Take a break off of Sup Forums for a week

>take a break off of Sup Forums for a week
>Life is pretty nice, i am happy
>Visit Sup Forums again

Lads seriously. Fuck you. What have you done to me?

Ignorance is bliss, user.

How do i go back?

Take a break again.

You should try to build a good life for yourself, and be happy all you want. That is necessary if we are to create a bright future for our peoples. You don't build something good out of pessimism. You don't achieve anything if you're constantly depressed by the state of the world.

But you need to be reminded of what is at stake, from time to time, and of the dangers that lurk and loom.

You simultaneously can't and must.

what is this, depression general?

>I don't want to go to sleep because I know when I wake up it's going to be a fucking nightmare of house maintenance, studying for a test I'm going to fail, then manual labor work until it's time to go to sleep and repeat for the next 3 days.

I guess in between work, doing crap for my family members who are too old to do house maintenance, and studying I'll take a shit or two.

>I work every day to pay off a house I literally only sleep and shit in while some family moved in and makes more bills.

>Hate falling asleep
>Hate waking up
>Because of this I always end up falling asleep at 8am and sleeping nearly 12h
But at least for the first time in years I can say I'm actually happy.

You have cuck-tendencies. You love being humiliated and made to feel bad about your life.

You very well may on some level even enjoy when a man from a foreign race has sex with your woman in front of you.

How can you handle not reading news?

I don't feel myself comfy if I don't know what is happening in the world and on stock markets.

You need better cable management

>leave pol
>pol somehow leaks and find me irl

Sven, thank your for these words. It's a simple conclusion and probably the deepest as well.


Pic related desu

I hate people who dont bury cables in the wall.

At least you guys can get guns and end it easily if things get really bad.

there is this word: 'Subjective'

you should learn it.

I'm at work. Not my place.

>$250 power supply
>live in filth and poverty

He got his priorities str8

When I was young(er) I had a dream about a crab. It
occurred after an exhausting day at a Cornish beach,
attempting to catch them in a plastic bucket. Over the
course of the day I failed to catch a single crab. Perhaps
the dream some kind of consolation, but that nannying
part of my subconscious was clearly as inept when it
came to dealing with children as I was with girls, so I
awoke screaming, sweating profusely in the dark in early
hours of the morning. That crab, standing over me, its
vast peach legs stretching from the one side of the cove
to the other - a distance of perhaps a quarter of a mile -
remains to this day the single most terrifying thing I have
ever seen. That fear has stayed with me. When people
describe a “nameless fear” I remember how I felt in that
dream and I understand. It was primal, devoid of reason.
I take comfort in the fact that I have never felt it since.
There are no more crab dreams