It's over fellas

It's over fellas.

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If they're white why are they called Irish niggers?


to jews everyone is white and a Nazi
but Irish are white (fuck d&c shills)

Israel exists purely as a White Nationalist ethno-state. Too right. Time to wipe those Matzo-Nazis off the map.

Rev up those ovens

Actually it's white nigger.


Sure do it we could do with some more potato niggers on side. They are obviously going to be more left leaning.

This is getting ridiculous


Btw what do we call Welshies?

Faggot Niggers?

How can you be white if you're a nigger? Shut up bog dweller


where are the bogs when we need them

Where I'm from, they're just called sheep shaggers.

Thankfully it's not 2016 anymore.

(((Berg))) Pure coincidence!

Shut up, italy.

Is this a fake account?

Why is it ALWAYS women starting this shit?

Well no Jewish pride rallies either then Rothberg, my fellow white person

Feel free to look it up for yourself and see, leaf

Calm down sideways Poland


Someone explain the Irish = nigger idea. Irish are among the whitest people, is it about their personality traits?

Fuck allison (((Rothberg)))

Sorry, OP, I don't believe it.
That's a troll.

Take this idea and run with it - easy way to turn Irish-descended Americans against the Left.

Not gonna lie I used to not believe in the whole white genocide thing, but now it's really undeniable.

St. Patrick's Day is a Christian celebration, not a white celebration. Why are liberals so stupid?

Nice of the Jews to throw the Anglo a bone.

if you know a girl named Melanie, tell her she is a slut.

Made me think

No. It has to do with the fact that at one time the British didn't want to feel guilty about the absolute massive amount of genocide they'd done to us so they assembled a medical conference wherein they tried to claim Irish were a separate species therefore it wasn't Really THAT bad of them to kill us. The idea spread for a little while until people got smarter and people outside of Britain actually started meeting Irish people.

The white nigger name stuck though.

I bet this cunt is so retarded, if you discriminate the irish, or whomever StPatricksDay belongs to, she will defend it.

tell her she is right, white niggers should be discriminated and she will go full retard.


I think it's just that the English really, really hated the Irish, and the worst insult at the time was to compare them to the niggers.

the jealous jew cunt is talking shit about L.Southern

That has to be Sup Forums false flagging. The madman wants to turn New England red by disenfranchising the Irish from the left.

I want to say we mantle it as another #DraftOurDaugters esque campaign.

Like that for example.

Do the poms call them Taffs?

Taffy niggers.

t.part welsh

This is a Sup Forums troll.

Fuck off back to facebook.

her twitter is pretty schizophrenic
>conservative (does this mean something different in canada?)
>pro-homosexual blacks

What the fuck are you talking about?

If you think the word "like" is exclusive to Facebook, or just denotes pleasure, learn to speak better fucking English.

>Irish nigger telling someone to speak better English

british propaganda


>Plastic Paddy here
>Loves St. Patrick's Day
>I get to wear green, sing Irish songs and drink some beer and have a great time
>Some jew cunt tries to tell me I am racist for celebrating my ancestry

I don't get mad very often but if someone tells me I can't have a beer and wear a shirt that says "KISS ME I'M IRISH" on St. Patrick's Day well I will have to show xim xer or whatever the pronoun they want why my people were called "Fightin' Irish"

Yes. This makes me very angry.

Christian and anti-abortion are quite conservative stances to have in a primarily left wing society. You're right though. Her social views are all over the fucking place. How does she function?

They're never giving up the Oscars.

Wish they'd leave us alone. Bad enough women in our society have always held the power and tyrranised us but now because of American cancer, they can claim oppression while doing it.

Same shit, historically we've been victimised, genocided and enslaved, and we still have to take shit and assume guilt for the WASPs who used to shit on us just the same. Ignorant cunts, just fuck off and leave us alone already.

uhm, she's jewish, that is the most common trait among them.


I like this... but lets shorten it to

I hereby decree all Israelis be called Matzis.

"Today, the closest genetic relatives of the Irish in Europe are to be found in the north of Spain in the region known as the Basque Country."

Don't care what color the nigger is. A nigger is a nigger and a nigger should always be in indefinite servitude to a non-nigger.

Can she just go die like

Quite catchy. Might go mainstream. Needs to trend though.

thanks for that

"This means that those Irish whose ancestors pre-date English conquest of the island are descendants of early settlers who probably migrated west across Europe, as far as Ireland in the north and Spain in the south."

They want to destroy both so the distinction is not important

It's official the next step is to attack anything european related pride rallies.

What is it with libtards and christianity do you suppose? Let them be wrong in peace.

god damn it paul

It's another potato famine

There's hardly any white people in Israel now. All the old expats from England and similar that were there in the early years have been out bred.

I went there for army shit.

It's brown.

You fucking racist the correct term is potato nigger


>they're trying to take the one day of the year where my alcoholism is socially acceptable


The Irish were sold into slavery as much as africans.


recent airport muslims protesters (((coincidence)))

Good. But I don't believe you.

lol get fucked 19th century soros

every fucking time

every time


Snow nigger


This will result in an outbreak of nationwide fisticuffs.
Plastic paddies, rise up.

>everything in this post


How you're supposed to do it:

>buy some stout
>prepare your own soda bread
>enjoy it fresh out of the oven with Kerrygold™ brand butter
>play Oró sé do bheatha 'bhaile on loop
>enjoy stout and bread while listening to patriotic music
>contemplate English injustices
>offer a prayer to Gerry Adams
>go to bed
>dream about a free Ulster

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The Irish were considered non-white subhuman trash for so long.

What's next? 4th july is a white pride day?

mein sides




That's an awfully written article lmao

Anyway, what are you trying to get at? Us Irish are like the palest race on earth, "nigger" is retarded

Should we push this narrative and tie it to Antifa?

the two tribes can sure get along well when they are trying to subvert the whites
(pic also from the recent airport protests)


Did the chink mean to say "ally?"

(((Rothberg)))... she can get fucked

Irish were considered literal ubermensch and never non-white subhuman trash

Fucking (((rothberg))) get your whore mouth away frim my st paddies day

and they wonder why people hate kikes...

St. Patrick was literally a former slave.


O'Rothsteinbergblatz? Nah, m8

In middle school an American qt pinched me for not wearing green on St. Paddy's day. Is that a thing?

oh come on OP this can't be real they can't possibly be this stupid.

Please do this.
You want to see people get fucked up?
Start taking away all the drinking holidays.


A Welshman enslaved by.. Irish no less