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the one on the far right looks close to birthing. they're going to abort it soon, right?

Kek something about those faces makes me want to flash them

>Well? Apologize...

Probably, Now this is beyond levels of cringe.
This is madness.

Ugliest Swedish bikini team I ever saw

You almost made me throw up my morning coffee leaf.
Thanks man..

Why do women do this? Is this really necessary?

Look at the fucking traitor faces ffs
>giving women the right to vote ever

>tfw you just voted to reject living in a suicidal matriarchy

It is our equalient party of Jill stein.
Literally SwedenYES the meme.
Note that the woman who signs the protocol is our vice-primeminister and not some random person.
The protocol is about Sweden decreasing fossilfuel usage with 70% to 2030 basically this will mean rip Swedish industry and good night countryside.

First act. only white dicks can rape

At least four Trannies in that photo.

They were right to call it women's suffrage.


far right. because remember. Not all pregnant individuals are female identifying

What's going on with your culture? I'm hearing that Swedish culture is being torn apart by refugees. Does this have any truth to it?

Good one.

She's got a literal husband's wife's son

Our culture is still the same as always, But our customs and way of living is under attack.
We used to be able to leave our doors unlocked, walk home late at night (as female) and everything worked.
Now all of this is gone, probably forever.

Seriously. I used to respect Sweden and only knew it as an ok and wealthy country that had no issues, but you people are going bonkers. WTF Sweden. Everyone around you is more normal

What's your government's and the people's response to this?

you can be sure the pregnant feminist in the pic is carrying a nigger babby. It's her way to show defiance to patriarchy.


Reason I'm asking btw. Also I love Sweden. Watched many documentaries and genuinely interested what's going on.

wtf at least our politicians only do this crazy shit because they are controlled by our industry that wants cheap labour, your politicians actually believe in this crap



I know right, This country went insane.
Normal people thinks this is cringe, Libtards are cheering.
Fair enough, Iam puzzled about how retarded this country is at times.
They are the same as yours, used the same arguments.
I don't think they belive in it, They just get payed so they "believe in it" and when it crashes they fuck off to warmer degrees to live on the wealth they gained from (((Them)))

Do you hate refugees, or do you hate governments that do this for them.

I bet they are going to keep doing this whenever Trump signs a controversial EO (like every week) and sign stuff with complete opposite effect. Just to piss off people more they will have these smug told you so progressive expressions that make you want to kick a puppy.

Alright anons, iam off to work now (to pay this nonsense Just fuck my shit up)
Continue discussing about this and i will read later
>How can such degeneracy be allowed?
>How can Sweden even exist with retards like this?


this is why your nation is dying.




The governments because if they shouldn't be this incompetent to begin with. Giving a foreigner free housing and kicking people out in the fucking snow is beyond terrible


Dont get why he would let that happen.

If I was evicted from my home for niggers I would visit a nigger Kindergarten with a knife and prove the NRA right.


what's going on in this picture?

>tfw 8 husbands and 14 bills have to Fuck these abominations weekly

>tfw stopped careing about this country and 3DPD a long time ago

dude this further ruins your reputation on this board sweeden