Look at this fat retard. He's a failure at life and a hypocrite

Look at this fat retard. He's a failure at life and a hypocrite.

Does anyone here actually think that Sup Forums or the alt-right is anything but bullshit, satire, or memes?

This lying piece of shit literally embodies around 80% of you.

> visits a board that is 80% satire, bullshit and memes
> asks us if we realize we are 80% satire, bullshit and memes

Not me, my fellow white brother. Pure 1488% Bavarian Phenotype.

Want to discuss Evola and what we can do to help the movement design our ethnostate?

Its the nutshack

>he fell for the pol is satire meme
It used to be and then all the newfags from reddit and stormcunt thought we were being serious

>le Sup Forums is satire


Sup Forums has never been satire.

really? because ive been here since the beginning it most definitely was before stormweenies came along

stormfags were here before this board existed.

male, pale, and stale

So if it is 80% lies then you should ask yourself how many million times you allowed this kind of system to be created, that can elect presidents by pure lies. Well we all know media can lie both sides. Anyway listening to some people who don't argument and just praise themselves by shitting on others they don't like, well this is modern news, ain't it? Do i pick this lie or the other? Hmmm

Is this the minor alt-right personality photo thread?

Vox Day with his band.

And getting married.

And wearing a tutu.

And with the wife.

>Does anyone here actually think that Sup Forums or the alt-right is anything but bullshit, satire, or memes?

If you thought it was anything more than that you're the real retard here bub

>Look at this fat retard. He's a failure at life
He managed to get a wife. That's something what 90% Sup Forumstards will never achieve.

moot deleted the prior versions of Sup Forums because of their unironic racism.

mike peinovich is an imperfect man living in an imperfect world.

5 years ago Sup Forums was largely libertarian except for /k/. Remember this meme? of course you don't, you just recently hopped on the bandwagon

>i have a gun therefore i am conservative
Nice logic retard.

there was racism on Sup Forums since it started its always been an edgelord's hang out.

>niggerwalk le oldfag cred
>you just recently hopped on the bandwagon
try /n/, faggot

They are a republican board and always have been. You should know this by now

I was talking about Sup Forums in general, Sup Forums wasnt a board at the time

>this is how well-regulated militia looks like

I see your point but keep in mind most /k/fags are mostly just american civilians that own legal firearms and take "muh freedoms" very seriously

heh keep effortposting shillbots

> Sup Forums wasnt a board at the time
Yes and /new/ and /n/ before it were both always filled with stormfags and libertarians alike. It's not recent in the slightest.

>at first i was a /k/ protecting muh white town
>but then NRA introduced me to black /k/ friends
>now we together fight against Communism and i am angry about niggers fucking my daughters
Isn't it long overdue that well-regulated militia should rise? Is there anything left of marriage and culture to protect? So if muh freedoms is important then why do they always abandon the town once black people start multiplying? It surely can't be Communists who made all those babies.

> Antifa still shilling for Soros to try and destabilise the opposition
> 0.10 shekels in to your account

Seriously, whatever your view on Mike Enoch is right now, tearing apart ourselves through in fighting will do no good. Do like him, don't engage with him, and focus on fighting the real enemy here

you seem to be misinterpreting what i meant. i'm all for freedom, democracy and capitalism.

Then don't be surprised when Sheik comes by freedom to USA, uses democracy to breed with white women and uses capitalism to buy your ports.

>unironically thinking anybody outside its user base gives a shit about this website

My view is hypocrite lying piece of shit Jew.

Is he not that?

Are not most posters on this board that?

> Avoidig the point
> Oh wait, it's antifa...

What's your fucking point then?

Mine is that this board and the vast majority of "alt-right, neo nazis, whatever the fuck" don't actually hold these views in real life. They just shit post on a Korean cartoon board.

As evidenced by their leadership.

Can't wait to see you try to Jew your way out of this btw.

>inb4 shill


Ok so how often do you go out and talk to friends/family/strangers about the danger of Jewish people?

>yet still managwmed to get wife.

Not a failure in my book.


Never said he was a failure.

He's simply a meme posting hypocrite.