Allen Scarsella man who shot BLM protesters jailed for 19 years

>A jury on Wednesday convicted a Minnesota man of assault for opening fire and wounding five mendemonstrating against the fatal shooting of a black man by Minneapolis police officers.

>Allen Scarsella, 24, of Bloomington, was found guilty on all charges of assault and riot. Scarsella showed no emotion as the Hennepin County jury’s verdict was read.CBS Minnesota reports that the jury deliberated for seven hours.

>Scarsella was accused of shooting and injuring the five African-American men at a Black Lives Matter protest after the police shooting death of Jamar Clark in 2015.

HAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Having fun getting raped and being forced to join an all white gang in jail.

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>have to defend life from feral niggers
>get jailed for using words that the establishment doesn't approve of

Aw fuck I feel super bad for this bro. That shit suuuuuuccks

Why are white people such degenerates? And somehow liberals are the violent ones.

He will appeal

that one was shooting at BLM
seems he'd be ok with an all white gang

now the antifa fags, that will be funnah.

>act like the chimps he claims to hate
>wonders why he gets treated like one

truly a mystery

is this the libtard guy or the other one?

19 years and nobody was even killed? This is truly what a state police looks like to me.

nvm this the guy that showed up to instigate shit with BLM and then got harrassed and chased three blocks before opening fire.

Listen to this nigger lie about the encounter:

>Only one of the five victims attended the trial. Cameron Clark, 26, Jamar Clark’s cousin, was shot by Scarsella in the right leg. Clark said he remembers Scarsella provoking protesters with racial slurs and luring a group of black men up the street where he turned and shot at them.

There's a video of a couple of nigs telling a completely different story.

Appeal on what grounds??? That's not how appeals work, there had to be a major procedural error or something that caused you to have an unfair trial. All we had here was a retarded jury, which is something you cannot appeal.

Damn, that is fucking bullshit. He was a retard to go there, but he was literally defending his life.

You can appeal for a retarded jury. He can claim that they were already idealistically on the side of the protestors, or maybe there weren't enough whites, or people with a similar income or job to him. There's a lot of room to argue what a "trial by peers" means.

It's what a cucked state like Minnesota looks like. Sucks to be a white boi there.

This is what democracy looks like!

Fuck niggers. Free this man right now.

Our laws are like middle school disciplinary code now, it doesn't matter if the self defense was justified it's the fact violence happened at all, so they have to throw the guy that was fucking defending himself under the bus. It's fucking bullshit.

Also gotta protect those pet niggers. Can't have nothing bad happening to them.

What are you a fag?

I want to write a book about this.

Prison rape is a meme

Wtf, I get more pissed every day

How in the fuck, there are tons of video saying they hit him first and chased him; someone pls send it to the DA where he lives.

It's too late for that. Obviously his lawyer was a worthless piece of shit too.

*gets shot*

Bump this shit for people who are not complete new gags and we're here that day

It's not to late to take it to a higher court you fuckin idiot

What happened with this?

I was following it for awhile but stopped.

they know, just look at the fact they charged this guy with "rioting"

Not one nigger throwing molotov cocktails and looting stores that night was charged with Rioting but 2 white guys and some half-asian show up for 5 minutes and they get charged with it.

It was a political statement, backed up by a Jury of libtards and niggers most likely. It will probably go to appeal and get reduced massively. 19 years is clearly a political statement, but its almost entirely because he was texting and video taping himself talking about starting shit with niggers and waving his gun around. It's kind of hard to claim total self-defense when you show up looking for a fight.


>Post a Video on Youtube acting like a stereotypical racist.
>Send Text messages using Racial slurs about the protest.
>Something about a post on Sup Forums.
He was a Retard from beginning to end

Just think of it
Now rioters/protestors of any kind can decide to chase and beat and kill counter protestors with no consequences
Remember this if you ever have to deal with antifa

Lmao suuuuuure

That is saigamarine in pic related, watch the video; which also wasn't from that night.

>waves his gun around

Don't say shit you don't know shit about fucjin queer faggot.

This shot is sad. Antifa makes me sad. I'm sick of this shit.

HAHAHAHA...whites are done for.

>throw rocks and bottles at cops
>start fires oustide police station
>assault people wearing masks like you are just because 'dey wite'
>chase and assault same people later that night because dey wite dey undacova cops fuck crackas
>get shot

Equally Retarded

Should have let the ferals tear him apart.

Well from the OP it looks like dude is going to prison for 19 years.

What happened was op post

You've never been locked up, I see.

Maybe you should read the article next time and make a coherent post before calling other people names.

>Prosecutors argued that the shootings were racially-motivated. The station reports that Scarsella was identified in a video taken the night of the shootings waving a handgun and making racially-charged statements about the Black Lives Matter protesters. In one video that was shot in a car while Scarsella and a friend were driving to an earlier protest, Scarsella is heard saying he is “on a mission” and “locked and loaded” while holding a gun.

Is funny because I am eating ice cream and there is very good chance this guys already been raped. LOL!

Fuck me. Everyone on /k/ just called him siagamarine. Never knew his real name

Prison rape is a meme



If I show up to a blm riot wearing a trump hat, a group of blm rush me and start assaulting me, I don't have the right to fire a gun to defend myself? Getting beaten to death by a gang of lefties is a real possibility.

He's going to have to join the white power movement just to not get ass raped... as much

If he didn't film that shit prior to the shooting, there is no way in hell he would be doing time right now.


The DA knows, they're making their career of this case.

Is the DA a shitskin or jew by chance?

yes you do have that right, but when you are in a cucked af state like Minnesota, full of old French-Canadians, and you make a video and text message a bunch of shit about how you're ready to rumble against violent niggers if anything goes down,

then there is a strong possibility your self-defense claim gets overlooked in favor of premeditation.

This guy would have been exonerated entirely had he not made those videos or tweets. In fact, he should have probably been exonerated entirely anyway. But that's what happens when you live in a shitty state with libtards.

>get attacked by niggers
>shoot niggers
>go to jail
pure rage fuel

None of which changes what happened at the actual protest, which was: They showed up, got attacked, and defended themselves. They said and did nothing provocative. It turns out niggers just like attacking whitey.

wow didnt know this was about THAT vid

*That a jury doesn't approve of. That's all the law is most of the time: what twelve people think. If it's twelve people in Hennepin County (pic related), you're probably going to prison.

Don't get me wrong: I'm livid Scarsella was convicted and I hope to hell he has an appellate chance.

french canadians go to new england states or florida if they go to the USA

This guy was a pollack and komando!! Lets start this cunt a gofundme. Poor guy

Do stupid things, win stupid prizes. Should've stayed home, retard.

>opening fire and wounding
can white people do anything right?

Except in this case, they didnt rush him, he went looking for trouble

They did rush him though, as he was leaving.

We French Canadians are not as cucked as others. If we're being honest, we pretty much hate everybody for the most part. Minnesota is full of Swedish Americans, which explains much about the current affairs.

>intentionally create a volatile situation
>get attacked

If he had been there randomly, he'd probably be a free man. Self defense arguments end when you're the person who instigated the situation in the first place.

Hopefully this will be a reminder to people to keep Sup Forums on Sup Forums.


>instigated the situation
>by eating a taco across the street

rake yourself

He will serve 8 years Trump will commute his sentence just check these digits.

Why did he post anything that can be traced back to him on the internet?

God what a fucking retard.

This case sets an important precedent because I guarantee something like this will happen between antifa and Trump supporters sooner rather than later.

My question is where did they fuck up, and what could they have done different to avoid jail time while not cucking. Seems to me the things that jammed them up were:

>openly using racial slurs
>not fleeing far enough before opening fire
>recording a video of their plans to instigate

Had they not done these things, would they have gotten off? Any anons know the law regarding this?

This is something all anons should know so we can deal with antifa and not get jammed up.

He did more than that. If the footage didn't exist he would be off. But he's a low IQ wigger who doesn't think 5 feet infront.

His mistake was not realizing that all the witnesses were going to be pro blm dindus and sjw.

They deleted their stream 3 minutes after it ended

the problem was we already had experience saving livestreams from the Ferguson riots and they were immediately reposted to youtube for keks

Problem was the dindus found the videos and twisted them into terrorist threats

it would have made it harder to portray them as racist, they probably would have gotten punish, but not to the same extend as now

he probably used a 9mm
>stopping power

They should have never streamed to begin with.

That's blackpowderranger Although saiga is holding the gun in the pic but he was released and not there the night of incident.

This. The protesters were 2000% worse than /ourguys/ ever could be. There has to be something we can do to help him out.

>Allen Scarsella man who shot BLM protesters jailed for 19 years

Fake News.

Sentencing isn't until March 10.

It was a stupid thing to do but it was hilarious at the time and they were within their rights to livestream a protest taking place on a public street

>being white at a blm rally is instigating violence upon yourself.
>if you are white around black people you have no right to defend yourself even if you flee for multiple blocks while warning them you are armed
>if you get cornered by people who want you dead based on your skin color you are supposed to just let them kill you.

i finally see the way.

>Tell someone you don't agree with them
>They try to kill you
>Defend yourself with your weapon
>You started it so you shouldn't have defended yourself :^)
t. Minnesomalia

I'm very wary of piling on to the guy. I think it's outrageous he was convicted. Whatever he did up to the point where he was punched and then chased should not have mattered.

>recording a video of their plans to instigate

This, however, bugged me. We all have seen the screencap. If it's legal to brandish (since you were in your car on your way to an event rather than at it in front of people), it still isn't smart.

No, they should have streamed. They just streamed at the wrong time -- on their way to the event and at the event but on the wrong day. Had they been streaming it would have been useful evidence -- it probably wouldn't have shown the knife that the dindus wisely ditched after flashing it, but it would have put the jury in the mindset of people being chased, struck and hunted when you were trying to get away from a conflict, not seeking it.

>Prosecutors argued

That won't be skewed against him at all right?

Yeah, that video was from a separate night, if you were here you'd know that newfag.


>wearing masks

That's him I know it!

Dude turned himself in because he is a law abiding citizen, he could have hid like a nig but he obeyed the law;including during the shooting. I've seen every bit of footage from said protest. Multiple angles, multiple nights.

There is video that had niggers admitting he was attacked for not taking his mask off and chased.

Fuck all newfag sand shills.

The pre-stream is really what fucked them over

Not worth making sure and having people show support for an innocent man that got railroaded?

>He is scheduled to be sentenced on March 10 and could face up to 19 years in prison.

Nice misleading thread

Average hopeless look of pol user.

Traitors hang first.

This means you.

On purpose, he's a weapons enthusiast

He'd be getting some semen deposits from the BBC real soon.

But 19 years for not even killing anyone?

U.S. system is weird


>But 19 years for not even killing anyone?
He shot 5 people with a gun.


There is no footage of the incident, only niggers telling the truth because they were across the street.

You know fuck all.


>Subhumans aren't possible to commit crimes against, though.

just because the U.S. justice system doesn't treat African Americans like actual people doesn't make it so, user.

Kek. This is a good night. First learn about this Trumpian getting jailed for 19 years, then Trump's travel ban is halted.

You mean
>just because niggers are allowed to get away with crimes doesn't mean they're violent, anona