This kills the Sup Forums

>this kills the Sup Forums

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oh fugg what did you mean by this

Not really, that shit was literally designed and, for a big part, built by non-sandniggers.
Sandniggers are too dumb to do any of that shit by themselves.

wow it must take gays a full 5 minutes to hit the ground when you throw them off that


But she look like tiny pin against vast colossal backdrop of Mother Russia. Giant building?! Giant joke!


Quads confirm OP is a Jewish trixtr.

do Arabs really do that in the Burj Khalifa?

Babel tower got rekt.

Perfect height for dropping fag frags.


we almost found out.

Built with our money sadly.

Accelerating at a rate of 9.8m/s due to gravity it would take a homosexual just 13 seconds to hit the floor if pushed from the very top of the Burj Khalifa.

Thank you /sci/.

>build by chinks and whites
>designed by chinks and whites
>with shitskin money
>given to them for oil by chinks and whites.

yeah really makes you think, why have a thriving economy and make the whole middle east great again, when you can build one of two building to compesate for the fact that you are a hairy dumb arab.

There has to be a taller building somewhere in sub-saharan africa.

I bet you forgot to calculate for air resistance.

better hit em with some slomo first.

They specifically built it to be the tallest structure the others weren't trying to become the largest. If someone wanted to build a higher structure they would. It's a lot of money to invest and is not practical to build a building just for the sake of having the tallest one.
Besides Arabs were good city builders and it's too bad they have been ruined by a terrible religion. If they weren't insane we might consider them equals since they are technically white.

why do you think it was built?

So what, it's not anywhere near the size of my white cock.

you realise that you don't just keep getting faster and faster in atmosphere, right?


It's too minimal to figure in for falling time, but for the force of impact it would have to added in though.

>Built by westerners.

>not practical to build a building just for the sake of having the tallest one
they're swimming in oil shekels, what does practicality have to do with it? besides, tourism is going to be all they have left eventually

Actually, it would take 19 seconds when accounting for the air resistance of a human.

Wrong. Acceleration isn't -9.8 m/s^2 for ALL distance of descent.

>this damage control
>w-we could build taller if we wanted, r-right g-g-g-g-guys?

Cecked. Western europeans BTFO

it would be great laugh if westerners could be free from oil.

Minus wind resistance all objects fall at the same rate. a stone will fall at the same rate as Styrofoam in a vacuum.

In which orientation? Is this tumbling?

Humans arent spheres...

Its pretty high indeed

Burj was designed by Americans and Europeans oil tycoons in Middle East needed something to make their shithole half worth visiting, Google it.

> German engineers

That's only if they fall *straight* down. We are talking about homosexuals.

>be sand nigger
>waste money on stupid shit
really fired up my neurons

We could. There is just no reason for it. Name something else off the top of your head you would go to Dubai to see.

Wasn't the architect from Denmark or some shit?

Are you people really having this conversation?

Have they factored in his homosexuality? Nature want's them dead so the force of gravity acting on the fag will increase and air risistance will subside

U wot m8?

I can't see the Burj from all the way up here

That tower was literally built by American architect.

>tfw shitskins can't even built ther towers for themselves witjout the white men


Big arabian buildings and dicks > thiny white buildings and dicks

Ha, I was wrong, all the brains were from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, UAE only got the bill

The tower was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM)

I fail to see how it annoys Sup Forums in any way, shape or form.

We still built their tower. They just paid for it.

>Humans arent spheres
Close enough approximation if you hog tie them

except the burj khalifa has been made by white people, sandnigger just paid them.

they can't to shit by themselves.

made by whites

>Besides Arabs were good city builders
You mean Greeks and Persians? Go read what Khalid wrote during conquest about the cities he conquered in comparison to their own.

Would a cat survive if we dropped it from there?

>be polish
>think you can into space
>not a waste of money

Really gets the synapses blasting

Why do they ignore sears tower?

>muh dick

Someone should climb that shit and make a drawing of mohamed getting fucked by a pig.


>destroy the world's largest building so you can take its title



someone's compensating. also, you know the empire state building isn't our tallest building anymore?

Actually only 15-20 secs depending on how fat you are. Skinny sissies will fall faster.

OP's just being a faggot.
He wants to line up the newest tower against older structure to say "See! Muslims can do stuff too guys!"
He's probably a UAE poster using a proxy.

>this kills the Dubai

>be british
>buy spoon
>arrested for not having dangerous weapon licence

UAE posters can access Sup Forums

>building built 10 years ago is taller than building built 80 years ago

Weakness is mocked and not tolerated in Dubai.

skyscrapers above a certain height are just audacious displays, there is little financial incentive to build a 2000 ft skyscraper that costs more than double two 1000 foot skyscrapers.

honestly i'm surprised that North Korea hasn't elected to put up the world's tallest structure purely as a fuck-you to everyone, including their own people.

but yeah, holding that record just means you're willing to throw money away at holding the record.


The architect who designed it is American ;)

>building is the tallest ever
>muslims also built the pyramids
>implying you can even compete

As if the whole world doesn't know they are absolutely worthless and were lucky enough that their sand dunes had oil underneath

It was built by Indians

nice town you got there Ahmed
would be a shame if something happened to it

>not showing the CN tower in the graphic

>>muslims also built the pyramids
Are blacks muslim now too?

the pyramids were built 5000 years ago.
muhammad started islam 1500 years ago.

pls tell me you knew this already

Actually this kills the Dubai

muslims didn't build the pyramids, you're a dipshit

Great Pyramid was built and designed by a fat white man with man tits called Hemiunu.

His freaking statue, which was probably sculpted to flatter him, still makes him look fat and white as fuck. Love the guy but he was fat and he was literally white.

Pyramids... eurasian white man origin.


Who are you fucking retards, and why are your shitposts so terrible?

you do till you hit your terminal velocity which is about 120 mph for a sky diver and can go much faster if they dive head first with their arms at their side
from a height as low as that building a person most likely would keep accelerating until the end when he suddenly decelerates


God tier game right there
Thought it was going to be just another Call of Duty when I bought it.

>>muslims also built the pyramids

But who was History?

Checkered those quads.

Also, it doesn't matter how tall it is if it falls down within 20 years because there is no more money to keep it up.

yes actually

Actually it was the blacks you culture appropriating white devil
May your skin burn under our life giving sun for your evil deeds.

Quads confirm

>people who export oil build greater structures than people who export less valuable items
really makes you think

That's right


Wow really stimulates my almonds.
Wait...who built it.
Designed by Adrian Smith.
Used western engineering companies.
Labour done by Asians.
Yeah gofuckyourself.


>tfw my OCD kicks into overdrive when looking at the Burj Khalifa
They literally only aimed to make it the tallest building in the world.

>building as a dick measuring contest instead of for practical uses

Arabs are stupid