How do we politely as possible tell colored folk that they need to get the fuck out of our countries and have them actually want to leave?

Is it even possible to get them to want to leave cause our countries are so much better than theirs?

What the fuck do we do with these bastard brainwashed whites that have zero problems erasing all majority white nations from the planet?


Should we put some sort of a cap on the percentage of non-whites that are allowed in?

They all come to our countries for "a better life" and that's really fucking convenient for them that they can just do something like that but why in the fuck are we expected to take on countless dependents. Why do they all need to leech off of our greatness instead of lifting u p their their own homelands at least up until the point that they don't feel the need to move into a foreign country where they're a minority and shit up the place..

How do we convince our fellow countrymen that these people need to go back. They're too nice or non confrontational or brainwashed. Whatever it is were not doing a good job or making any progress towards convincing them that something like this needs to happen. How do we convince them?

Withdraw political franchise and make emigration easy. That assumes a lot of progress has been made though.

The difficulty in getting that level of power and the level of popular support implied by it is also why the major ethnostate schemes seem to be about "shortening the borders" - i.e. consolidating to an ethnically homogenous region within your country and having that as your ethnostate.

I get this could be easier but I don't see why we should be ceeding land to these fuck u neess they win it in an actual war.

Is there some sort of a way way we can revoke their citizenship. My thought was especially if they were dual citizens we could tell them to fuck off back home

Any ideas on how we garner support for this stuff? Cause what we've been doing hasn't been working.. Everybody hates us for even suggesting it

people migrate in search of better life

if you live in a shit country with shit economy and aggressive culture, no black person will ever want to migrate in - why would they trade a shithole for an unknown shithole where they dont speak the local language? how many blacks do you know of that live in caucasus or central asia? northern or north-eastern russia? people want stability

solution: become inconvenient to migrate next to, and people will not want to migrate next to you

want to have a future where youre not racemixed out of existence? move to a shitty place: mountains in fly-over states, polar circle, place with shit climate/droughts/a lot of hurricanes/desert - even if there's people there right now, over time they will move away, as is already happening - world is urbanizing, especially non-whites

You're not going to do a lot of immediate mass-convincing. Nationalism and intellectual adjacency to it needs to be normalised, (which means getting away from the NatSoc association and related taboo). They likely won't be convinced by appeals to ethnocultural continuity (the need to survive collectively). The things that seem to work drumming up anti-immigration sentiments in non-nationalists are threats to their safety and threats to their material self-interest - e.g. terrorism and crime on the one hand and threats to their employment on the other. Keeping all that stuff publicised keeps the ground fertile.

Living in shitty conditions is not what I'm looking for but yah I suppose just making a person's life difficult would discourage them. So how do we convince whites to make colored lives difficult? Where do we even start?

Stop giving them gibs, wait until they get desperate and offer them to fuck off and never come back for 1000 canabucks.

Reading this I'm thinking that some false flags might be in order. Could be a quick shortcut

Kay then how do we convince people to end gibs? Bankrupting the system could be a quick way I think. Any other ideas? If everyone that wanted to end gibs went on welfare that actually might break the system....

>want to have a future where youre not racemixed out of existence? move to poland

To go on gibs I don't thinks you're allowed to have assets or anything so I'm think I ng if we set up some sort of a bank you could temporarily give all ur shit to. I really think there might be enough people that want to end gibs that something like this actually might work

Or even if everybody everybody that wanted gibs to end simply applied applied for gibs it could shit up the system..

We need to seriously start considering shit like this , the sooner we do this the less painful it will be

They'll pick the shitty country where they aren't at risk of their fellows chimpouts and the people can be robbed easily without the local law doing anything to them.
Unless you live in an corrupt place, the police won't save the locals in poverty (aka England).

Well, ask your PM.

People would it hand moan about this endangering cripples cripples and other shit but this could actually force force their hand if we said IDGAF and prove how flawed the current system is. Have them chose between their poor cripples or fucking 3rd world invaders

Poland is not a bad example of deterrence - e.g. hit a critical mass of nationalist sentiment and the open and popular hostility to immigration will convince migrants not to bother, especially if that view is represented in government.

False flags are dangerous, especially if you're suggesting violent ones. You pose the obvious risks to yourself individually doing so, but if caught/implicated, you damage movement credibility and lend credence to the narratives that culturally disparate immigrants are peaceful to the point that nationalists need to fake migrant crime/terrorism. Don't do it.

Sincere advice would be to temper your frustration with this - read, work out, improve yourself, be functional, be productive AND find others locally like you to work with.

Hell, see if you can invite someone controversial around to talk publicly in your area. No need to false flag if leftists and migrants are committing crimes off their own bat because Richard Spencer or Woes or whoever is in town. Doing something like that puts up a friendly flag for others too without looking like a bunch of low-rent skinheads.

>Belongs to white people

As long as natives exist, this argument will always be invalid.

Sorry I don't seem to remember "natives" building any cities or even fucking towns for that matter.

What do you think about my plan to bypass democracy and end gibs? We could never convince westerners to do this or for ethnostate so this could be a shortcut.

Honestly, in order to commit so much welfare fraud that the welfare system collapses would require the cooperation of so many people that you'd already have enough support to contest elections.

Much like the false flag thing, going off and committing acts of fraud might get you prosecuted for committing acts of fraud.

Doesn't matter. It's their land.

>Is it even possible to get them to want to leave cause our countries are so much better than theirs?
>What the fuck do we do with these bastard brainwashed whites that have zero problems erasing all majority white nations from the planet?

This book gave me a few pointers. It might answer your questions.

Not isnt. They sold it or lost it in wars.

This is a very petty crime for the desired outcome. I don't think it would take more than half the country to do this.

You have any ideas that wouldn't take forever and that you just hope the masses will come around to. I have zero faith in the Gen pop

Without us, niggers have NOTHING. This is why they will always want to live among whites, even though all we do is kill and (((oppress))) them

If 3mil more, 10 percent of canadians went on basic welfare that would would end up costing around 40 billion a year and that's minus all the tax they would've paid too...

There has to be other ways we could shit up the system too

Less than half the country still means huge numbers of people.

Governments in prosperous countries are stable. As an individual dissident there's not a lot you can do directly. You need people. Not necessarily a democratic majority, but at a minimum you need a dedicated core of activists. Even bypassing democracy means assuming power by popular means and legally entrenching your rule or it means military action (coup, civil war, whatever), all of which needs at least some popular support.

Like I was getting at, start local, find others, be mindful of how you present yourselves to the public and provoke the left. If you hold a discussion forum about how diversity creates low trust societies or whatever and Canadian BLM (or whoever it may be) starts setting bins on fire and committing acts of property damage in response, you are shaping opinion in your community.


Mountains and forests are the white man's territory, silly slav

>How do we politely as possible tell colored folk that they need to get the fuck out of our countries and have them actually want to leave?

But seriously. You can cut of their funding, and they will just riot and burn. You are fucked.

Welcome to reality. Your cucked country opened its doors to a conquering army with the intention of destroying civilized whites.

You don't ask them to leave. They won't leave anyway. Short of genocide, you are stuck. Enjoy your cultural enrichment.

>Somali neighbours
Do these cunts even know where Somalia is?

cut social programs
they don't like work so they will leave if the gibs run dry

the less civilized but more satisfying solution would be ethnic cleansing

All the chimp outs and terror attacks in the world will not get people to vote to end gibson or relocate them. We need to figure out ways to jam the system methinks. There has to be several different ways we can get the government to over extend itself

>So far we've established:
- Easiest way to get rid of them is to end gibs

>What we still need to establish:
- How to end gibs

How do we end gibs? What is the fastest way to get this done? Time is a of the essence here

Ban dual citizenships and millions will leave. If we have to borrow money to pay people to leave so be it I don't even care at this point. Honestly we all know Canadians are never going to push back because the rural whites that are angry still have good jobs and live in 99% white cities/towns. We weren't pushed out of every city like the Americans and now the Swedes, they just keep building up the big four all of which have massive greenbelts or a river around them.

The traitors in OPs pic should be sent to Mogadishu. We'll see if they love Somalia then, the fucking brainwashed retards.

Cut welfare. It's really that simple.

Obviously nobody is going to destroy the welfare state they rightfully deserve and have been paying into for decades. Fewer people are libertarians every day it seems because they realize it's naive as fuck and always leads to angry mobs and massive corruption when the welfare state is voted back in after the next election, hell it seems even most people are the far-right are national socialists.

Institute racial rules for social systems.

I'm convinced that simply educated the masses on the Jew and its overwhelmingly negative influence is best. Solve the JQ and I don't care if it's ancap or communism that comes after anymore.

I wonder.. Since we could never get the votes for this.. Maybe we could set up up a fund that pays these mother fuckerst to go home or renounce their citizenships?

I'm not just looking for solutions I'm looking for how we go about implementing those solutions

You would have better luck of implementing a system that discriminated based on citizenship as opposed to race

This is something even Canadians or other loberal westerners might go for

I hear it's a gas.