Guys what the fuck is the compromised Wikileaks doing?

Guys what the fuck is the compromised Wikileaks doing?

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The svalbard seed vault?

moar info ploxz

no news here

This. It's not really secret stuff.

it must be more than a gay seed vault for fucks sake

knowing the nords, its most likely black seed vault

deus vault?

Having a vault that has been mentioned and shown countless times in documentaries all over the world is now considered valuable content by Wikileaks.

>Vault 7 was a Vault-Tech vault built before the Great War as part of the Great Vault Experiment. The main purpose of this vault was to observe how long society could last without medical aid and/or personnel.

Makes sense. If Wikileaks really is compromised, they'd try to use this cuck seed vault to divert attention to what's really happening down in Antarctica.

could the two be related? is the seed vault a cover? is it even a seed vault in the first place?

i swear my IQ suffers everytime i go onto Sup Forums

Whoa there Igor, care to elaborate a little bit about what that pic is saying?

a straight seed vault?


What am i suppose to see here?

the home of the bogs

This is the conspiratard logic I despise the most.

Pyramid in Antarctica. It is evil itself.

>yfw its actually vault 101

Can I get a quick rundown on those guys user?

I don't know what wikileaks are doing but that's the Svalbard seed vault. I just wonder how the fuck they managed to build it unless it's right next to a major road.

Who gives a shit, but can you imagine how much fun it would be to run the Wikileaks Twitter? You could just tweet out stuff, using certain phrases related to secret stuff you have but haven't posted yet and watch people flip out.

I can't even imagine what the velocity would be of the shit flying out of Podesta's ass into his pants if the Wikileaks Twitter just randomly tweeted his password to @dnc or at the Clinton campaign's account so it would casually come up in a meeting or internal memo. No one would know what it meant except him, and he'd have to explain to everyone what might be coming and then have people demanding to know what's in his emails so they can prepare damage control. A solid two months of lulz.

thats it
someone get on the phone with that hacker known as four chan
i want in that account

My thread was ignored, I'm reposting this here.

We are living in a holographic universe, we all agree on that, right?

To get on track for anyone who's not informed about holographic universe and mandela effect and quantum computers watch these:

The theory about mandela effect is the following:

Quantum conputers mess with our reality which makes us change timelines from time to time.

There's small quantum computers owned by wealthy individuals, but my theory is that there's an enormous quantum computer in the antarctic, pic related.
The computer produces enormous amounts of heat, which is why it is located in the antarctic. This is also the reason why the ice is melting.

I don't know when they started experimenting with quantum computers in the antarctic, but if we find out when the changes in the timelines happened we could find out when experiments began.

Find out when people first started searching for 'luke I am your father' or if there's record of anything on the internet of people talking about Mandelas death before his death in this timeline.

I'm pretty sure in the beginning they experimented without knowing what they are doing, which is why we have such trivial changes like 'froot loops - fruit loops'. But once they got better they started different things like letting Mandela live longer, probably in favor of communism. Mandela might have been required to get Obama into office.

Who Cares

In other news user has hacked Freedom Hosting II , Dumped all its sites, people are going crazy digging up and exposing pedos.

>The computer produces enormous amounts of heat, which is why it is located in the antarctic
this has already turned to shit
im not sure if you're just LARPING or this stupid

>lovecraft was right

You know, user, I don't think you need to come up with holographic super quantum computers in Antarctica to explain the Mandela effect. I'm pretty sure a bunch of people are retarded and don't really give a shit about Africa.

If the Mandela effect were some kind of a fluke, why aren't there any South Africans with incorrect memories? You'd think most errors would be in the area where the most changes are being made, not just the occasional redditor who "totally remembers" his eighth grade history textbook saying Mandela died in prison.

germany take your meds

"Trivial things like froot loops to fruit loops".
That's just stupid. Why on earth would a company name their shit 'froot loops'? At least fruit loops pretends to be healthy, and banks off the unaware parent and subconsciously makes them think it is better. Meanwhile, froot loops is what you get when you ask a young child to spell 'fruit'.

Seriously, what the fuck.

Besides, if the enemy is so superior they are manipulating time lines and shit, why shouldn't we be on their side? They are the better in technology, mass population control, fuck, everything. Resisting just to resist is as stupid as believing it could ever be froot loops.

Vault 7 is nothing.
Wikileaks are Russian influenced trolls and now that they got Trump elected they are going to push RT-tier conspiracy theories.
Next there will be Aliens, ancient artifacts that are 500 million years old and so on. It's all brainwashing to make people doubt the government.

It's actually called froot loops in this timeline.

When i was a kid i was eating fruit loops.

so many fucking shills in here

Wait, hang on, user. Are you honestly saying that you believe that people's could be misremembering how a breakfast cereal from childhood was spelled? Does that really sound more plausible to you than a mysterious group using quantum computers to alter/jump timelines?

And what, how do you explain them all finding each other on Reddit? Some ridiculous fantasy about how people are easily persuaded by groups on the Internet?

Sarcasm aside, somebody should really take this theory to Tumblr. As silly as it is having 15 year olds trying to convince their parents that they're literally a wolf trapped in a human body and can feel the tail and everything, it'd be even more hilarious if their explanation involved communist billionaires and an Antarctic supercomputer.

>No, mom, I was a wolf in another timeline, but when we jumped, Sinbad's genie movie from the 90s was erased and my spirit got moved to this body!

cool so whats vault 7 again? cause the people in the video don't call it vault 7?

whats vault 7?
>whats vault 7?
whats vault 7?
>whats vault 7?
whats vault 7?
>whats vault 7?

You linked a fucking satellite imagery artefact, I just know that the rest of your post is going to be retarded

Seeds are fucking important, for several reasons.
We spend billions on scientists forthe dumbest things, like researching if people who use Facebook spend more time on the computer than those who do not, or how the word 'kek' evolved from 'lol'.

All that bulshit, but a giant seeds vault seems useless to you?

As far as i know there is only one vault.

Is it supposed to be at svalbard aswell?

>whats vault 7?
>>whats vault 7?
>whats vault 7?
>>whats vault 7?
>whats vault 7?
>>whats vault 7?

it's not a seed bank, shills
>it's not a seed bank, shills
it's not a seed bank, shills
>it's not a seed bank, shills

so you didn't even read their tweet did you?

Never put anything down as masterful bait that can be attributed to pure crazy.

Well no it is a seed back, but it's apparently alot more

Seed vault and antarctica are on the opposite sides of the world........

>My thread was ignored
i wonder why

>what is vault7

A bunch of a fucking cunts live there. Gas vault7, vault wars now.

>The computer produces enormous amounts of heat, which is why it is located in the antarctic

Close. In order to achieve super-conductivity required for commercial "quantum computer" chips they need to be run inside a near vacuum at 0.015 K (around -273 celsius).

It's the location of a quantum computer, theres more than just this one, but this one is the most obvious. First they covered it with a black rectangular, then they put several white strokes above, because the black rectangular still looked too suspicious.
Luckily they failed hiding it completely, revealing us one of the locations of their quantum computer labs.

Welp this proves it. Wikileaks is retarded.

are you that Swedish schizo? did you start using a vpn?

You know how refridgerators emit heat in order to cool the interior, do you?

If this is the case, can the programmers please include futa and furry girls in the next patch?

And nerf hebrews, those faggots ruined everything for everyone.

Is that why they have never been wrong then?

>implying conspiracy theories are bad
"Conspiracy theory" is a term created by the CIA to discredit legitimate investigations.

wew lad

FUG, the goyim knows.

The biggest party in Norway used to be members of Comintern, an organization with the sole purpose of spreading communism worldwide, and they're the ones that initiated the building of the seed vault along with the socialist left party.

literally nothing wrong with being a schizo
but that user is just stupid getting sucked into a total fantasy

Then what is it, fag?
>Then what is it, fag?
Then what is it, fag?
>Then what is it, fag?

No no but seriously what is being implied here I actually don't know

good goyim

>Quantum conputers mess with our reality which makes us change timelines from time to time.

There are forces at work who actually work to counter this and restore the proper time line.


Yes, by pulling away heat. You are high if you think some basic refrigerant can get that cold. Even so there's little to no heat in the antarctic, so instead you must cool with something like liquid nitrogen. There you will require less of the liquid and it will stay cold for far longer compared to elsewhere.

You're such a fucking bellend.


even though the op is retarded, that looks like gmaps camouflaging, not an artefact

not quite a fantasy you can look on google maps it is indeed erased at that location

You smart. You loyal. I appreciate you.

those areas occur all the time
furthermore even if it is some super secret THING, the user goes totally off the rails speculating wildly

Hi ctr.–Kruger_effect

ITT: idiot kids who thought Wikileaks were /ourguys/

I didn't imply they have the computer inside a giant refridgerator, but the cooling process emits heat. Having a cool climate thus requires less energy to cool the computers.


Genetic material is important when 99% of your corn has the same genes.

So many shills in here, look into this, this is an indication that i'm onto something big!

That shit is literally everywhere. Just a camera glitch, goym.

they are trying to help snap you out of this nonsense
they are not shills

>timelines are affected by mysterious quantum computers in antarctica
>not just affected by quantum experiments performed by KEK

If they wanted to make a secret facility, they would make a secret facility. They wouldn't make a giant fuckoff facility and let people know about it but pretend it's a seed vault.

Growth is painful

kek. but what IQ you stupid baboon

You'd think that people with the technology to change timelines could have spent some money on to not build some omnious pyramid or whatever and put that shit in a mountain.

Google this:

>site:*.mil Vault 7

>World politics reduced to a soup opera involving large-scale government espionage, aliens and occultists in high places
>average IQ has regressed
>during the technological peak in all human history
>all the worlds information and knowledge at our fingertips
>differing opinions are shills
>withholding easily "googleable" information is useless
>people still call eachother retarded
>current generations went through so many existential crisis' they've just accepted the stupidity at this point

t. low iq shill

Ok, now I am starting to believe in that they are compromised too. It's like they want to come off as conspiracy nuts so that any actual info released would be looked as "just conspiracy theories".

Or maybe Assange have gone mental after such a long time locked up

>Soup Opera

Cambells Soup holding performances now?

Fuck man. Of all the posts here to get numbers like this, my retarded post had to be the one.

Sad thing is this has actually happened in the UK. Lesbian couples that choose Nordic sperm samples are getting African sperm instead and the people that did it just say "It was a little mix up. Our bad".

It's another great con.

What did kek mean by this?

That's the International Seed vault, where they store plant seeds in case everything goes nuclear. Nothing new.

That's exactly what they would do.

takes attention off the real stuff

That's what they want you to believe

>mandela effect

this is literally the normies version of flat earth, it's just old things that were in American pop culture that were regurgitated wrong. before the internet everyone would say "luke i am your father" in reference to star wars. I havent even seen jaws but ive heard the quote "we're gonna need a bigger boat" somehow. Now with the internet we can look it up instantly. Urban legends and misquotations and general bullshitting is a thing of the past

Vault, Continent 7 (Antarctica is the 7th)

So, there should be 6 more on each continent.


Vault 7 is (((Classified)))
The rest are plant seeds.
Yeah man something wierd is happening down there. Isn't one of Trump's top team visiting next month?
To be fair there is a continent beneath the ice. Who knows what could lurk(if anything) beneath it all. pic related. Topographic scan via satellite of what Antarctica looks like physically beneath the ice.