Do most scientists seriously believe that all human beings on earth are the same...

Do most scientists seriously believe that all human beings on earth are the same, or are my professors just fucking with me?

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>most scientists seriously believe
no, but they are paid to

I'm sure most anthropologists would disagree with everyone being the same because they know very well that there are different skull shapes and cranial capacities to this very day.

My anthropology professor tried her hardest to make it seem like everyone was the same but failed.

Would you suppress the truth and lie about your beliefs to secure a more prosperous future for yourself?

Most people would. And that's exactly what scientists are doing so that their careers don't fall down a cliff.

Ask what a neuroscientist thinks? Actually funny since I know a neuroscientists and he himself said that skull size was a good measurement of intelligence. But skull measuring is an outdated science since racist practiced it in the 1850's or whatever

these are actually the same desu

They are all the same species, but there are clear biological evolutionary differences from tens of thousands of years of being in separated isolated populations.

Asians, Blacks and Europeans are just obviously different. There is certainly a lot of other races (like Arabs and Indians), but even native americans are mostly Asians.

It's certainly changed up with colonization and shit, but races do exist.

I just don't understand why we're never allowed to talk about it. Science classes can't talk about human differences to any reasonable level. And every other scientific forum on the internet deletes/bans anything having to do with human difference. Even /sci/ does

Yeah... just blame it on racism

'The Blank Slate' is the left's version of creationism.


> every race is the same
> these tigers are a different sub-species because the stripes are slightly different
> these fish are different species because slightly different bone structures
> these trees are totally different because one has slightly longer needles on it
> all humans are the species tho


They just want money from non-whites.

>Anthropologists can determine the gender and race (negroid,caucasoid, mongoloid) by the skull

>Race is just skin deep
>There are no differences between the sexes


The problem is that by not talking about it, doctors treat everyone equally.
But blacks have a higher chance of getting one chronic disease than Asians and vice versa. They have different diets, and different metabolism. These things should be studied for healthcare at the least.

It's hard to just generalize race with a broad brush though, since everything mixed up a lot in the last 500+ years.

They're lying to you to keep their jobs.

Ask them how forensic techs can determine race and gender from bones if everybody is the same.

they've conflated the idea that the law should treat all humans as equal with all humans being the same.

A shitzhu and a German Shepherd are exactly the same. Neither dog has any advantage over the other

>same species

Race evolution a hell of a book

what makes me feel bad is that i can see with my own eyes differences in human beings yet people will call me uneducated and unscientific for pointing out that maybe evolution has effected humans differently depending on where they evolved. it makes me feel like i'm crazy. they claim that scientists actually know more than me and thus i have no authority to dispute them.

My nephews school (who is 10) had him draw each civilisation in the world based on what they had been reading and learning during 2016 about different cultures.

>European civilisation
Bunch of castles, boats
>Asian civilisation
Bunch of temples/shrines, walls
>African civilisation
Skyscrapers, cities

I bursted out in laughter when I seen it, my nephew said he wants to visit Africa some day.

>most scientists
only a handful of "social scientist" anthropologists even look into this stuff. Molecular biologists looking into this stuff have largely been blacklisted for making any social claims outside of empirical data that shows they are different subspecies. It's a really touchy subject and no one in the science community is willing to forfeit their grants and jobs to (((them))) who disagree.

I got redpilled as a teenager by going on white supremacist sites and looking at racial anthropology. I hated the cringeworthy, schizophrenic stormcucks but seeing human diversity and different racial types dispelled any future globalist programming.

It is entirely normal for society to have a silly belief in something.
In our society, the silly belief that you must not question is racial equality.

I am sure you will find equivalents in any society you look in.
When has a society even been 100% right on everything?

We don't quite live in an age of enlightenment. Most of the scientists you see are not men like Galileo or Darwin, calling it as they see it. They are sheep promoting the ideology they have been taught. And they are spineless.

In Italy I know medics studies them. One of My friend is a neurologist and got a prize from the state for his research on different forms of Alzheimer in races.

Have you ever had conversations with real scientists on this topic?

Every single one of them, if you get them drunk enough, will start to spill the beans. Their autistic nature and conditioning to keep their position starts to vanish after just a few beers. Older tenured professors are extremely "redpilled" depending on which department you visit.

Any engineering college is full of old, angry, mostly white or slav professors.

pretty much this, besides, any study that says men are better than women or whites are better than niggers literally won't get published anywhere

In high school I learned about sickle cell disease and how it appears much more often in some populations. I think the carrier gene is found in some regions of Africa in as high as 40% of the population. Doctors definitely take things like this into account. In fact, Israel offers free genetic counseling to test for things like Tay-Sachs disease and other issues common in European Jews.

Welcome to the Kali Yuga, brah.

lol my anthropology teacher told us that their was no difference in cranial capacity by race. I had her for my lab class and she taught us how to identify a persons gender and race by skull structure. Small cranium capacity and other smaller features in the skull allowed police to identify the skull as that of a latin woman who had been shot in the forehead. She brought the skull to school for us to see, it was pretty cool.

As much as donkeys and horses.

>ashkenazi jews

Because facts lead to racism


Also ashkenazi jews are literally just eastern europeans that converted long after christ. look up the khazar empire

Is there any truth to the Khazarian Mafia conspiracy theory?

you're nephew is a stupid fucker if hes 10 and thinks that

They're descended largely from Southern Europeans. Not too different from Italians genetically.

No, thats all bullshit started by conspitard christcucks. Jews are just greedy and selfish pieces of shit, they arent satanists or trying to genocide whites

If this thread were a book:

I can barely get through this book its a hell of a redpill I think its one of the finale one s to sallow

Saying different is like saying a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd are the same.

When a politically correct leftist accuses someone on the right of 'denying science' just give a copy them this book.

Because part of the communist state they are trying to shove down our throats is universal egalitarianism: Everyone must be equal. Race and sex are merely 'social constructs' that can be changed or eliminated by different socialization. This is all patently false and does not hold up to even the most cursory examination of facts. But as we know facts are easily ignored and dismissed when they don't suit (((the narrative)))


Have YOU been to the holy lands? No? Ok then, you don't really know.

Anyone in biology knows what's up, but social scientists are the ones that push no racial differences.

This can't really be investigated seriously right now. You'd fuck up your career if it's approached directly. It can only be done in a round-about way, like trying to research what medical issues are unique to a certain ethnicities, etc.

Here's an interesting article about the politics involved:

Cultural Marxist ideology is rooted in such a ferocious denial of biology that whenever I hear a left accuse Republicans of 'denying science' I have to laugh out loud.

If Neanderthals were alive today, they would be described as a different race

If Aboriginals were extinct, they would be described as a different species

If Neanderthals were alive today the left would be demanding they receive affirmative action and busing their kids into our schools.

Pretty much what I thought.

>are the same
>Have to same potential at all things

There's a difference here, and the devil's in the details, as they say. Academia has been on a downward spiral since the 40s/50s; when we abandoned plain observable science in lieu of inclusive possibilities and multiculti rhetoric.

The march on the institutions was multifaceted, subversive, and turned real educative endeavors on their collective heads.

I'm not saying that science cannot improve itself through discoveries, or better processes. I'm not saying there weren't quacks of all sorts in various fields of study prior to the 50s. It's just that at around that point in history, journals and research papers started forming a standard that seemed to be vetted with an all-encompassing agenda - like putting potato chips through the same machine to develop a likeness for an end result.

A thread on this last night pointed out that the IQ designation for retardation was lowered from 85 to a range of 70-75. This was changed because when compared to disparate groups of ethnic peoples, correlations were astounding. It drove home the point that, irrespective of potential, there's a recognizable pattern observed that is not only damning for those groups, but indicative of a greater issue at hand:
That the USAs inherited multicultural populace, even back then, was staring down the barrel of a slow and steady decline in cognitive aptitude, and a potential breeding ground for a controllable populace/workforce; dare I say, a permanent underclass.

When the government gets their hands on that sort of information, they make ready use of it.


I think its called cognitive dissonance

>Do most scientists seriously believe that all human beings on earth are the same, or are my professors just fucking with me?
No, but they don't want to get fucked hard by the establishmet, just like that old nobel prize winning guy that spoke up against this.

And since no scientist does the leftist non ironically believe its just outdated pseudoscience from the 1880 or something. But almost every single one of them believes in evolution, which is weird since they are basically creationists.

Knew a leftist that according to himself had mensa level iq. He said that all scientists agreed that race didn't exist at all. I asked him what would happen if some one stepped out of line and he just starts to stutter.