Typical Sup Forums poster

>typical Sup Forums poster

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Which irrelevant insurgent-ridden plantain-producing cartel-infested South American country are you from?

>typical Sup Forums poster

Literally r/the_donald


Is this a prime example of the master race?

Why did you two rip off of Colombia's flag? Be original for once

>typical Sup Forums poster

>typical internet community member


This is the equivalent of the white nationalist larpers that shitpost online and actually think their doing something. If you call them out on their idiocy they can only retort with "antifa" or "cuck" or some other insult, their the equivalent of the rights version of SJW's but far more toxic in their own manner

This is what a typical Sup Forums poster should look like.

If you don't either unfuck your shit or leave.

Oh fuck how did you find my Twitter profile?

Not into hair gel.

I wish I wasn't ugly

Nice thread, let's post all that we;ve got.

Holy shit what a badass


Me too user.

An actor from a Spielberg fairytale? Come on now m8 I like the aesthetic but you are wheezing through the land of make-believe. Want an orange? I think they are from Jaffa....


>not fat
>prescription glasses
>no compensation facial hair
looks ok to me

i see now

this fat country fuck

jesus christ Sup Forums what have you done

>wearing a collard shirt
Sign of an autist with bad breath.

Ok Timmy, what's your point?

..tugged the bin liner from your basement window?

Just look unfucked, fit and clean.

what is a brit doing in taiwan?

Fatties don't have points they have rolls and blech polishing waiting for them Friday afternoon.

if he were of good stock I'd have his babies

Looking good and anything I can afford which is quite a bit.

It's funny because super strong white guys are the least racist people. It's usually fat/ugly/short guys who are racist white nationalists because white girls prefer black dudes over them and it makes them insecure.

How the fuck do you have internet?
and why haven't been starved out yet by your shitty socialism?

Every group has uggos, but for the Sup Forums MAGA crowd, it's kinda pathetic because they purport to be alpha males.

gap year or retired ladyboy hunter?

Looks like Adam Lanza. Also Sandy Hook was a false flag and never really happened.

Well meme'd friend

based fucking jimmy

who do you think rolls the nickels?

typical Ecuadorian

nice stock photos

i make more than you


kek! This. I used to play on a travel ball team back when i was a healthy young athlete. All the white guys with blonde hair and blue eyes (also being on average taller than six feet and really fit) were chill af with minorities. Of course no one was politically correct (like SJW's) but no one reached the levels of Sup Forums incorrectness. This is why i don't take Sup Forums seriously 99% of the time.

Do you honestly believe this?

he's kinda cute in a beanpole moot dimension.

>Also Sandy Hook was a false flag and never really happened.

gna need to see some proof

moot had outstanding facial aesthetics though

Two can play the cherry picking game my dude

haven't this autistic faggot killed himself after "supposedly" killing kids in a school ?

Reunion with an old friend who works here.

your average turk

Is that slightly older dylan the hacker kid from Sup Forums who almost took down the hacker known as Sup Forums?

sigh yeah what I wouldn't give for some nudes of moot

there's already a thread dedicated to that tinfoil hat lunacy.

Perhaps this is a minority opinion, but I rather think it's good to have people like that shitposting on Sup Forums. Those people have value, but have been historically marginalized, and indeed are so attacked in our contemporary society that many resort to NEETdom. But what we do is utilize their unique intelligence and talents, giving them the drive they need to impact the real world. When they leak out of here onto twatter and failbook, nobody really knows who they are. So they are forced to confront their naked ideas instead. Those ideas are strong, even if the individuals spreading them may be easy to criticize over personal flaws. It's got an element of intellectual purity that's kind of beautiful.

>stereotypical Sup Forums appearance
>Sup Forums memes
Totally an average Sup Forums user tho

It's not you make it's what you are worth m8. So i can safely say that fiscal drudgery is your personal sticky wicket.

You are deluded and it reeks of grimy desperation.

>getting paid handsomely to do something you would do for free
>fiscal drudgery
end yourself

At least now he listens to good synth music instead of shit-tier country wailing about muh trucks and muh gurl.


Get your fitness sorted and you'll be confident and it shan't matter one bit.

real ones.
>tfw no moot bf

kek you're so gay.

your average costa rican

working on it. Lifting 6x a week

>Legal disclaimer: there is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish

How droll another struggling code monkey saving his shekels for a rainy day. Good luck!

I'll shoe you mine if you show me yours.

That's too much.


>Be rich, strong, good-looking, intelligent white male..
>Still offered scholarships, because you are the top of your group.
>Still get paid high salary.
>Still very successful with women.
>Have an amazing life.
>Get told "white people live really comfortably because of racism."
>Look at their lives... story checks out, I have it breddy gud.

>Be poor, ugly, short, average iq, autistic white.
>Be discriminated against for the way you look/sound.
>Always get the shit end of the deal.
>Watch minorities who score lower than you, but grow up in richer families, get scholarships because "muh racism."
>Watch minorities who perform worse than you and don't work as hard get promoted ahead of you because "muh diversity."
>Turn on the tv and get told "white people all have great lives, and they only have what they have because they are racist. it's so much harder being black!"
>Look around at your miserable life; ... "something aint right here."
>Figure out that actually the left just hate beta-white males with a passion, and don't give a fuck about this "equality," bullshit.

What we are being introduced to here is a sick, twisted form of communism, where the left block everyone into racial groups/genders, and demand that on average these groups perform the same.

If you are at the top of your group anyway, it makes barely any difference. So of course you aren't going to give that much of a shit about it, and you will say all the right things in public.

I misread, I though he said:

Who Controls the Jimmies, Controls the Rustings.

Is it? I never had a problem with it

Holy shit this is fucking disgusting. WHAT THE FUCK

I can't see anything wrong.

Damn, too many normals

>unmutilated penis

why are all the women 4/10s? REEEEEE!

who is the girl that's doing the jew hand rubbing?

I don't know but now that you made me look, I can't figure out how that reflection with those angles is physically possible.

she was a russian girl

that image is like 3 years old but I remember her streaming herself and talking about Sup Forums, good times.

Eventually Sup Forums harassed her until she stopped.

>code monkey
i don't code though.
you might be projecting