Is a side effect of the redpill being depressed? I'm smart, good looking, fit...

Is a side effect of the redpill being depressed? I'm smart, good looking, fit, come from a Jewish family and I hate the world around me because of the diaspora. I hate the libcucks, racial bullshit, sand niggers, everything and I cant even be motivated to run my business. An hero?

An hero urself jew

Pol plz ;_;

You might actually have a mental illness, in which case you need to go to a psychiatrist.

You might also simply be unmotivated, in which case the first step is realizing that self-control is the ultimate redpill. Also, a tip, when you start working the motivation comes on its own.

>Is a side effect of the redpill being depressed?

There are always new dawns.

Kikes should kys now before the crusades start.

I have my own business which I'm moving to NYC to expand in February but I don't even feel like doing that anymore.

the only cure is to gas yourself

But I always name the Jew and don't associate with them and redpill all those around me

You have kike genes. Whether you are redpilled or not won't save you from the oven when the crusades begin. You best bet is to move to Isreal and prey that it never comes.

I'm h-half Lutheran

Why wouldn't you take an insider on your team?

Don't listen to this fag and try to subvert the other kikes

Divided loyalties are a problem.

Kikes will backstabbing you 100% of the time.

>Even a dark elf can be born with a nord heart

-The elder scrolls

So you think I have a chance?

>different ID because posting from computer

Kek has blessed you with three identical numbers
You will prevail

Nope it's just part of acceptance and you get over it Shlomo.

I actually feel much better about how to act in the world now post-redpill.

I actually think the red pill is what many here just named their depression.

>You might actually have a mental illness, in which case you need to go to a psychiatrist
"Mental illness" as currently understood doesn't exist and was developed with a guiding hand to control the range of behavior acceptable in society.

It's not from being redpilled, it's from modernity. Turn to traditionalism. If you can feel at home in America, deepen your patriotism and put the American people before the Jewish diaspora. If you feel tribal ties to Israel, move there and be with your people.

Find ways to work hard. Find a nice Jewish girl, settle down, and have some kids. Work to better yourself, your family, and your community. Aiming higher than that is probably too ambitious at this point. Do things that are hard for the sake of doing them. Take on responsibility to motivate yourself to do the difficult things you want to achieve.

If you take on difficult work, you will rise to the task, and achieve a lot more than you probably think you are capable of. You will fail sometimes, but you're probably already failing at a bunch of stuff, so don't worry about that. If you are engaged in difficult things, especially physically difficult, you'll start to feel a lot better, and will escape the nihilism you are trapped in.