Every white nationalist that I've seen in real life is under 6'0" tall, obese or skinnyfat, doesn't lift...

>Every white nationalist that I've seen in real life is under 6'0" tall, obese or skinnyfat, doesn't lift, spews epic dank memes from Sup Forums, is completely uncultured, has zero fashion sense, and has no chin.

Absolutely pathetic.
Why can't white nationalists actually look more like this?

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how do I into teethlifting/thiqq neck and jaw

Wew, fucking hell.

I can tell just how attractive that man is by how blindingly angry I got, for a moment, at the fact that he exists.

>lifting for aesthetics rather than function strength


>Jeff Tren
>taller than 5'5
Sure Jeff

How much are they paying you? How much is your soul worth? How does it feel supporting white genocide?

Anecdotal evidence is not qualitative data.

Come back after youve finished highschool.

jeff train calves PLS

>why can't you be homos like me: the thread

Still uncultured and has zero fashion sense.

Unless you think shitty tattoos and under armor is the height of fashion and culture.

>fashion sense
back to /lgbt/ gayfag

But a tank top and Asics shorts are the epitome of culture and fashion?
Sage this shitty thread.

Believe it or not, I shill for free. Fuck Drumpf, support antifa.

>fasion biz owned by j00s mostly
>clothes tailored for stickthin agendered
what can you do desu

People treat you differently when you're bigger. Take it from a guy who used to weigh 110, but worked his way up to 170.

Aesthetics is a totally legit reason to work out.

Paying that much attention to your physique is a form of degeneracy.

You should be classically fit.


>gets proved wrong
>immediately changes topic
ctr pls go

dude, literally every gymrat or fighter is pro trump


>170 lbs
If you are under 200 lbs you are almost female

plz become my bf

Attractive men have no reason to get into politics.


yeah right

You've obviously never hung out with american skinheads or Russian ultranationalists.

The biggest bbers are all under 6 ft lol




The average weight of a SOF operator is around 185 IIRC.

Are Le cookies ready yet Jeff?

Let's take a look at relevant european nationalist dictators of the past

Not a single one was a buffed out synthoil junkie.

Try having a decent political discussion with the average gymbro and let me know how you go

why would people want to be that muscular. I like a bruce lee style of muscular tone.

thats because u are a beta

white nationalists dont hang with ugly commy women and men

>fashion sense

what a faggot

Hitler was a junkie? I remember watching several documentaries on it,

Took fuck ton of drugs

>being so blue pilled you think 6'0" is anything but an arbitrary number people like because it's rounded off

5'8"-5'10" is the ideal height for the human body, it's the 45 degree angle of speed and strength

>and has no chin.
fuck you i have 3

Every nigger I've seen has been black.

What do you have to say in your defense?

Manlet detected

Joff pls go

>considering what he got done in his lifetime
wtf I love pot now

>shaves all body hair.
Do you dislike being a man?

Looks like someone needs to focus on his leg days.

Because the average human height is 5'7"

He looks like a full retard. Believe it or not but most people think people who spend their lives in the gym have brain problems.

Some fitness is good of course.

Jeff Seid (the roider in that pic) is below 6 foot.

Im 6'2 10% body fat 235. Fuck off with your bullshit.


Jeff, pls go away. Your mutant californian chin and incestuous relationship with your mother are enough of a posion on fit and minsc.

Attractive people generally have no motivation to question the prevailing narrative.

Everyone I knew that became a white nationalist type was a loser in high school that nobody respected. Also below average intelligence but seemed to think they were smarter than everyone even back then


be mad all you want, I can achieve levels of physical fitness big old sasquatches can only dream about

I know where you might get. Still times are different. Gym or build up your body arm yourself with knowledege... the path of werewolf.

>Every cultural Marxist that I've seen in real life is under 6'0" tall, obese or skinnyfat, has a gigantic nose and a head of disgusting curly hair


Regarding tattos it was common among Celtic and Aryan nations... The cuck chrsitians were the ones too ban ink.

pls go

>Skipping Leg Day

that best be in europounds

>I have only ever seen Americans
It's not our fault that you're too poor to travel, trayvon

>has zero fashion sense.


Wow, made me think

why spend all day on fucking Sup Forums when women are actually interested in you?


pro tip: if you're a man and are actually this concerned about what other men are wearing, especially outside the workplace, you're probably gay

I used to weigh 110, worked my way up to 120. It's such a long difficult journey man. Eating so much everyday is outright torture.

your entire country is the size of some of our states

was a strong dude actually

manlet detected

>is completely uncultured, has zero fashion sense, and has no chin.
most of those things are actually positives

protip: if you're a person and you can't instinctively recognize autists by their choice of clothes, you're probably autistic.

he fenced political / ideological opponents, beat all of them

I know I am Italian American and my grandparents still respect him

How is that connected to weight or body size, Nigger?
>muh dick
/mit/ edition

Your faggot picture gave me the gay, please don't post it again.

Skinny fat white nationalist here.
I have other priorities. Why waste time getting fat or lifting if I can pursue more profitable goals?

Because an appealing physique is important to fix your image problems and solves many problems before they occur through intimidation.
Or are you one of those cucks who's only loud and proud in his basement?

>proper dress for look
>mobility for combat readiness
choose one

That's it?
Just non stop neck bridges?
Well fuck, I'm getting my dick bridges on right fucking now

It's called sex, user.

Jeff pls go

>fix your image problems
>solves many problems before they occur through intimidation
Any society or culture that relies on physical posturing as the highest form of power is gay af.
I live in a capitalist society. I can buy my own basement and your sweet sweet mother and sister for a weekend romp

Yeah they're all manlets

>constant sex
fucking for the purposes of reproduction only is the way to go
Anything else is degenerate

>fashion sense

kek, found the nu-male

Then you really are surrounded by the ugliest people in existance.

What turns you on the most? The addams apple piercings or the purple dreadlock undercut on a 280lbs woman?

white nationalists are always jewish italian slavic or other nonwhites

Guess I better go lift until I'm 6'

Top kek

How do you know they're white nationalists?

Because only weak willed people turn to nationalism.

You're retarded, capitalism or communism change nothing about the human nature,which us why propaganda pictures for both never featured a skinnyfat manlet

practice hanging yourself every day

What now?

Forgot this

Because people who look like that have lots of friends and people with friends detest racism.

Radical politics attract people that aren't busy mackin

Did you just post a picture of that roiding manlet?

Almost every person in the military supports trump. BTFO

Those guys look like douchbags