Why do you hate femboys Sup Forums ?

Why do you hate femboys Sup Forums ?

Why do I hate you?

I'm a fan of them tbph

If I was a mod I would cleanse you from this board permanently for making such a garbage thread. After that would be the obligatory day of the rake where all Canadians are gone forever.

I don't hate them I pity them because they will never be happy and continue to live a lie

I feel worse for the kid that has to sit in that car seat.

Make this kiwi a mod pls

You mean fuckboy trash that goes into the oven?

I'm a fan of boipucci and I'm not even gay. 2016 put it on the menu for me.

Too feminized. I'm attracted to more developed female faces, not infantile ones.

>tfw no qt femboy with feminine penis
why even live?

tfw I know the person in this photo


>tfw you realize tfw is an anogram of wtf

Based sheepfucker

also is she gay? or can I get my hopes up

>hate femboys

come out of that closet, jakey... here's a good boy

Sup Forums is so fucking gay these days jesus christ

Are you upset?

Fuck off back to \b\ op

>gay these days jesus christ

mfw people actually find this faggot attractive

Trying to trick straight males into lusting after you is a disgusting thing to do.

The only possible difference is chubbiness. What you mean is that you're more attracted to manly faces.

>never watched a single BJ fap flick
she's a 6/10... and even that's on a burger trap scale (cut cock -- APSS)

...despite thus, she's still much more hittable than 90% of vanilla sarlaccs... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Listen if you want to suck a dick, that's your problem, but don't pretend you're not gay



how's that bag of beans drumpf gave you for your vote going there, onan...?


>has zero attraction whatsoever to the male form

if you mean "gay" / happy / joyful, then you're right on the mark -- traps tend to have that effect...


That's a woman with a strapon though.

and that's somehow less "gay", right...?

"male form"


Let me explain it to you in technical terms:

Jokes on you Ahmed.I Iove femboys.

Oh shit I responded to an aussie.
I said nothing, move along mate.

> why do you hate leper?
Do I? Would you fuck off with your crisis invention, anglo?

I dont. I love them. When my GF wont fuck me I can count on a cute twink to drain my balls, instead.

At least the woman has the right chromosmes and vagina, so yes.

I hate him for his shitty music tastes desu baka famalam desu senpai



objectively yes

Because they're varely human. Their entire life is contructed around the idea of pleasing libido.
Name ONE femboy who isn't an under-achieved piece of shit.
But I would probably still fuck one if he looks like this

That's not a femboy, is it? That's just a girl with short hair.

10/10 post m8, i cant make you a mod but ill ship you a 10/10 kiwi gf

>white bois

who can tell anymore

I don't hate femboys that pass, aka traps. I do however hate sissies. It is not gay if it's a trap though.

>She is a 6/10 on burger trap scale
>she is much more hittable than 90% of vanilla sarlaccs
>auzzie can't into math


>she is much more hittable than 90% of vanilla sarlaccs
>auzzie can't into math
...are you really this incapable of understanding statistics? youre like black people who say the top 20% of blacks are smarter than 50% of whites, and act like thats something to be proud of

>States Baily is better than majority casual porn out there.
>Then blames others incapable of statistics

This is for you m8

good luck with the carp war

Like faggots who base their life around being gay, traps and femboys base their lives on being a hole to fuck.
They have no personal value beyond that

at some point you just give up, I guess.

i didnt say he is. im saying youre incapable of understanding statistics, even if those statistics are a crock of shit.

>Sup Forums would gas this

that's not very nice

wow 2 qt

Because then i'd be buying into the Big Book of Anglo Lies. Common Filth was right.

such passion

that's a real girl though

>It is not gay if it's a trap though.

Just come out of the closet already, Dorothy!

Aussies eternally claiming the shitposting crown on Sup Forums, you have my respects

you want to fuck a dude in the ass with a dick. That's gay.

>Maridah Cosplay Most beautiful cosplayer ever!

She's a girl you lier!


Sup Forums tier thread


why could I not be born a hot little bitch.
attention and money from being as such.