>NUTTALL is the candidate for the Stoke by-election in what will be UKIP's Last Stand

>Setting up landmines for Eurosceptics - Theresa May's speech examined

>The PM's Brexit Speech in Full

>Shadow Brexit Secretary: "If Theresa May gets everything she wants, it won't be a hard Brexit"

>Chancellor Phillip Hammond threatens to turn Britain into a (((tax haven))) if the EU doesn't offer a good deal

>NI Government is dissolved - Urgent election announced on 02/03/17 as the DUP fall to pieces in the polls

>The Copeland by-election and why it matters

>British tourists sent home from Gambia after meme elections turn violent

>David Irving is doing well for himself - Five-figure donations to the great historian pour in, including a 40-room mansion and Rolls Royce

>Thread Theme - Nuttall JUST Edition

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The next one


Why were German lands not in Germany even though they voted for reunification again? And why the fuck was our government getting involved in minor territorial disputes related to German reunification that could eadily have been resolved peacefully when the USSR was taking over half of Europe and nothing was being done?

For example, from 1918-45, Danzig was 97% German and 2% Polish. In 1933, the NSDAP won an outright majority in the city elections, while the Polish party won 2%. What was a German city doing in Poland? And why is it called Gdansk now? And where have all the Germans whose ancestors had been living there since the ice age gone? After all, this is Prussia we're talking about. The homeland of Bismarck. Germany only occupied the German speaking land in Poland in 1939 and everyone lost their minds.

Meanwhile, the USSR invaded Finland and the Baltics as well as occupied half of Poland in 1939. And nothing was said or done. Quite the contrary, they became our allies and we helped them conquer half of Europe. What's that all about?


Why are anglos so disgusting to look at? Inhuman idiot race who need to be banished from this earth.

>Rufus Hound
Another comedian with an interesting backstory but absolutely dogshit political opinions, what a shame

>It's another "The Russian Paedophile poster makes some good points and you agree with him on a lot of things but he's also an absolutely fucking insufferable split-personality mong who often shitposts while he's blind drunk and thinks that the SNP are white nationalists because while he pretends to be Scottish he's never actually been there in his life" episode

Shut the fuck up paki


What did he mean by this?

Friendly reminder that the UK is 70 million people and only 17 million voted to leave the EU.

53 MILLION people DID NOT want to leave the EU. The referendum was a con and everyone was lied to by career politicians wanting to leave!

Its HILARIOUS how you lot dont realise you are just a bunch of useful idiots for politicians who want to make the UK white which WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

>interesting backstory

>thread theme

*advances towards you*

Am I being trolled by this Monarchist in the previous thread? Should I stop? I noticed everyone started ignoring him. I'm too tired to tell.

Fuck off pro-EU cunts


A nice progressive alliance will put a stop to this nonsense methinks.


Let's not lie to ourselves; Hitler did nothing wrong and WW2 was a mistake.

Don't reply to me ever again, tripfag scum.
I hate the EU btw.


You mean a MAJORITY


Wasn't meant to be a reply.

He almost certainly meant we must join the European Union though, definitely.

characteristic of the anglo is being able to dish it out but not take it back
dunderheaded idiot race who need to be destroyed at all costs to the world

reminder that YMCA was temp banned yesterday when he sperged out during May's speech

>two threads

>not wanting to bring forth a european reich that secures glory by uniting the white race and expelling the internationalists

Blair pls

Brit/pol/ is a monarchist thread.

Looks like Gary Barlow is he was imprisoned within a Benidorm resort for a few years, and his only entertainment was going to the tattoo shop and getting his hair done by fat Sandra
Been a while since I heard it but it's something along the lines of a general depressed existence, fucking up exams but being a clever bloke, then somehow ending up as an executive at Claire's Accessories. Thought it chimed a bit back when I heard it

>this guy is still posting

> that the SNP are white nationalists
That's a lie

I made threats to Sturgeon, Humza and Salmond


Use the one not made by a foreigner if you have to pick a side surely

You were memeing the SNP a few months back lad, let's not deny it

Atone for your sins and move on

This so much. Humans have always been attracted to destruction and Brexit may actually bring about WW3 (the EU was invented to create peace between european countries) but at least we have proved to the rest of the world how sexist, racist, and homophobic we are. Yay.

>tfw you've actively spent time around momentum...ites? ists?..members? Yeah, members.
>tfw they've given you copes of Solidarity (worker's liberty paper), even though they insist they're not in the AWL.
>tfw they've even got the badges and hats
Despite it all, they were some of the best people I've ever spoken about politics to in real life. I think it's because despite the swathes of differences we share, we both have the fundamental building-block of insight: The realisation that the world as it stands today is heading down the wrong path.

Plus there are always points of agreement and divergence. While they're generally pro-immigration and I'm anti-immigration, both of us can agree that the economic-value argument on immigration is awful. While I'm pro-capitalism and they're anti-capitalism, we can both agree it's only gotten worse under neoliberals. (though a few of them take the view that's a good thing since it hastens collapse. I then agree with the ones who think those ones are nutters.)

All in all: More booze for the house of commons and you'd make MPs much happier. Or the ones that like politics anyway.

>a foreigner
We have no evidence that you are White

Probably a poor choice of words, I mean Who seems to think they can do and have done absolutely no wrong.

>tfw I was born in Britain which makes me British and if you deny this I can have you arrested

>Anglos are sub humans
Says the spaniard

>You were memeing the SNP
Citation needed
I voted "no" back in 18.09

Remember lads, Nige is on at 8pm LIVE FROM NEW YORK

why doesn't YKTD ever just leave? All day every day he posts here.

>I made threats to Sturgeon, Humza and Salmond
And the royals too I assume? I wouldn't mind hearing what sort of stuff you actually said

Ah, apologies... must have been some other Russian Scot-LARPer, my mistake

This user is right

Well, what do you think they've done wrong?

Momentum have me on a post-by-post contract instead of per shift

Citation needed
What did anonymong mean by this?

>Not believing him that Jesus was part of a Proto-Scottish enclave from Galilee because there was one book made called "When Scotland was Jewish" made by a jew

The STATE of you tbqh lad

>tripfag hasn't killed himself yet

>tfw we rejoin the EU in less than 5 years after all of the old people are dead and those too young to vote this time get to vote

>While they're generally pro-immigration
>both of us can agree that the economic-value argument on immigration is awful
So why are they pro immigration?

>They've happily sat back as they're turned in to a cheap tourist gimmick and been reduced to the level of your everday "celebrity". They have no dignity because they're afraid to stand up for it, similar to the Church she's the head of actually.

Being out will be pratically indistinguishable to being in anyway.

>What did anonymong mean by this?
Nice one Ivan McStretsky

>implying the under 16's aren't going to go full fash

>tfw to bluepilled to believe in the Sermon on the Glen

>tfw we divide and conquer Europe and start WW3 within a decade

I created the BogPill, surely I can create the ScotJesusPill

I think we should raise the voting age by a year every year just because it would be funny to watch younger millennials sperg out about it.

By going to war with Russia for World Jewry, maybe

What could possibly condemn a man to spending every waking hour on his computer? Is he a sad lad caring for his bed-stricken dying mother? Is he a dole sponge who sits with his laptop and watches Daily Politics then switches over to Jeremy Kyle at 1 ever day? Is he just a lonely nerdy fatso pissing his prime years down the drain? All of the above? We'll never know.

That's not their job.


>implying the tories won't just keep us in a state of limbo so they can use the "labour will undo our progress towards Brexit" to secure a comfortable majority

a United Europe is nto the European union. I thought you were smarter than this you faggot. And to think I share the same postcode as you

>SNP supporting
What did anonymong mean by this?

You got me. Bastard.

Ok, I was wrong, apologies lad. You actually British then or just like the place?

You meant them as a good thing tbqh since you are a civic nationalist


>a United Europe is nto the European union
'Hitler was a cuck' - YMCA

>theres going to be a hard border between NI and ROI isn't there



>It’s also worth a glance at the “most important issues” question in the tables: the NHS has risen ten points since YouGov last asked the question back in November, making it the second most important concern after Brexit. It’s possible to interpret that as health rising up the agenda and helping Labour’s support…


>b-but muh chronically underfunded by the Tories!!
And why do morons seriously still think that throwing yet more money on that hyperbureaucratic state-within-a-state inefficient bloated colossus of a bonfire is a good idea? All they do with the money is hire more "managers", "directors" and "consultants", and then give each other silly pay rises.
But please, by all means, raise my taxes again so that the smug twats can get another pay rise, and then go on strike again in 6 months because they're wallowing in poverty, earning a measly £40k/year after 2 whole years of experience.

Fuck the NHS, and double fuck junior doctors. It's going to drag us back into a lefty nightmare. Forget privatising it, just burn the whole thing to the ground.

Yes I'm mad.

They bring the salt. We bring the pain.

Get a life.

Leftist agitators manipulating the people through the media

>It’s also worth a glance at the “most important issues” question in the tables: the NHS has risen ten points since YouGov last asked the question back in November, making it the second most important concern after Brexit
See The media reports it, the public adjust their thoughts as a result because they're fucking braindeads

A mixture of muh-common-humanity, a principle of liberty vis-a-vis movement, and a sort of simplistic intuitive reaction to it largely being the right who've turned against it. I think it's more principle than pragmatism. (Which is why they're talking about the flaws of modern capitalism to a Brit/pol/ user instead of pretending to be a Blairite until they're PM, then NATIONALISING IT.)
I decided against trying to press the point and convince them against immigration in the short term (or at least getting them to admit that it would be a pragmatic option) in the wider interest of civility.
Especially because, with a drink in me, I'd probably let slip that I do generally think of foreigners as inferior. One-to-one perhaps I might've chanced my hand.

The argument on immigration in this country is very stifled in all directions, pro or anti. It's part of the overarching Blairism pulling the wool over the eyes of the left. You can see it in action: They're pro-immigration because it's the wider Labour party position and (appears to) align with the principle of internationalism. But it's a cynical fudge, the Blairites want immigration for the short-term economic value. (as well as for cultural dilution, but shh.)

They talked about minority groups in a way that recalled pic related too.


>Tokyo’s government banned the sale or rent of comics and anime movies depicting younger characters engaging in “extreme” sexual acts. But the ban was resisted by Japan’s biggest publishers,

>Shawn Plantamuro, 48, allegedly started touching the girl, whom he knew, when she was four years old. On direct examination, he denied sexual contact with the child and dismissed the graphic anime he watches for hours day

>Stephen Maxwell Murray, who has three convictions for indecently assaulting teenage boys, operates Animasia, a Carlton store that sells models, comics, games and films based on Japanese anime — stylised Japanese cartoons popular with adolescents.

>Seven of the DVDs contained adult pornography, but three contained anime film depicting schoolgirls, said Mark Worsley, prosecuting.


That's because only 30 million are actually eligible to vote, and 70-something percent did. It's not like every single person, regardless of age, voted

Not gonna lie, former UKIP supporter here. This is fucking hilarious watching UKIP crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let commie Corbyn get his hands on the nuclear codes. Only based mummy May can stop him and deliver on Brexit

You should do more lib dem ones

>are a civic nationalist
Top shitpost

Juncker was giving a Brexit speech right?
Is there a link to it?

>"Well raise all our taxes then if it means saving muh enhaitchess! I can afford it anyway because of my white privilege, if any white person disagrees and says they can't pay they're just being racist"

t. Laurie Penny

As predicted, the EU are softening up their stance and starting to flirt with Theresa May about a Soft Brexit

Peter Hitchens' quote is coming true

"EU says it is not in a hostile mood"
"Juncker drops HUGE hint that EU will seek deal that keeps Britain IN the bloc post-Brexit"

"Prepare for surprises. If I were the EU leadership (and we must assume they are intelligent and cunning), I would begin with a ‘hard cop’ routine, of aloof resentment, with hints of menace. Then, when enough silly panic had been spread in Britain (this is what the Bad Losers’ Alliance – which has now replaced the Remain Campaign - are now working on, very hard) they can come up with a new offer, which at the very least keeps us in the single market and requires a large contribution from us, and at the very most requires either a new referendum or the endorsement of the public in a snap election."


>tfw no caesarite mosley to save us

> You actually British
I'm Scottish, however Brit/pol/ assumed that I'm:
>ze eternal Turkish angloposter
>Kremlin shill
>SNP shill
>ethnically paki
>ethnically Russian
>ethnically Irish

>The EU Commission president raised the possibility that the UK will carry on being full members of Europe's political institutions even after official negotiations on divorce proceedings have been concluded.

>Strikingly a markedly conciliatory tone the Brussels boss insisted he wanted a "fair deal" with Britain which was in the best interests of both sides, and revealed he had told Theresa May there was no "hostility" towards the UK from within the EU.

>"they can come up with a new offer, which at the very least keeps us in the single market and requires a large contribution from us"

Who /proudnonce/ here

I am a paedophile, I am a nonce, I'm a perv, I'm a slot badger, I'm a two pin din plug, I'm a bush dodger, I'm a small bean regarder, I'm an unabummer, I'm a nut administrator, I'm a bent ref, I'm the crazy world of Arthur Brown, I'm a fence foal, I'm a free willy, I'm a chimney bottler, I'm a bunty man, I'm a shrub rocketeer

>tfw you're drinking with people and you show your powerlevel too fast too soon

fuck lets hope they too were too pissed to notice

Peter is civic though isn't he?


A step up from the norm, though, I'd say, since he believes in semi-religious nationalism too

>you are just a bunch of useful idiots for politicians who want to make the UK white
Yes. What idiots we are.

>(((Peter))) is civic
>Peter "I think intermarriage is great" Hitchens
>Peter "What sane person would support Trump" Hitchens
>Peter "I didn't vote in the EU referendum" Hitchens
>Peter "a literal kike" Hitchens

REMAIN here we come!