Media and occultists are paying attention

Thoth is being memed into our reality.
Kek wills it.

Isn't Thoth a greater diety than Kek


we love all gods

must all four letters creat a word for thoth cause bruh if not you got ale in your shit bruh.

The Gods are all equal, they just control different domains of existence.

Dear ameriburgers,

The gods did not die with the advent of xtianity.

What you embrace now - Kek, Thoth, etc - is just a natural process of recovery from religious shoah. Remember, all abrahamic were jewish and Jesus himself was a Jew.

The true White Man's religion was never ((((((globalist))))))) ((((((jewish-born))))))), but it had many entities in which one could pray to.

is a god's power directly related to how we meme him into existence?
seriously curious

This is some autistic shit

According to the Egyptians, yes. But at the same time Thoth was Ra's bitch.

Thoth is based.

We must meme Amun Ra into awakening, he is the supreme god, even above Kek himself.

If you choose to act for the sole purpose of spreading His/Her influence, no.

The Sun is the highest of the Gods, a servant of the ((((GOD)))).

There is a book called American Gods by Neil Gaiman that people here might like.

Yes, yes they are watching...

Nigga that sounds like some Akhenaten heretic shit

Yes - he is the god of writing (memes) and magic, among other things.

I thot this was a meme.
Truly one could not be capable of sheerly using natural thot and willpower to summon an ancient Egyptian bird God of magic in such a thotful way. You would be trying to transgress against the disorder of chaos, something not impossible or capable through typical human thot processes.
I for one wish to entertain the thot for less than morally superior reasoning.

Pray to Amun-Ra and all shall come true

well if so than jesus and allah must be way more powerful than a couple of Egyptians you guys are trying to resurrect.

This thread is epic for the win.

be blessed by the Gods

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even those of you that follow jewish shoahs = JUDAISM, XTIANITY, ISHITSLAM

praise skeltal
burn niggers

I pledge my loyalty to Kek and only to Kek.

What if we aren't the ones doing the waking? What if a different God woke up Kek and Thoth and we just didn't realize they were already here.

Let me tell you something OP, you little shit. I'm better than you. You couldn't handle what I go through in my day to day life.

Thothfags begone! Sup Forums is the domain of Kek.

this is the domain of Kek

even tho Kek is not handing out the gets like he does sometimes...the Thothfags are still fags.

I refuse to worship a deity that doesn't have a theme song. If Thoth is real, his messengers will give us a sign.

No. Kek is a primordial god. He is at a higher level in a sense. Kek plays a more fundamental underlying role in everything