Is he white?

Is he white?

Italian if I'm correct. Damn good actor, though.

He's definitely black.

he's certainly got an ugly face and voice

Is he white? He's 100% European

>Croce was born in South Philadelphia, to James Albert Croce and his wife Flora Mary (Babucci) Croce, both Italian Americans

I had a dream about this guy last night, then woke up feverish and puked bile. Not sure if they're related.

Merry Christmas, little fella. We know that you're in there, and that you're all alone!

please don't drag jim into this, he was an angel on earth.

Look at his fuckin skin of course he's white you dumb fuck

You motherfucker you

Isnt he one of the guys that fiddled with maculay culkin on the set of home alone?

Go home and get your fucking SHINE BOX

No not technically user...he's Italian which means he has Europen, black, arab Mongolian, and a pinch of Bretonian, all mixed up in the sour cornucopia you see before you.


He nearly bit the kid's finger off. To this day there is no explanation to why he felt the need to do that.

i heard him singing jazz on npr the other day, he has a very nice voice for it.

>56% man projecting again

shame we don't count italians as white :(. also that pic looks like a stereotypical italian

Now now sir, don't get upset....the thing that brings us all together is our ability to shitpost each other and laugh!....Um, Wops do know how to laugh, right?

gas the jews?

>56% ultramongrel keeps projecting

Americans calling anyone mongrel is one of the most entertaining forms of ironic humor on this site, thank you

spider is


>Tfw too smart to judge someone based on their race as opposed to judging them based on their character

Try and act civilized for once, plebians.

The US and Europe are all mongrels, Alfedo, we just acknowledge and accept the fact. Learn some history please.

woopsie, I think you are projecting again