The Trump administration isn't going to sit idly by and let this ridiculous ruling with no legal basis stand!

>The White House issued a statement vowing to file for an emergency stay of a federal judge’s order to block President Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigration and refugees from high risk countries from the Middle East.

>“At the earliest possible time, the Department of Justice intends to file an emergency stay of this order and defend the executive order of the President, which we believe is lawful and appropriate,” read a statement from Sean Spicer to reporters. The statement explained that Trump’s order was issued under his constitutional authority to protect the American people.

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How long until the judge's ruling gets btfo in the courts?

This will get fucking slid by ctr bullshit.

How is this not the actions of a dictator?

He'll have to go full super aryan

Without memeing and ass kissing Trump, days at the most
He is well with in his boundaries and it was completely constitutional
This is good though, the judge will get benched and they'll think twice before they let their agendas get in the way of their jobs.
It will send a much needed message

Because his order is completely constitutional you faggot
That judge let his liberal faggot bias get in the way and stepped way the fuck out of line

>literal muslims screaming ALLAHU ACKBAR and killing in the name of the religion of peace daily
>hurr stop being racist drumpf

Could go all the way through to the Supreme Court, which would take months.

>Because his order is completely constitutional you faggot

Do you know what checks and balances are? You may not realize it, but you are support a fascist.

Because his ban is perfectly legal and this stay by the judge is complete BS with no legal basis.

It's over America will be flooded
>earliest possible time
= we have no idea what to do

>Could go all the way through to the Supreme Court, which would take months.

You're right, checks and balances to hell. We should let Trump do whatever he wants. That means immigration bans, war with Iran/China, restrict civil liberties, etc.

>Because his ban is perfectly legal and this stay by the judge is complete BS with no legal basis.

>it's legal because I, and arm chair lawyer on a Nepalese image board said so.

National security matters actually go through to the Supreme Court pretty fast, not months.

However long it is until Jeff Sessions is signed in as Attorney General. If he was signed in, this would be over already.

eat a dick

>all those checks


Some of you are probably thinking this is some kind of next level shit the Judge is doing, but the Judge really did just fuck up badly. Everybody on the left, regardless of their intelligence level, is far too into their emotions to be able to properly deal with Trump. Trump is pretty much playing the game by Miyamoto Musashi's guidebook, gimping his opponents psychologically before engaging in combat.

The left are so TRIGGERED by Trump that they'll unwittingly take the bait Trump lays out each time just to get absolutely wrecked. You'll notice that even Soros and even the fucking Pope fell for this. Trump is truly on a whole different level here.

You're assuming that I think democratic norms and institutions are to be respected. I don't.

I want a fascist state with Trump as General for the next 20 years, until he passes rulership to Stephen Miller.


Yeah I do, they don't give a judge the right to override an EO that is constitutional
At least fucking try you turd ctr shill

activist judges should be forced to retire

>I want a fascist state with Trump as General

Guess what buddy, you aren't the one running the show behind the scenes if he goes full dictatorship. And you will be in the death camps will me.

Are you going to continue pretending that the law cited in my fucking picture isn't real?

>comparing vladimir putin to kim jong-un


Again because you said so? So Trump should cite ID: EiyXr8Oq as why the Constitution is null and void.

No it's legal because it's fucking legal. The law grants him with that power.

The left simply can't be trusted with power as they are now. Maybe when they stop hating on White Cis males and purge their ranks of SJW/Antifa scum they'll be allowed back into power.

My family has money. I went to a private boarding school with plenty of Jews. I will be fine, but I'm not sure about you.

This guy is rooting out the liberal soros puppets all across the nation and world it is wonderful.


>there are more mass shootings in the usa by white males than muslims
>OMFG I´m literally shaking because of those gosh darn muslims

There's no legal basis for his decision, just his emotions.
He needs to be hanged for treason.

He posted the relevant law, you stupid nigger.

>The law grants him with that power.

The law says you cannot ban people based off their religion and national origin (1964 immigration act).

inb4 you say IT'S NOT ABOUT RELIGION, yes it is Trump even said it about "Christian refugees".

Here's rolling for that limp wristed judge getting fired soon...

>popular among the ignorant and low income
>ignorant and low income
>low income
oh shit, send in the wild nignogs

>He posted the relevant law, you stupid nigger.

See this you little faggot

>Y-your laws are no match for muh feelings

Weak bait

Statement released by DOJ cites the code.

Judge gonna get retired

I know right?

Yes, you can ban people due to national origin.
Carter banned Iranian in 1979.
Try again, shill.

Keep in mind Trump hasn't read a book in 40 years and has trouble reading period. If any of you Trumpniggers think he cares about law you need your head checked.

Fuck, another one of these?

Or did I step into a time vortex and reappear a week ago?


if it goes to the supreme court it will be ruled as constitutional.

Could also take days, a single justice can issue an emergency order.

Good. Hope it's done come the morning.

Haven't you got a swimming pool to keep an eye on, Achmed?

Dictators don't operate through established legal channels, retard.

Hello Juden

>This much salt

>block the block blocking the blocking

Do you know what the constitution is? Can you point to the violation of the constitution here? Which powers is Trump using that no other president has possessed before?


Fuck Drumpft and fuck white people.

That meme really is my favorite meme.

Yeah im sure you are not letting your nazi faggot bias get in the way of your opinion.

>muslims kill each other daily with guns, bombs, knives, scimitars, acid and rocks.
>they dont do it in America yet so we should let them in



nice try Zhang

Brock needs to pay you cucks way more, or get some new employees.

don't open any strange packages you might receive in the mail faggot, if you know what's good for you and enjoy having arms

It's amazing how desperate Liberals are to get fucked by muslims.

Can't they just take a drive down to Mexico to get enriched or something?
Why endanger the lives of others?

Go back to your containment thread, commie scum.

>Do you know what checks and balances are?
Yeah. Trump is checking the overreach of that leftie judge.

>congress and senate are going to be republican for the next 50 years
>democrats start panicking and coming up with extralegal methods of passing new rules instead

>Rate per x thousand compared to raw number.

Nice try.

Have you ever READ the US Constitution? Trumps order is 100% legal fuckfag.

And they'll get their stay.

The federal judge was so outside precedent the 9th Circuit has almost no choice but to issue a stay, in fact I bet they're pissed. For a district judge to do something like this would traditionally kill their career and result in them getting so shoveled with shit cases they resign out of pure hatred for the job.

While CTR would like to pretend otherwise I'd put it at a 95% chance the 9th Circuit court issues a stay within the next 15 hours.

Are you suggesting that countries should cull their most numerous ethnic groupings in order to reduce the absolute number of crimes and make their citizens safer from death?

You do realize Muslims are 1000% more likely to me a mass shooter than white people per capita.

Fucking cucked german idiot.

So as a simple quick rundown, essentially:

>Federal Judge blocks ban because it is harming businesses and businesses making more money > Drumpf and national security
>Block to ban is only a week long
>Liberals say Ban is unconstitutional because of 1964 law stating you can't ban (should actually be administer visas?) people based on religion or nationality from entering the country and this law overrides a 1952 one (this being either wrong or something the prosecution would bring up in court)
>Conservatives say ban is constitutional due to the powers the president is given over immigration, the 1952 law that is still in effect, and that religion and nationality have nothing to do with the ban, only the countries being marked as terrorist hot spots
>Since Congress and the supreme court will essentially be majority conservative, signs point more towards the ban lasting

be honest, how many times were you dropped on your head as a baby?


>you can't ban people based on religion or nationality
That's kind of retarded law.
What if there was a country whose people vowed to kill everyone in your nation?
What if there was a religion whose people vowed to kill everyone in your nation?

It should be up the the executive power to protect the nation from that shit.
Not blind court in love with naive ideals.

Do you know where you are?

>popular among the low income.

Jesus Poor shaming much?

>And you will be in the death camps will me.

Look at his flag retard.

Jesus look at the catalog CTR is trying to slide something..


>german flag

listen mohammed we aint letting you in, go fuck some children at your local pool

Reminder: appeal goes to the 9th circuit, which will never rule in Trump's favor on anything for the entire time he is president, so we'll have to wait until SCOTUS bitchslaps this.

The EO does not even say anything about religion.

President Bannon pulling out all the tricks I see.


Shit like this needs to be stamped out quickly and efficiently. This judge attempted to overstep the Commander and Chief who was acting perfectly according to the constitution, and tried to assert himself according to his party line.

A Judge that works according to his party is clearly biased and needs to be removed. When they try to be bigpants and attempt that shit to the POTUS they need to lose much much more than their job. That is treason against the US and it needs to be punished accordingly.

Put that bastard into a Federal Pen right next to everyone else he put away, probably also punished for not being libcucks like him, and see how well he fares.

I cannot stand how fiercely anti-intellectual American liberals are, it's to a rabid state.

They speak in the broadest, most vague "uh yeah I guess" terms of what constitutes a dictator because they want to believe more negative shit about a person that they hate. They haven't got a fucking clue what a dictator is, to them in order to be one you just have to have power in an area and they don't like you.

We have a "media" that straight out lies and makes shit up (unnamed sources!) and then acts like "omg you're covering up!" when they're asked to stop being absolute snakes. Then, because they cover for eachother and have no ethics whatsoever, combined with aforementioned idiots who want to believe bad things about people they don't like, they don't check it.

These people didn't reach their opinions on logic, so logic can't dislodge them from this stupidity.

Deep down....they want to feel like Trump *is* a dictator, so they can get to their weekly Zumba class of protesting and being retards but with clean moral conscience.

>I'd put it at a 95% chance the 9th Circuit court issues a stay within the next 15 hours.

its in Commiefornia, and isnt the 9th the most lieberal packed court in the country ?

oh shit,

>DOJ openly admits it's against Trump
>White House staff openly admit they're against Trump
WOW All this non-existent swamp.

>citing safety concerns for reasons to deny a ban on immigration
Because less people and less possible threats leaking through our borders is SUPER DANGEROUS. Fucking idiots. I bet you slipped our your mother's feet first too.


>how fiercely anti-intellectual American liberals are, it's to a rabid state.

The sick part is, they all pretend to be sooooo much smarter than everyone else on Earth. With absolutely nothing to ever back that up and all evidence to prove the opposite is true.

They attack and burn down a Starbucks every time they get a little upset.

You think I give a shit when it's someone who aligns with my beliefs?

And fuck off you lefty cunt, king nigger set the precedent.

Yes. OTOH if they do slap this down then it's 9000001% over. If they can't get the 9th circuit to go along with them they're absolutely fucked.


Bumping to counter obvious slide attempt.

It's the actions of a leader that actually has the balls to accomplish his promises and do his fucking job. Instead of continue campaigning long after the election is over and only give a fuck about approval ratings and statistics.

Trump is the first man in a very long damn time that is actually performing the job of a president. The other guys just read their horoscope and smiled in front of cameras every fucking day.

And besides, he is only a """brutal dictator""" to sand nigger fucks that only come here to drive trucks into innocent crowds and triggered transgender bitches who torch universities because they simply do not like the person that is talking inside. Who gives a flying fuck about their opinion.

the ninth circuit shall perish, like all the others.


I just hope all 4 liberal supreme court justices dies this year.

Some bitchy hitler worshiping hugbox?

Doesn't matter. This is one of those things that's so outside the bounds of what's considered acceptable that the 9th Circuit has no choice but to issue a stay. It would destroy over a hundred years of precedent not to.