Future of grass

Will Trump administration decriminalize marijuana?

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No weed 4u

No, and fuck you and your cheap Chinese glass.

They actually printed this in our local paper:

Sessions is a well-known opponent of marijuana legalization, saying in April that it is “not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized.”

Sessions, as a U.S. attorney in Alabama, famously said in the 1980s that he used to think the KKK “were OK until I found out they smoked pot.”


Would be a nice alternative to booze

I honestly hope he does, but with one stipulation: It cannot be possessed or sold to those with criminal records.

Just imagine all the salt that could be farmed.

Hopefully not.

is that doland's golden pipe?

Sessions recently said that if Congress wanted to make it legal he wouldn't stop them.

Don't know why this wasn't spread.

: “One obvious concern is the United States Congress has made the possession in every state and distribution an illegal act. If that’s something that’s not desired any longer Congress should pass a law to change the rule. It is not the Attorney General’s job to decide what laws to enforce.”


Not sure, but you can jam that butt plug up your ass legally.

leftards BTFO after that, would be a genius move

legalize for all except for black americans

Check this out. We just need Congress to sign off on it, sessions won't do shit about it.

Decriminalizing Weed would make the loltarians join MAGA. Also a lot of stoners as well. > potential voters.

Probably. Hopefully. Yes. Check'em?

He said it was a state issue

Yeah, besides pontential voters. Trump should play 5D chess with weed legalization and his opposition right now. Imagine if he came out and said he was considering/looking into decriminalizing and legalizing weed and all aspects related to it?

All these people who are so adamantly against him would be in a bind considering how many of them are stoners and want weed legal too. They'd pretty much be forced to actually support him on something.


*Trump's talking about legalizing weed.

>UUUhhh... lets uhh... wait on that for a second... Uh maybe we can #RESIST later okay?

digies confirm, hell yes

he'd make alot of friends and create alot of jobs, investment opportunities, not to mention the potential tax revenue

Most pipes and glass are actually made by small artisan businesses in America.

Let's legalize the one thing keeping young black men permajailed. I'm sure they will integrate seamlessly into society.

i love weed but it makes you non productive, which makes you a degenerate.

>Lets violate white people's freedom and rights to keep niggers locked up and use our tax payer dollars to feed and cloth them for eternity.

Actually no, and I would know this considering I'm an actual glass blower that has been working with glass for over a decade. Most glass in shops today (aside from actual head shops) is cheap imported Chinese shit like the spoon in OP's photo.


legalization for recreation

full legal or bust

I hope so. I'd love to grow a few plants
My state probably won't legalize for another 10 years

Will my uncle who worked for a glass maker said the opposite. So I'm going with him.

>mfw I paid 30 dollars for a counterfeit fabrege egg and it hits identically to the $1000 legitimate version

Why are you cunts so expensive?

Yeah maybe for you.
And maybe for niggers.

great that so fucking useful except its not

He will probably save this for before the next election causing the Democrat party to oppose it. It's gonna be a landslide.

i make furniture. most of the shit in people's houses is cheap pressboard crap, but there are still rich people out there who'll shell out 16 grand for a table made of solid hardwood.

A glass maker? You clearly don't know what you're talking about. China has fucked up the American glass market royally and poor niggers like you are too stoned to even tell the difference. Why don't you go to a head shop and ask someone behind the counter to show you the differences between American and Chinese glass.

Why is a counterfeit iphone cheaper than the real thing? The egg you have was molded and didn't take someone 12 hour to make. If you think they are identical you are either a fool or blind. Nice glass isn't cheap and cheap glass isn't nice.

>what's a drug dealer


In the case of weed pipes though they are functionally identical if you don't drop them.

I like how people quote Jeff Sessions' joke as though it means "THE KKK IS SUPER COOL"

I don't understand why marijuana has become this big an issue.

If he legalizes weed, liberal hippy heads will explode