How do we stop WMAF couples

Just found out both of my sisters are dating white guys. Is there a way to stop Asian females from desiring white males all the time in western and eastern societies?

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>1) go back to Asia
>2) problem solved

Maybe you can fuck off to your own country?


stop migrating to white countries

Two intelligent spiecies mixing? Is that a problem?

>implying white invaders wont come and force asians to "open their ports" for "international trade"

The superiority of East Asian women is palpable. The only chance at stopping WMAF is prevent East Asian immigration.

Asian woman naturally crave the BWC. Get over it chink.

What's the problem exactly?

I married a white girl and we have kids. Is there a reason I shouldn't be able to satisfy my yellow fever on the side?

White guy here with Korean qt gf, sup senpai. Post pics of your sisters.

>Just found out both of my sisters are dating white guys. Is there a way to stop Asian females from desiring white males all the time in western and eastern societies?
Yeah, convert to islam and marry your cousins.

Also no, it's only natural for your women to want superior white genetics. Also, chinks have small dicks.

Take your pleb, ugly women home.


Become more masculine and shame them for it. It is socially acceptable (within the Asian community) for East Asian girls to date white guys. Make it a shameful thing like dating a nigger and it will stop for the most part

>you have to be under 6" to post in this thread

>jap is still angry about it
3rd nuke when?

>mention asian women
>Sup Forums turns into niggers with muh dick

Because Asian men aren't as good looking, women are always looking to branch to another man who has more money/is better looking or both so unless Wang has those boxes both ticked how can you expect any less
Roasties going to roast and Asians are filthy and get easier the longer they've been overseas

Um did you just assume her race? What if she's a transaryan white woman? She did dye her hair blonde and probably using skin lightening products.

Michael Jackson was just the prototype. A whole new race of Transaryans are growing up. Kanye will be the 2.0 model and millions will follow him. His hair is already turning.

Just let it happen mate.

Yeah but what about the white guys that go to Asia. They bang like thousands each year. Honestly I have no hope for the ones who live here already.


back to r/asianmasculinity loser

Post pics of your sister in revenge

do it user

show us your sister

do it

Somebody has to fuck them.

Remember the Dutch trade relations with Japan?
They were very peaceful and ongoing, we were never kicked out.

my girlfriend is asian

>not wanting the best of races to mix
dirty racist

I mean I do find it really hot thinking about them doing the deed and all, but it just seems so wrong.

I hope the yellow fever kills you

>Daily r/asianmasculinty raid

Shoo, shoo


Why, unknown flag I thought was Moldova at first?

who is this?


Stop fucking our asian women

The only way to get asian girls to stop dating white males is that asian males start growing a bigger dick and become more handsome but we now thats not gonna happen.

asian women are trash so no.

I have blonde hair and green eyes.
I'm dating a girl that has blonde hair and green eyes.

Feels good. DO realize that myself and other white guys in my position have no respect for you, right?



What's wrong with it? Would you prefer some fat white feminist harpy?

Somebody gets it

with a face like that i understand asian girls.

Ask Steve Harvey. He said Asians are ugly and only losers date them.

>dem tits
Holy fuck give me the sauce now

tfw white and asian qts just aren't interested in me.


Sideways vagina. Nope.

The MtG cards really elevate this meme

top kek. Australian women are some of the biggest whores on the planet. They'll seep with you for a ride to the beach :)

you can't stop it, asian women and white men were made for each other

you can kill whites or you can just breed them from existence, mixed children do not look white anyway

Is she living in a hospital room?

Oh, christ, a pillow fucker thread. Great.

Hello handsome!

>204 likes, 9 minutes
Are you even trying

How can white women compete?

Sorry but this is what they want

You gotta make anti-racemixing a global meme

Oh shit first he visited Trump and now he's saying the truth about omega males fucking gooks. Shit that nigger is based

Just getting started Mohammed.

You'll be the one laughing last

They sure does and asian girls wants mixed children since they think does are really cute. Did not even know my first girlfriend was half asian before she said it. rts.

Shit Frida whats up babe

looks like a cam whore studio, likely 100s of cam whores in that building seperated by curtains.


But alot of the mixed ones here get with white guys and their offspring get whiter. I have quite a few friends who have full blooded asian grandparents and they look like your typical white people


Self hating whores with fuck parents or just proxy yellow fever spergs

they dont at all, white genes die when mixing with asian genetics

The Japanese government supplied the dutch trading district with prostitutes and the sailors were not allowed to leave their compound without supervision. So the japs knew to distract the dutch sailors with shitty prostitutes who were at the end of their career, while keeping the qt marriage material away from them. Great foresight of the Japs if you take in account the current situation.

i doubt it

Seems like they only hate Asian men, not themselves.

>watch jav porn
>it's terrible
>the girl always sounds like a dying puppy
>immediately go soft



WM with AF wife reporting in. We're happy, have money and the kids are beautiful and smart.

Protip: educated azns are faithful but not necessarily submissive.


Hating your own race is the same as hating yourself
What happens to their sons?

you are a nigger

How does it feel to be so ugly your woman rejects you?



they hate their children

stupid whores

how does it feel to be so ugly your own government wants to wipe you out?

Stop being a bitch

There's nothing to stop. It's not nearly as popular as people meme it here. I find asian women attractive but among my group of friends I'm the weird one. Most of my friends find Asian girls ugly and go white or latinas.

Honestly, if you absolutely must race mix you could do much worse than an Asian. At the end of the day what someone else does with their gene pool isn't my problem. My biggest issue with Asian girls from my experience is that 99% of the ones I've been with or met are turbo degenerates. Either bigger chongas than most latinas or insufferable SJW cunts. I've yet to meet the idolized fable "perfect asian waifu" that is praised on the holy altar of the cathedral of misogyny known as Sup Forums.


Teach them to embrace their white side and raise them into actual men.

Why are white women so perfect, bros?


>Implying whites haven't hit the perfect balance of intellect to dick size

Its because of BWC.

>those mad Asian boi comments

You don't. It's even in your media now.

Pic related. She's a half-slav half-japanese who's one of the most popular characters. Above most full Asians.


Enjoy getting cucked by Dayquan and watching your wife age like a glass of milk in the sun.

I'm just kinda freaked out Asian Americans might go extinct. Basically all Asian girls i tried to get with rejected me. The only girls that give me the time of day are Black women

These images make me way more upset than they should.

THIS. we're the master race after all. The complete package
>me in pic