Please Kek, make this happen

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Who is bill?

This is why Europeans hate us. They think the Republican party represents all Americans and that we are all stupid lunatics because of proposals like this.

Hope you get run over m8.

You bastard

>this is stupid
Don't be a fucking cuck. Highway protests have cost people way more than any of this shit bags are worth. Grow a pair.

>"laws exist so I can antagonize you with impunity, but you can't do anything to me"

Enjoy the asphalt.


That's brilliant. If you block the highway, be prepared to get hit.

Got me good esp with a headline like that

This is seriously brilliant an I hope you're the first to have your head pinched between a tire an the pavement.


This shit is borderline terrorism honestly.
Fuck every single asshole that does this.

Nice job Styx

Fuck sjws blocking FEDERAL ROADS you are a pussy if you support that type of behaviour

my fucking hero

lol, I pray to thee kek!

>This is violation of the NAP
>Article 4 free inhabitant
>You don't know your own laws

Nah fuck off this is great and I'm what some people would consider a normie.

You could get pulled out of you car and beaten if you stop in front of them. It's self defence and I would even sue the bastards if they fucked up my car from me hitting them if I can.

Where did protesters think they have a right to stand on a highway. When I get on highways there are signs for no pedestrians, bicycles, etc.

We need to come up with a points system, too.

That's the least of it. If I remember right, one of these protests caused an ambulance to be delayed getting to the hospital and the patient died. In another, a woman was forced to go into labor in her car, there are also reports of people being fired for not showing up to work because they were caught in it.

I can't wait for the dashcam compilation of liberal protesters getting run over by Dodge RAMs set to the music of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

Faggot. Why do you care what a bunch of smelly, limp-wristed, effeminate, cucks have to say?

Get fucked.


>actually caring what europe thinks of you
>as they flood their country with retarded brown rapists

Want to know how I know you're a cuck?

Bill retired from his career of categorizing pokemon and established himself as chief law-giver in these parts. What Bill says goes.

What's (((conveniently))) missing from the headline is this bill only applies to negligence. In other words, if a protestor jumps in front of your car and yells "fuck donald trump" and you don't stop in time and kill him, you don't go to jail for manslaughter. Running people over intentionally is still illegal.

Lmao this gives me a stiffy

Vague-ass term media loves to use for any person only loosely related to the process who doesn't have any real power at all

> go to work
> can't get to work because douchebags are occupying the highway
> lose money
> company also loses money
> cannot do anything about it

Fuck them and fuck you. Protest all you want, but don't hurt innocent people because your bullshit.

Oh stfu

Because they get away with it nearly every time


It seems preemptive, since assholes like Soros are going to bankroll these useful faggots to constantly protest for the next 4-8 years.

I hope it passes, top notch banter.

Hope your boyfriend dies in an ambulance that can't get through traffic because BLM blocked the road.

It isn't borderline, it is terrorism by nato definition.

"The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence against individuals or property in an attempt to coerce or intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious or ideological objectives."

It is force against property to achieve political goals. The US goes one step further and describes intent to cause economic harm to us busineeses.

If you blew a huge hole in the road in order to render it unusable, you would be a terrorist. Somehow this is different in people's mind.

For me personally, I see how your media miss-represent things all the time to fit their narrative like or CNN's coverage during 90s and that's why i hate you.

smooch :*

>Running people over intentionally is still illegal.
For now, nothing has passed yet. Also,

Does anybody have the video of this song.

Playing when a guy is driving into protestors?

Because I remember the first time it was posted and it was funny as fuck.

You don't understand Republicans. They are afraid of everything and at the same time pretend to be tough guys. This is also why their following is mostly low IQ religious people prone to conspiracy theories.

You're the only lunatic, the bill is great!

You're just a speed bump on the road to Making America Great Again.

hows that gutter oil treating you?

Hows the inverted apartheid going, dumb cunt?

Only the dumb peasants who eat street food deal with that shit.

in his name it must be done kek we summon your will and your blesing

What are you doing in China? Looking to race mix?


I lol'd

Don't try to change the subject, you rape victim in waiting.

Your only hope is for China to colonize your shit hole and civilize the natives you didn't have the balls to civilize yourselves.

>civilize the natives

They'll just regress back to their normal when you stop supervising them, history shows that.

Give it 20 years, you will see.

We will castrate them when they disobey, and tell the west to fuck off when they cry about it. We will prove you truly can teach a savage nigger new tricks.

China, no, we tried that already. Save yourself some time.

I hope you genocide those stupid monkeys

Show the white man what he used to be (just 70 years ago) before he decided to go extinct

Just bulldoze all the niggers into the ocean


>colonising anyone

Why take a chance, my dude.
Just sayin'

Then if/when your society declines you'll start getting idiots being like "let them all in!" and then it's an even bigger problem.

Good luck with all the genetic engineering shit though.

I love that, those scum should be run over. Cucks like YOU are why you're hated.

Fuck off back to /r/cuck niggerlover.

Lawmakers P. Bill is my hero.

This is feral niggers we're talking about here.

Even a stupid dog can be brought to heel, you just need to hit them on the nose enough times.

>This is why Europeans hate us.
We already have people running over others with their trucks over here. Stop living in the past, granny!

>implying that isn't already the law
Blocking a public thoroughfare is already very illegal and considered a for of illegal detention.

They have no legal right to stop your progress or detain you. It's legally the same as kidnapping.

I'm actually interested in what you are doing in China. Don't be a cunt, mate.

If recent events are anything to go by nobody gets taken in and if they do, they get off so fast and laugh and feel like top shit to their friends on Facebook.

Mandatory sentencing to Ass-Pound-City is a solution to this.

>protest on a firing range
>cry when you get shot

Plotting the takeover of the dying west.

Just China things.

We will keep white people in zoos so they aren't a harm to themselves any longer, we will bring them back from the brink of extinction like we did with the panda.

Chinese spotted.
They're already colonising Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Gee, thanks Huang.

Just don't put us in the same pen as Aboriginals.

Have we started the tire?

It's stupid not to have this law.

If there is someone on the highway, you could get yourself or others in a serious car crash trying to stop or go out of the way.

I hope the family of the protesters have to pay damages to my car when I run their liberal kid over.

Lets put it in a perspective you may understand.

>Be South African
>Drive through City
>Niggers are blocking the road
>They pull me out the car
>Rape my wife and cut her throat
>Beat me up
>Steal my car
>Use my debit card to withdraw my entire lifes savings of 14 rand
>If only I could have driven through them to prevent harm to myself and my wife

I wish he would have a bill like that here.

This kind of shit should be understood to be the law of the land anyway. Kids who run onto the road, crazy homeless people, even jay walkers should be protected, but when you are there intentionally, with all your faculties with the only purpose being to block the road, well... nobody should be doing that.

It's not that I want to see people get run over, it's that nobody's going to think it's a good idea to start riots in the streets if there's no guarantee the car will stop (even though 99% of all people are good people who WILL stop). People don't protest in front of trains for this very reason.

>that hand out the window

They'll be put with the chimpanzees.

I'm pretty sure they can cross breed, so they're pretty much the same species.


He lives in a country where carjacking is do rampant that you are legally allowed to equip your car with a defensive flamethrower.

It is like an ancap meme come to life. He gets why this is necessary.

>This is why Europeans hate us
I don't give a FUCK what they think

Isn't there some meme or theory that goes that it's impossible to tell an extremist position on something from a joke?

Can we please fucking save South African whites. I work with work visa South Africans and theyre all white or colored but out of 150 of them only about 10-20 arent brainwashed into thinking SA is a nice place to live

Poe's Law

Maybe it's easier to live an obvious lie if you force yourself to believe it?

>even though 99% of all people are good people who WILL stop
Your faith in people is too high

Do you know what a highway is? You are not supposed to stand on one. It's an artery of vehicles.

Were there any consequences for the driver?

True, but the sad part is the whites were in power not to long ago. Now they basically have a one party dictatorship with a nigger president that cant even say a number out loud if it is within the 100 thousands or above

I heard he was never identified

I have no source, I could certainly be wrong

Based movie. Go Mr. Frankenstein, a good friend of mine.

This wouldnt be a problem if there where no roads to begin with :^)

Most likely. You can see his plates and this is in California

Kek here's u

Absolute top kek


Get fucking flattened, faggot.

>id 7
What did he mean by This


I caught that too, but I ve been thinking that even before Styx talked about it, maybe we are developing a hive mind of some sort. I see ideas that pop up, simultaneously in many people that dont talk to each other, and are many miles away.

God I hope not

Ironically, I'd actually have respect for America if this bill got passed.

This. With added sound effects for comedic effect.

I love all the retards who run towards it like like they're going stop the car somehow. Maybe you could do it if you clogged up the wheel wells with your corpse or something.