Michigan Recount: Over 1/2 of Hillary Clinton’s Detroit Vote Faces Disqualification

Michigan Recount: Over 1/2 of Hillary Clinton’s Detroit Vote Faces Disqualification
Michigan votes in areas that voted for Hillary Clinton have been inflated due to worker error disqualifying recounts under state law.
>Michigan officials say they can not reconcile vote counts in 610 of 1,680 precincts, or 59% of the precincts, in Michigan’s largest county , Wayne County, which Hillary won by a margin of 2 to 1 over Donald Trump because the original vote counts in the poll books do not match the number of votes in the machine printout reports.
>Specifically, the number of votes recorded by the voting machines were higher than the number of voters that were logged into to vote in these precincts.
>The news comes as Hillary Clinton lost 32,423 votes in day 5 of the Wisconsin recount which are now showing anomalies that may indicate absentee ballot fraud in Milwaukee.
>In many cases Canvassers say there were aware of the discrepancies in the original vote counts but gave no explanation for the why counts did not match up but certified the original election counts anyway.
>Now officials are mainly blaming the discrepancy on jams in the optical ballots in the scanners which forced workers to run the same ballots through the machines more than once.


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>To prevent a ballot scanned multiple times from being counted as more than one vote poll workers were supposed to adjust the machine counters but officials stated the workers failed to do so in many cases.
>They also state in more rare cases there could have been issues with people not having identification being manually placed in boxes or rare human errors such as sealing the wrong number of votes for certification due to transposing numbers.
>Michigan state law requires precincts which poll books don’t match to be excluded from the recount and if the recount results can’t be certified, which requires reconciliation of the counts, the original certified results stand.
>Issues due to human error, such as sealing the wrong number of votes in the original certification should be easily reconciled during a hand recount but in the precincts in question they are unable to reconcile the votes.
>The discrepancy was only uncovered yesterday after an Obama appointed judge issued a midnight ruling ordering a hand recount in Michigan on Sunday.
>Despite state law requiring the votes be disqualified election officials are fighting to keep the counts included and believe that not all of the 392 precincts will be excluded from the final recount.
>There are also discrepancies in other counties Clinton carried but they are not as widespread as Detroit


>Clinton carried Genesee County, which includes Flint, where so far 13 of 222 precincts are reported with invalid results but officials certified the results there as well.
>Officials in Ingham reported six of their 30 precincts from Lansing including a ballot box with a hole in it which could have been used to slip in fraudulent ballots or remove legitimate ones.
>Votes in Rochester Hills precinct 11 in Oakland county have been disqualified after more ballots were found in the machine logs than were actually in the ballot box. Workers could offer no explanation other than it didn’t match in the original certified results and it doesn’t match now before conceding that the precinct is not recountable.

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>Now officials are mainly blaming the discrepancy on jams in the optical ballots in the scanners which forced workers to run the same ballots through the machines more than once

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>demand recount
>expose your own vote fraud

did jill stein just take a shit ton of money from lib activists and then proceed to expose attempted election fraud?

Like I've been telling you idiots, Stein is doing the recount to catch the Hillary campaign cheating. It's payback.

Which is why you should support it.

wtf americans, even those unintentional miscountings like problems with scanning machines etc. is 3rd world tier

They exist in most places, first world countries in particular. That's where (((they))) have the most to gain/lose.

We know. Pretty much every American invested in current events enough to be eating time here knows. Not really able to affect it much though, especially if you don't live in the affected states.

Blame the dems for it


Any secondary sources? No offense, but I think I'd trust a site called "Higgins News Network" just as much as "Clinton News Network".

Is anybody going to JAIL for this? The lugenpresse has been screaming election fraud doesnt exist forever. They need to be taught a lesson.

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These systems are intentionally added to the processes to maintain plausible deniability, nothing more

What was the net loss of votes for shillary?

No silly, DEMOCRAT election fraud doesn't exist, that's what CNN had already proved. REPUBLICANS are getting PUTIN to hack them. I repeat: The voting machines are only susceptible to fraud from REPUBLICANS. It's almost like you don't watch NBC or something...

Judge lifted the TRO recount is over

Could it be... that Jill Stein knew this?

Because here's what I didn't understand:

Jill Stein said Hillary was worse than Trump... so why would she care about vote recounts to help Hillary win? Unless, this was her way of exposing voter fraud.


She could just be a typical fucking kike trying to get donations to put in her pocketbook.

But makes ya think.

by how much?

>forced workers to run the same ballots through the machines more than once.

which isn't even possible, I hope someone goes to jail over this

the DNC people handling voting in these areas committed big time fraud thinking it would help them instead of hurt them, now all those black neighborhoods that voted for Trump think all their neighbors are gay

thanks democrats

>by how much?

by 100%, turns out no black people voted for Clinton at all

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I love this timeline

Ever 24 hours in the past 2 week period I have flipped-flopped between thinking Jill Stein is the biggest lib troll ever or the biggest Hill shill ever

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>real sources


I think it was a little from column a, a little from column b.

>"You're telling me I can make money AND show up Hillary's vote fraud?"
>hand-rubbing intensifies

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I also like to get myself some of that jewish conspiracy

Not from Detroiterstan but this seems legit.


>Now officials are mainly blaming the discrepancy on jams in the optical ballots in the scanners which forced workers to run the same ballots through the machines more than once.




W-wait, no! It was supposed to go the other way!


by the way, i'm waiting for an excuse from you guys. i remember when i posted before the election some american angrily replied to me that russia is responsible for trump going down with those hacks and shit, for discrediting the elections and the campaign. but it turns out russia was actually beneficial


Maybe (((Stein))) has been playing 6-gorillionD tiddlywinks this whole time.

best timeline

It's fucking Detroit, it's 4th world tier.

Trump was right, I don't know what to do with all of this winning. Jesus Christ.
How is this even reality? Its like we're living in the Matrix and we all just discovered the source.

Detroit isn't a part of america fuck off

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>fbi conspired to help her
i dunno about that one

>>demand recount
>>expose your own vote fraud
You can't write shit this funny. It's like the writers of Scooby Doo suddenly started scripting reality.

what, you never had a machine jam on you 30,000 times in one night?

That is clear evidence of voter fraud

who the fuck is in charge of going after this?

>Dem fraud!
>Repub fraud!
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>Dem fraud, FIRE!