted for Trump. Do you know where you are nigger?
- Michigan

The drone is already on it's way OP





me texas


Texas. I voted Trump, of course.

I'm sure most of Sup Forums that could did.

I did


Massachusetts even though I knew it was useless

Absentee votes to 16 states. Eat shit


I voted. Kc missouri


Me and most of my senpai, KY

Me. North Carolina.

You're welcome.

Grindhouse Thanksgiving Trailer

Me and in CA. 33% representing!

New York. Birthplace of the God-Emperor!

San Diego CA maga on you bitches

I did
Ohio here

i voted trump, i live in new york city, and every time i tell somebody who i voted for they respond with disgusted silence

except for my immigrant coworkers, who also voted trump

Florida. A crab told me to.

I forget the number, but I was something like the 30th voter of the day. Why?

Hold on, OP, what the FUCK IS THAT

IL here.

It's pointless to vote in a guaranteed state like mine, but then again, that's what they said for Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.

People like you are why Hillary won the popular vote. Way to give them ammunition.
Massachusetts here. Wife and I both voted Trump.


i voted for comet ping pong

good eating

I did, and thank god he took PA.


What is she stuffed with?

I voted for trump four different times to un-rig the election.

WTF is the source of this pic?

Alt right really is degenerate. And you all keep on like you're having tea and biscuits.

>being that accustomed to filthy degeneracy

I Made America Great Again on November 8th. -Franklin County New York

Virginia, hid my power level amoungst degenerates but voted Trump.
Also it's fucked that OPs pic makes me hungry.

Sorry, I meant to say I voted. pls dont bully :(

GA checking in

libera et impera

Illinois Trump voter here. Please nuke Chicongo.

I sure did here in New Jersey

I decided not to vote. Deep blue state and I just didn't feel like it. I'm fine with the outcome anyway.

Upstate NY even though my county went blue.

From only the most Republican district in the country

Never make your image more interesting than your topic

People are fucking weird.

shill. you'll be executed for not supporting trump.

I did. PA


Me too senpai

Arkansas, Jill Stein


Fuck off we're full.

Actually, they have that argument due to all the illegals and dead votes.

New York
>tfw the eastern half of your shitty island finally went red for the first time since 92

Shut up the east end of the island is nice. At least the north fork anyway. Although it's not as nice as it used to be.

Santa Clara, California here.
Trump. Because fuck your feelings.

Philly here also. Far northeast. First time I ever voted. Huge party at night. One of the best two days of my life.

>at night

That night*

I voted for Trump, live in CT so it was useless but oh well

I'm also an upper middle class Jewish Ultra-Zionist who hates muslims and minorities. It's why I supported Trump.

Can we talk about the image please iml ike a 10/10 inerested.

Minnesota here, shocked it was so close

Florida Trump voter checking in, senpai.

I kinda supported him, but not that passionately or anything. I guess I'm happy that we won't have to waste any time with retarded gun control debates for 4-8 years, and other liberal issues.

Iowan Corn Nigga right nygeah

Voted for Trump, Baltimore MD. This city is a shithole for the most part. State always goes Dem

i voted trump.
queens, ny

>north fork
poor detected


I live in a state full of illegals, hispanics and liberal white cucks.

It's a pretty expensive place to live compared to most of the country, which is part of the reason I don't live there anymore. It's still objectively better than most of the south fork, whether you're talking about the trashy areas or the fake rich areas. South fork only gets points for having rather nice beaches compared to most of the world.

>posting tiny baby image for ants
C'mon son, everything is bigger in Texas.

818 Reportin' IIIIIIINN

Who else saw a SHIT TON of mexicans on the 8th?

Indiana, the first red state to be called.

>Who else saw a SHIT TON of mexicans on the 8th?

yeah, i saw a ton of Latinos voting that day. none of them were asked for identification and i'm pretty sure almost all of them didn't vote Trump. the only Latinos i know personally that voted Trump are law enforcement.


PA, the greatest state in the union.

forgot pic

Don't say that. PA is awful. It's the worst state in the union, and it's also it's already full.

god bless PA. home of the based Amish.

Texas (moved here from SoCal). Voted for Hillary and so did all of my family and friends. In fact I don't know anyone who actually voted for Drumpf in real life.

That's some ted bunny style shit man

I got assigned to this one little park by where I live, and there was almost no verification process involved. They didn't even ask for your name when they crossed you off the list after you sign. They just leave the book open at the door, you find a random fucking name if you want, and put a signature and vote. Fucking incompetent libshit High Schoolers running the show.

South Carolina

>tfw my area mostly voted for hilldog

>Burger on Holiday
Inclined to believe you. Thanks for the laffs.


North Cackalacky


I'd like to vacation in Finland to see what it's really like, ideally like when it's night time all day long, since that doesn't happen at my lattitude.

You are clearly not from texas. Go back to finland or KYS.

I voted for Trump, and Florida unfortunately.

Of course i voted for him first time i ever voted too.

Finland is a shining example of how a predominantly liberal society can succeed if they maintain cultural and ethnic homogeny. Most economically stable nation in the world, and with the most promiscuous women too. Interesting mix right there.


SoCal, 805

Norcal reporting in
>hurr enjoy your shithole
200+ miles north of the bay area is pretty nice

'sup Jefferson

>poor detected

bro the north fork is the only decent place to live on long island nowadays, (((they))) have completely taken over the hamptons

Sup ventura

that's fucking insane, man. that is the kind of shit i'm hoping will change because we got real balls in government now. i'm just hoping Kalifornia doesn't cuck us all permanently while trying to turn itself into a "sanctuary state".

Masshole who did his part here. Too bad this state is cucked beyond belief. I think we were the only state where all counties went blue.

Sauce Faggot

Anybody /Ferndale/ here?

AR and on Sup Forums

Who do YOU think I voted for.