92% of Antifa live with their parents

92% of Antifa live with their parents



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Bump, u faggots. Cant stop replying to cuck threads?

Would you look at that. Everyone remembers a point in your teenage years when you thought it would be exciting to throw a molotov and take part in a revolution. Then you grow up. These guys just never grew up.

I ain't clicking that shit. Archive or gtfo.


It seems like a funny place to give clicks though, a compilation of leftist SJW blunders.

Thats just pretty much stating the obvious

I'm pretty sure Antifa was never a movement with any value. They're basically the lowest of henchmen in the world.

>thread is empty because 92% of Sup Forums does too

Ya, well at least our families have money and raised us right.

We arent little snowflake niggers that destroy everything.

I feel better about that.

I dont live with my parents.

To be fair most people in general these days are living with their families or cohabiting homes with others due to expenses.

Unless you have a high paying job, you can't live on your own.

>We arent little snowflake
>Everyone is a bluepilled cuck except me. I educated myself on youtube wich is vastly superior to getting brainwashed in an university

>most people in general
>Unless you have a high paying job
>neet making excuses for himself


Sweden pls, you get a home just for being born.
I pay $675 a month for a 500sqft efficiency.
This is hell.

Then move out of the city retard. Or get a better job

Moved out when I was 18, now currently posting from my Mom's basement. All while blaming the conditions of my cages.

Haha sucks to be a little bitch nigger doesnt it?

Stay mad, shitskin.

Luckily, i dont live with my parents so this doesnt apply to me.


>Be 24
>Still living with parent

I need a better job to move out and don't really see the point when food is made for me, clothes are washed for me, pay little for rent, don't leave my mom on her own etc.

Only downside is it is hard to pick up chicks while living at home.

Weak defense. No rebuttal. No argument.

and yet they still beat the shit out of you. Thats the punch line.

I find that these types of people use the "mother's basement" as an insult the most often; could this be psychological projection?

What is wrong with living with your parents?
Is it better to waste money and rent apartment so mr Shekelstein can make profit?
Or maybe dissolving family ties is better?
Because parents cant help raise your children?
What is so great about living alone, far away from home and being slave during your best years to afford rent?

>doesn't see the point

How about pride, personal accomplishment, real property, asset collection, somewhere to raise a family, something to pass on, self sufficiency, let your parents enjoy some freedom they worked hard to get, a hundred other reasons.

I moved out at 16 for a few months for a job placement.
Loved it so much i moved out for good a few months after returning.
I cannot imagine living with my parents again despite the ludicrous number of benefits

lel, 92% of Antifa are useful idiots who are too lazy to work and too stupid to know that they can get paid by Soros

Only if theres 20 of them together.

Guys, you are falling for the sweden Bait.