Only reason i haven't killed myself is because i don't have a gun

Only reason i haven't killed myself is because i don't have a gun.

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use helium, more painless. Come on over user, ghost life>flesh life

Want it be quick, not painless.

You literally just have to stop breathing, guns make a mess, take a cheap vodka bath.

join the greens user
theyll leach the life out of you and youll never notice

Body makes you breath even if you stop yourself.

Then jump off a bridge.

make sure to do a flip


gotta use nitrogen now because they've been spiking helium with enough oxygen so its no longer fatal

Listen to personal development audiobooks.

Then get a better body that isn't so terrible at dying, plenty of people have just stopped breathing, like I said, just take a bath filled with vodka.

Buy one faggot.

You want me to find you, rape you, then put a bullet in your head before i move onto your sister?


Do go out like a sissie, take out as many jewskies and abs as you can before your coparoos can give ya the hot nips.

Did you want one?

pentobarbitals have a higher success rate than firearm attempts. bonus: you don't leave a mess

I'm currently searching for a hookup

Suicide is for the weak, stop being a pussy

That's why we are against gun control.

the only reason i haven't killed myself is because I don't want to add to gun suicide statistics and make my family anti-gun

bro, you got all them poisonous animals. also dont you got large buildings or a bridge?

Why haven't you taped a plastic bag over your head yet.
>Just fall asleep, die.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Don't do it. Find help.

Please stop telling idiots how to kill themselves.

If they're too fucking stupid to even figure that one out for themselves, then they probably shouldn't be handling firearms or any kind of weaponry. An innocent bystander who isn't retarded might get hurt.

This thread is now dead.
Arise Doggo, its too late now.
This thread put to bed.

Shut the fuck up.

It's quicking the inevitable.
I've had ups and down all my life. Everyone on earth hates my race, even my own race doesn't acknowledge me.

I thought a lot about it lately. Like I'm only here for my mom. If my mom were to die I'd kill myself. Sucks but it's the truth. This life is difficult. But we have to keep going. There are brighter days ahead user.

join your military, once you are issued a gun and set to the firing range, pop yourself in the head.

Or Crash your car into the police station and run around in a circle with a knife, suicide by cops might work

How do you identify yourself racially?

Hah, not in Russia.

You have a purpose here

i have a purpose in your boipussy to!

That would be a dream come true is i joinned the military.
I would be happy with my life is that happened.

Abo mate. Not fully black, about 2% black, but I've grown up around them my whole life.

How so?

>tfw you dont die, just injure yourself y from many gunshot wounds

Someone post sad squished pepe. Thats my favorite.

no the real reason is this: You fear death more than you fear life.

Go fuck some hookers in Asia or Mexico and do a drug bend see if you want to die then or get HIV after than jump off a bridge.

Just take a loan out from a bank or get a credit card easy as shit

Listen from 1.48.50 on. The reason you are depressed is rooted in your inability to cope with the past and where you are right now. It is a chemical inbalance yes but the reason for that is your your mindset and self image. Only you can alter and shape that and the only tool for that is your intellect.
Once the puzzle pieces start to go together and you see the world as it is the notion of self destruction dissapears and you can accept gladly that life is suffering and has no meaning in itself but we have to give it ourselves. Like grater good, god and spirituality, family and your children... whatever is the reason for you.

There's nothing wrong with being aboriginal. You should move somewhere else where you are not discriminated against. look into your own heritage and embrace your own culture.

Just do the helicopter in front of a dingo. You'll be fine!

All these white knights.
Use a butter knife, Straya.

Bullshit, if you really wanted to die you'd be fucking dead, not shitposting on my damn board

you're smart enough to operate a computer and know they spike helium with oxygen to prevent suicide, you don't seem stupid, however you must have broken the law in some way that prevents you from joining armed forces since that's what you want to do, idk i guess if you fucked yourself out of the only career that'd make you happy then perhaps death is the better option than a life of sadness

if you were really motivated to kill yourself you wouldn't need a gun. Go see a doctor for some anti depressants, that will give you the energy and motivation to do it because that's all they do, they don't solve any of the problems that led to your depression.

thats weird.

on my timeline, you (or someone just like you) made this thread last week. you did get a gun, and you fucking livestreamed yourself.

long story short, you still failed. I'm pretty sure you're 85% paralyzed, but stable. i hope i don't have to tell you how to find the /gore/, it was huge for a couple days so it should still be around.

you couldn't even kill yourself with a gun, faggot. quit blaming your failures on anything other than your lack of drive to succeed. its not not having a gun, it's you!

if you weren't too much of a pussy to kill yourself you wouldn't be bitching about being such a bitch that you needed a gun to kill yourself. you'd be dead. so deal with it. like the rest of us.

drink bleach

The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is
Hold on guys, brb.

I wish I had a gun to shoot myself.


OPIE SAN DESU I SEE YOU ARE AUSSIEPOSTER. Just take all drunken nap outside I'm sure a deadly sneak or spider will come along and bite you. Or you can go swim around in the ocean while cutting yourself