How does this make you feel?

So this is what media in Germany promotes (in that case Germany's biggest news magazine). Absolutely not biased, am i right?

Trump should sue them into oblivion.

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Lugenpresse, ja.

I don't know if the front cover is enough for Trump to sue them for. If the contents are slanderous enough, then maybe. In which case, I hope he does!

>"ha ha, mudslimes are so prehistoric for getting angry at cartoon drawings of muhamad"
>"wait is that a cartoon drawing of trump that's so illegal"


Who is Germany to tell America what American values are? We've gone to war with you "people" twice now and kicked your asses both times, not to mention held the Russians off from raping your country half to death for a second time during the whole Cold War.

We don't kill people in retaliation, you dumb fucking canadian retard.

you would if you could get away with it though

Spiegel had a mental breakdown when Trump was elected. It still continues.

It's a shame that a once respectable magazine turned into absolutely horseshit. Then again it's shit for 2 decades now.

Don't care.
How's that migrant crisis working out, Germoney? Einzelfall Map related.


someone photoshop it to have that cunt Merkel holding a white woman's severed head

Sue them for what though? Slander (which is spoken lies btw) and libel only applies when you outright lie about something. If they've written "Trump gasses 6 gorillion Muslims in anudda shoah", they'd be libelous. But they don't. They deal in opinion pieces and half-truths and lies by omission.

>We don't kill people in retaliation

I can't get the context of this picture at all, so somehow Trump is killing America and liberty by prioritizing America's interests above else? Can anyone explain this?

hoaxmap related :^)

Typical German Family

Trump should get the USAF to skywrite a drawing of Mohammed over Berlin in response.

Dead people have no use for kek.

And terrorists are not people.

>2 years of reports
>can't even match January 2017 alone

To this day i can't understand how someone could think it would be a bad thing if the average family here looked like this.

It feels like were in the middle of an important historical process such like it was the end of slavery or the war for independence. The status quo is so determined to keep the way things are, they'll go for full confrontation. Its their last grasps.

>German media thinks this is alright
>If someone made the same cartoon depicting one of their """"rocket scientist"""" Muslim/""""Syrian"""" refugees, they'd have a brain aneurysm and go after them with the full force of the law

Huh, really made me think...

bro, you cant compare fictional numbers. i can create a map full of "information" on stuff too, thats all i wanted to show you, maps like this have no value.

>Der Spiegel
>Jakob Augstein was born in Hamburg. He grew up as the son of Maria Carlsson, translator, and Rudolf Augstein, publisher of the post-war news magazine Der Spiegel. After the death of Rudolf in 2002, his mother told Jakob that his biological father is the famous writer (novelist) and Nazi Party member[1] Martin Walser; Jakob publicised his mother's alleged confession in 2009.

Actually that is the wrong person holding a freshly cut head. That is more like those poor refugees you have in Germany.

i like it

leftie logic, what is there to explain? it's nonsensical garbage
>i don't like trump therefore he's racist sexist homophobic muhsojinist and he hates freedom and he hates america i'm literally shaking right now etc etc

I think of how autistic that cartoon is and how autistic the German people must be to actually be influenced by it

>To this day i can't understand how someone could think it would be a bad thing if the average family here looked like this.
I agree. What's not to like?
>big family, with 3 healthy kids
>happy wife in a traditional role
>member at local gun club
>friendly dog

>traditional gender roles

pretty accurate actually.... the statue of liberty says:

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

granted, immigration flood has been created on purpose by malignant forces and all that, so there is a bit of truth on trump's side too. but he really doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt showing so little tact or sophistication about the problem

talking like a four year old on serious geopolitical questions is beneath the dignity of mankind

Shop Höcke's head on there instead of Trump's

remove kebab

>traditional gender roles

>The image for this week's cover was created by the artist Edel Rodriguez. Edel was nine years old when, in 1980, he came to the U.S. with his mother -- two refugees, like so many others. "I remember it well, and I remember the feelings and how little kids feel when they are leaving their country," he told the Washington Post on Friday night.

>The newspaper wrote: "This DER SPIEGEL Trump cover is stunning." It wasn't the first time Edel has drawn Trump. He usually portrays him without eyes -- you just see his angry, gaping mouth and, of course, the hair. "I don't want to live in a dictatorship," he says. "If I wanted to live in a dictatorship, I'd live in Cuba, where it's much warmer."

>he meant for speaking freedom of speech
>a fucking commie sympathizer
>sweden 2.0

My sister told me that in elementary school kids had to write a letter to Trump today. The title was "did you ever do something good Mr Trump?"

That's fucked up.

But they're racist user

How is it possible that retards like you still can't make the distinction between legal and illegal immigration?

Germany is too far gone. Only going full helicopter pilots can save us from leftism now.

>Edel Rodriguez

We have Reagan and both Bushes to blame for these browns

SPIEGEL ONLINE (their online outlet) had been reporting fake news about our Emperor since quite a while.

Their New York correspondent Marc Pitzke spreads malicious falsehoods about the President.

For example he "interpreted" his Tweet about sending the FBI to Chicago in a dishonest and false way, implying the President is intending to send Federal Troops into Ghettos to oppress "Latino and Black" dissident.

He has an private Kikebook Website where he can be seen being a heart bleeding liberal, hanging around with Members of the Anti-Trump movement and possibly also BLM and Antifa related elements.


The owner of Spiegel was a Cuck
his wife's son is from a conservative
Jakob Augstein

>America calling anyone Sweden

Not anymore family

>pic related is from the October time period as well

As far as I know, Jakob Augstein is currently not in charge as far as I know. He has though a Weekly column in their online outlet SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Said online outlet - also called "SPON" - is usually of lower quality and has in the past years increasingly resorted to sometimes gawker-esque clickbaity style news. Nothwithstanding it remains the most influential and widely read news outlet on the german internet.

Generally both the Magazine and their Online Edition are strongly liberal minded and went in full meltdown mode after the Trump election.


they're projecting really hard


Thank you for remembering Sup Forums that there are other pots cooking beside the antifa one.

Have a rare graveyard picture, my friend.