Be me, George Soros

>be me, George Soros
>redpilled on JQ bc jew
>redpilled on Hitler bc Nazi collaborator
>know soviet subversion has poisoned the West
>know the plans of the bolshevist jews
>wish uncle Adolf actually gassed them
>realize it takes a jew to de-bolshevize the west
>need money
>screw rothschild/city kikes by betting against their fiat currency
>found varius NGO's with names containing gay shit like "democracy" and "open" to deceive my (((fellow leftists)))
>decide to kill the 'one race human race' bullshit
>fund BLM, tell them police murders blacks en mass
>massive chimp outs as expected
>everyone hates niggers now
>decide to kill the Lügenpresse
>lobby for insane journalistic guidelines creating to an extremely leftist anti-white news coverage
>Coulter's law, "Asian" ethnicity, blame whitey, and similar cancer
>more and more people people realize
>90% americans think msm is full of shit
>decide to kill multiculturalism
>provide logistical and financial support for the massive sandnigger invasion to Europe
>sandnigging ensues
>immediate Right Wing surge all across the West
>everyone hates multiculturalism now
>Nationalism is now inside the overton window again - for the first time in 70 years
>red pill epidemic
>get drunk on liberal tears
>brag to kikebart that I'm responsible for the refugee crisis because proud
>decide to kill the commie left
>fund antifags
>plant firestarters
>antifags go total apeshit because dumb libtards
>they riot against free speech and democracy
>they beat up trash cans and women
>left looks like totalitarian lunatics
>right wing nationalism looks sane and healthy
>the West might be saved
>mfw I will soon die
>mfw this is my farewell to the greatest civilization on earth

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wtf i love george soros now

Vote for Kevin O Leary as Prime Minister.

>mfw none of you watched yuris full speech and got the part about martial arts

Bernier is more based on immigration, he's my choice for the conservative primary. I will vote for whoever the cons put up though, if that is O'Leary I'll vote for him.

Berat's Box
The SOROS email

Who is Otpor? Warning this is Agitprop

What have they have been up to since then

is george soros /ourguy/ now?

Right? Damn

Definitely intelligent enough to be playing that kind of game.

He was a student of Karl Popper for Gods sake

really fired up my neurons


Got a link to his full speech I've only ever seen the part where he talks about KGB subversion

I mean it's either that or he's actually left and a failed mastermind.
Now if he's a failed mastermind who or what made his plan go wrong...?

>who or what made his plan go wrong...?


Praise Kek

Meme magic

holy shit what if you are right, though? it often seems that things go exactly the opposite way they he had hoped, but theres no reason to assume georgy isnt playing 12D go

the good guys

If he's been doing this, I hope someday someone in his family reveals the truth. I would consider him a hero.

Until such a time, I consider him to be the scumbag kike that he is. All evidence points to this being the case and him getting caught in the act.

u foking wot

Truly, he is the Lelouch of our time.

Soros comes from an anti-Semitic Jewish family and was a Nazi collaborator. "My mother was quite anti-Semitic, and ashamed of being Jewish," Soros said in an interview with The New Yorker.

Soros later said in the interview that he did NOT feel any remorse "about confiscating property from Jews as a teenager."

"I don’t deny the Jews their right to a national existence–but I don’t want to be part of it," Soros said.


> no single line with #profit

i prefer the evil baby blood sucking jew narrative, to that of this JEW is actually a good guy when all the proof and sane logical arguments point the other way. what is probably true is that he is classic jew playing both sides for profit that is the arguably the most logical conclusion and we all know all the jews are evil commies that is actually supported by proofs therefore i reach the conclusion GAS THE KIKES, RACE WAR NOW.

Yes, let's just ignore that he's funding and actively supporting globalism, is part of the clinton-group and is very actively funding opposite extreme groups to create wars/aggressions in our society

> hey, whiteys, I kill just so you can give birth to new generation
oy vey

I he the hero we don't deserve?

regardless of his real motives, this man has done more for the resurrection of the West than any of us.
I mean, he takes shitposting to whole new level.

not sure whether it's the one with his martial arts lesson

Here's the link to his pamphlet:

Yuri is like a religious figure to me.
Fucking Yuri man.

So it was his plan to fire up the right when we thought he is getting btfo?
This is troubling news..