Degeneracy Thread

How about a degeneracy thread? Basically anything in this thread it is considered degenerate to own/have/wear.

Let's start it off with the obvious.

Another crowd favorite.

>the fedora

>he has gauges, omg what a bad ass!

smoking is last implicit stand of white identity

>being a male and having shit on your jeans

>wearing jewelry as a man

Posting slide threads is the purest form of degeneracy

aiding pedophiles is way up there too.

plus you smoke! not looking good for you OP

>screaming to the world "im fucking gay, I like things in my mouth"

>he uses an Apple product
fucking pathetic

>i only drink IPA's! I swear this fedora makes it taste even better!

>actually owning the worst possible dog

>i was pregnant at the age of 16

>i wear them because they're comfy, not because i'm a faggot

>problem glasses
automatic hint they're either a SJW cunt or a hipster

>be male
>own a cat
You're pretty much as beta as it gets.

>it helps make sure I don't get robbed!

>i pay for overpriced piss water
>drinking caffeine at all

>wearing shorts in the winter
A sign you're a fucking loser with no friends?


>wearing a sports jersey outside of a stadium or home environment
You're probably inbred!

I'm all out.