Is Sup Forums a honeypot?

Is Sup Forums a honeypot?

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Press F to pay respects for the fallen leaf

yes, KEK was an MI6 psyops delivered by the 77 Brigade, the British Army's cyber division.

Tell me what's not a honey pot online or irl


I think I got omitted from some non-busy uni course because I forgot to disable some cuck-tracker on startup for about a month

watch your active connections and behaviour of your OS when visiting internet. data mine data mine data mine by whom...

A site that doesn't give the personal information of users without a subpoena for making a crude joke

Anything you say can be damaging your reputation in the court of public opinion

"Is this what user ACTUALLY BELIEVES..."

I actually wasn't.

The Chindits are shit. It takes them a week to make a mspaint frog.

The goyim knows
Shut it down

Better use a VPN if you're going to make posts like that

Is that real?

Sup Forums is a scary place

that's what they want you to believe

This is actually serious.
Hiroshimoot sold us out

Everyone has always known that if you post a terrorist threat or CP Sup Forums admins will report you to the FBI. It's the same on the pedochan.

How do you know they weren't subpoena'd?


umm the whole internet is a honeypot
just don't make fucking death/terror threats, diddle kids or sell drugs and you're good


Don't cross austin powers

leaf btfo

Authorities can timestamp posts too
As most of proxies are banned on Sup Forums it's fairly easy for LE to know who posters are

>cops ignore persistent interweb harassers
>arrest simple leaf publishing works of satire on an asian cartoon comedy website

Because there is no way the Cucknadian authorities monitor Sup Forums on a 24 hour basis. Either the admins gave the info on their own volition or some antifacuck shill reported him.

Wait so is there going to be a happening or was he caught instead? One of my friends lives in toronto

Didn't even use a proxy, what a tard.

ITT newfags and reddit transplants don't remember the superbowl fiasco

Honestly though we shouldn't even be talking about them. They are Her Maj's memers. They are pro-trump and Anti-EU.

Maybe one day they'll make something go truly viral. They'll have proper dank meme that gets reposted by someone other than them.

The leaf made a shitpost after the mosque shooting while clearly being upset and he got arrested

Hiro complying with a court order to release the IP of someone threatening a terrorist attack isn't selling out.

It has long been known that the FBI monitors Sup Forums, especially Sup Forums. But now that Sup Forums is absolute shit, it makes sense that the FBI now monitors Sup Forums. There is no such thing as true anonymous on Sup Forums, or anywhere on the internet for that matter, your IP is attached to every post you make and a log is kept for months, which moot had absolutely no qualms with handing over to the police in the past.

You have to be absolutely retarded to post threats anywhere on the internet, it will always eventually be traced back to you, even if you are behind 7 proxies.

What a fucking retard. If you post this kind of 'irony', full the fucking vpn at least!

that makes sense!

it'd be the first court order hiroshima complied with :^)

>when shit posting gets taken too far
Was he actually gonna do something or LARP?

I don't know I just find funny being here.

Yes, I said it. Still haven't been able to stop sucking dicks.

We need to send a delegate straight to Toronto and explain to the judge what leafposting behind 256 layers of irony is and how it's harmless outside the virtual world.

>not using 7 proxies

It was clearly a hoax even the article says so

fbi-senpai can suck my rod. fbi-senpai shouldn't forget to fondle my balls while sucking my dick. turns out the cyber police is a real thing after all, well fuckin blow me.

>live in toronto
>be white

All just a prank bro! haha

good luck with that

only complete newfags dont know about the fbi actively watching Sup Forums. even as far back as 2006 moot was forced to give them access due to the cp going through Sup Forums

With real power comes real responsibility. Don't squander them both

fuckin colbert is such a piece of shit. watch my show so you can be told how to think through bad comedy reality filters. look at my shit eating grin and all white men are over privileged nazi babies

some of you guys are alright don't visit Sup Forums tomorrow

If you actively post illegal shit, don't be surprised when the law comes knocking. OPSEC is something that is not in newfags vocabulary.

Every time I see someone get arrested for announcing their plans all over the web I laugh my ass off at their stupidity. And even if you did want to announce shit, you need to browse Sup Forums and become knowledgeable if you wanted to do so with any sense of anonymity.

>It's just a prank
Now he can get raped in prison by mudslimes.

Does FBI have a technical manual describing popular memes and a definition of lolis? How rare are their pepes?

>fbi agents have to monitor Sup Forums all day

That's pretty funny, imagine some guy signed up for the fbi and did months of training to serve his country and he has to wade through trap threads and andy sixx log threads

Yeah let's throw one of the few White people left in Cucknada in jail for making a joke on the Internet. Doesn't the cucknada police have anything better to do?

>Connor Merzetti

>Yeah let's throw one of the few White people left in Cucknada in jail for making a joke on the Internet. Doesn't the cucknada police have anything better to do?
Maybe he can write Mein Kampf in prison. And they did have something important to do, what if it was a shitskin making that post and was serious? I mean, it would've been better if it was a shitskin that succeeded, but that's kind of the role of the police...

crime prevention and dealing with active threats.

The dude is a fucking idiot and is NOT helping shift public opinion towards right wing beliefs. The U.S. doesn't need another Trudeau term on it's border. It's bad enough they've got two more years of Zoolander.

Hello fellow redditors, Sup Forums here. If you use win10 (statistically, most of you should), you can press ctrl+shift+esc to open the Task Manager. Click on "More Details" and pull it off to your second monitor, and click on the Memory column to have them sort by memory used.

Now, proceed to observe the processes that run throughout the day. You will notice one quite interesting process called "Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry" take up to a third of your CPU, sometimes even clog it up to 100%. What's even more interesting is the amount of memory it uses, which is an indicator that a fuckload of information is contained within vectors operated by that process. The memory usage might spike upwards of 400-500mb sometimes, which is equal to a fully-polished and advanced program, like your browser. This is the same "telemetry" you probably have already heard about, where Microsoft denies releasing any information regarding what it collects, and forces you to have it enabled with no option to disable it.

I'll leave the conclusion to what data it might collect to you, but let me just remind you that this piece of datamining technology exists and has existed for quite a while to *specifically* datamine illegal information about you and hand it over to authorities - .

Welcome to the world where tinfoil-tier conspiracies become reality.

Sup Forums has been a honeypot since at least 2007

pedos btfo

how is this a bad thing?


>not using encyrption
>using public services to store shit

That's like asking "are
phones honeypots?". Long before the internet, phone companies have always given out the customer information of edgy teens making threats. The only difference is that now the sentences are much more severe.,5818295

guis while we're on the subject, what VPN service do you use?
because alot of them require a Sup Forums pass to use
so is there any that aren't range banned?

Only if your country has stupid Matrix laws like in UK where they spy everything.

I love how the MSM follow rules 1 and 2 better than most newfags on here

they just can't name the (((Sup Forums)))

Are you sure your VPN isn't keeping logs?

>*** btfo
If you enlarge (even mouseover) a picture from Sup Forums, it is stored (cached) temporarily on your HDD so your browser doesn't have to re-download it after you open it again. All it takes for the program is to find the cached image, hash it and send it to microsoft and you're permanently flagged in some database.

Also, don't mention the P word unironically anywhere. It's a huge redflag and while you might not get flagged now, you can never know what kind of 1984-tier bullshit can come out without anyone realizing, so it's best to maintain good opsec and simply refrain from mentioning/talking about it, even on Sup Forums.

but user-kun what if I'm indeed behind 7 proxies
>what is a NAT

protip, some VPNs are cracked, meaning you have no account, such as Avira VPN
although services like PIA claim to keep no logs & it has been proven, or so it seems anyway

What is going to happen when NSA knocks on door of some IT guru with glasses and his buddies door? Do they pull out logs? Yes or no?

>Sup Forums has been a honeypot
>they just can't name the (((Sup Forums)))
>If you enlarge (even mouseover) a picture from Sup Forums,

first of all, pic related.
second, gtfo shills.

I'm behind an actual proxy.

I also have dynamic IP.

Most of these are a problem for computer illiterates.

And our country is just too small and unimportant for anyone to care.

>implying moot didn't do the same thing

the idea is to use a proxy (socks5, provided by another service) or i guess just the tor network
that way, if they really do lie & have logs (this breaks the log) then at least you're connecting through a socks6 & thus have an extra layer that is pretty safe
if you have the NSA after you for some reason you're fucked anyway
but other alphabet agencies, this is good enough to win

This is why they need to import lots of foreigners to your country so they can find an excuse to monitor you in name of anti-terrorism. Or you think they do this because actual anti-terrorism? Nah, they do this to give international companies a benefit collection of information so they can expand much easily when they have other company's and other people's research of market. This anti-trolling/anti-terrorist info collecting is just 10000th place of importance.

get out of here putin you should have known the chans are FBI county

fuck off newfag

Tor is hiding you, but you know what Tor is? Some other guy using your IP and doing whatever.

I don't have that, is my Win10 broke?

>the olden days when sage worked
beautiful times...

Sup Forums is bees, flowers and peace
Normies are pot.

>chans are FBI county
so what?
do you actually realise, that i know you are a shill?
btw, who uses this spicific term?

You do, it only pops up once a major change to your HDD content is detected. Try installing some program or downloading something massive and you'll see it. Try crashing it through the TM and it will replicate into several processes like my pic.

To remove it do this

not a honeypot, anons reported him.
Sup Forums is a law abiding board.
Sup Forums is also a white board and that leaf threatened to perform a criminal act which makes him a dindu by definition .

to add to this is the fact that most of the people he was going to attack were probably white.

kek wiill not stand for this.

you want the VPN to go first
socks5 > vpn > tor
but yes I dont bother with tor because of many reasons

Nah I watch my processes all the time. I've never once seen it and I'm always moving large amounts of data

lurk more faggot.


Impossible, unless you've run a script like Blackbird or have installed enterprise edition and specifically disabled it through gpedit

Well anyway good luck FBI filtering the 300000 people's shitposting on Sup Forums, by the time they through, they become one of us.

>lurk more

There are 2 paid Swedish "analysts" analyzing my postings and internet usage because my internet traffic goes through Sweden. Only thing I care about it is that they are wasting the Swedish taxpayer money. They waste resources they could use to actually evolve their degenerating society.

Hello my "friends", you are the problem not me.

Tell you what, when they start doing alt right false flags, they gonna collect you up. Remember the term useful idiot. We are all definitely that. Don't think for a second we're not.

DARPA crated the inert met for social engineering. That is what the top 100 websites do, engineer your behavior. Trust me, I'm not a doctor, but I do play one on tv.

Now you're getting it!

Can they see this reply

you seem different from the other shitposters

Sure, they monitor threads I am participating in.

jesus christ, you are obvious


Sup Forums is a honeypot ever since moots canvas and other projects failed and he ended up owing some jew investment fund 3 million dollars.
That was like more than six years ago certainly.

Another one fell for the memes. Never engage in memetics unless you're fit enough not to let them affect you in the real world. Tsk tsk.

so if its a honeypot, what are they collecting?


it's not very effective then.