She's Not a Professor


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Oh neat

Please elaborate user.

Is that Fred Armisen in drag?


this is the "chick" that was freaking out over mcinnes?

Hahahahaha, the other day I went through all 2200 or so professors and couldn't find it. Sauce?

>*blocks your path*

After looking at that pic for a few seconds I'm legit scared

Nevermind , I got it.

>american professors

who the fuck is it?

Found it.

She's some lunatic artist named Rebecca Goyette who teaches workshops in Performance Art at the Museum of Modern Art.

Apparently in her mind that makes her a "professor".

>liberal art

every time


That's hilarious.

Rabid Babs

Ruin her life lads.

This cunt must pay.

Is this a tranny or does she have the worst genetics of all time

>these kids are here to learn about humanity!

>Rebecca Goyette
kek, that hand

sounds like a Jewish tranny name.

>performance art

from ballet to pornography

I wonder if there's going to be some kind of anti-degenerate cultural movement anytime soon

getting pretty bored of the current culture

You can't make this up.


Dammit, we spent so many gets trying to name her, and it turns out reality already beat us to it.

I'm cuttin' it down

I wonder if she was paid to put on an act?

thank god trump won.

Stop being cis white nazis.


The face of mental illness

I don't think you'd have to pay her to act like an outraged retard.

Chris chan? Is that you?

guys, this is her?


someone post yt vid of her reee'ing plz

I'm going to have quite the laugh when we find out she's one of (((yours))).

That's her lad.

I just... I just don't understand. How can a human mind go so horribly awry that it produces something like this. Like what possible motivation guided the creation of this image. If someone paid me money and said "Make something really fucked up, GO!" I'd never be able to formulate something like this. Maybe in that sense it sort of counts as art or something.


It has a benis

this is gold

yes, also this...

(vimeo) /user684179


Kek delivers yet again.

What's with the obsession with sexuality

Is she repressed from being so fucking ugly


>Ghost Bitch
>Masshole Love
>Fuck Platter
>Lobsta Rollin'
>Touch My Hull
>Puritan Projects
>Anything For Max

W-what timeline are we in? It should have stopped happening so long ago, and yet it keeps happening.


she's Canadian



Is that Iris from Pokémon in the upper-right corner?

>I'm here for the job interview

She's a performance artist.

>Rebecca Goyette

Who's hiring these actors?

her fb

>implying her life isn't already ruined

desu I'd smash Anita

Mate look at it, I doubt it could get any worse for it but I won't stop you guys, I'll just pop off to the shop for some popcorn.


I think thats a big part of the problems that society faces. Its not that we are sexually repressed its that we think about sex too much when we dont get it, therefore normal sex quickly becomes boring and uninteresting.


Can't stop laughing at this.

he still manages to look infinitely more fuckable than that cow holy shit

nuh uh she's an american professor idiot!

kek'd hard

This is absolutely fucking insane. This is almost too much

John Waters wannabe

That "art gallery" of hers looks like something from the Weimar Republic in hyperdrive.

This is clearly a false flag attack. She's one of us who, with the help of Fred Armisen, is trying to mobilize rage against SJWs. Don't let yourself get caught up because they're probably collecting IP addresses on this very issue. I think they're trying to weed out the next Alexandre Boissontard.


Sup Forums is going too far with these edits

she is a disgusting fat whore that deserves NO money for her pathetic stupid-ness

mother of god...

Didn't Sam Hyde attend the same college? "RISD" I wonder if they know each other.

What the fuck did I just watch


This is art. We fund this with our tax dollars.... Just sayin'


Art, senpai.

Holy shit, is that Adam Sandler? Jack and Jill 2 confirmed?

Holy shit. Did anyone watch any of these videos? Strange degenerate shit.


what the fuck is this Sup Forums




It really makes you think


Reminder that these were the people in charge for 8 years.

Never again, man. These people are scary.

Ooooooyyyyyy Veeeeeyyyy

It's what you see when you stare at the abyss for too long.



How the fuck can these people make a living for themselves , seriously?

That's the swedish statue of liberty

That's probably one of the most fucked up shit I've seen on this site. The chink with maggots in the eyes pales in comparison to this

That woman really likes lobsters

I have seen things...

I would still hate fuck her, she looks like she has a THICC ass


How was she doxxed?

Her dad must have fisted her with a barbie

pilgrims btfo